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                 04/23/2014 02:05 PM  
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01/30/2005 08:41 PM ID: 45838 Permalink   

Molson and Coors Merger Complete


Now that the majority of Molson stockholders approved of a merger with Coors, Molson Coors Brewing Co. is the name of this new global conglomerate. This makes the company the 5th largest brewer in the world behind giants like InBev (Becks, Stella).

Competing on a global level is what motivated the two companies to merge. According to former Coors chairman Bill Coors: "The big get bigger, and the small disappear." Members of both the Coors and Molson families have roles on the 15 member board.

5 members of the board will be nominated by each family with 3 elected by stockholders and 2 seats already filled. Molson stockholders received a $532 million dividend to support the merger. The deal to merge cost $6 billion.

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I love Molson beer. It's the maltiest bottled beer around. Delicious.
  by: TheReporter     01/31/2005 02:08 AM     
I gave up all alcohol back in '87, but before then, I loved Molson and Coors. Of course I'd drink just about anything back then.
  by: lurker     01/31/2005 04:21 AM     
So they can sell to "underage" kids vacationing in Cancun, et al.

They know without the teen-to-25 market, they're sunk, and prohibition in the U.S. is beginning to be enforced in earnest again (at least in the South... the bars and clubs are demanding 21 for ENTRY many places now.)

The only way to sell it Americans who actually buy their product in any volume is to meet those Americans outside the borders of the U.S..

Besides of which, it's a false right of passage, the companies loved the taboo/illegality until they really began to crack down under Clinton and got worse under Bush.

Now they are fleeing along with the young persons who consume their products to vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Prohibition hurts the domestic economy.

  by: verboten   01/31/2005 06:17 PM     
  @ lurker  
dammm 87 i was 4 years old then lol
  by: da_fogotten_one   02/01/2005 04:31 PM     
  Si tu veux une vraie biere, mon homme,  
ben bois pas de la Molson. Notre biere va maintenant gouter la pisse americaine.
  by: Big Pic   02/02/2005 09:59 AM     
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