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                 01/23/2018 04:19 PM  
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01/31/2005 02:13 AM ID: 45841 Permalink   

Woman in Dog Sex Case Loses Appeal


Romona Anglemyer, 32, has lost her appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court in a case where the former exotic dancer was convicted of having sexual acts with a dog. She was convicted on the basis of videotapes that showed her engaging in bestiality.

Anglemyer argued that a witness was needed to attest to what was depicted on the videotape and verify that the tape was accurate. Nebraska's Supreme Court has denied her appeal arguing that tapes can stand alone as evidence.

Anglemyer was a former employee of Mataya's Babydolls club which is where police found the videotapes. Others were taped engaging in sexual acts with the dog. The defense had no evidence to show the time-stamped video footage was questionable.

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  Police suspicions..  
Police suspicions were confirmed when they located the dog in question following the act and he was found to be smoking a cigarette...;)
  by: TheReporter     01/31/2005 02:25 AM     
  How much is that doggy in the window?  
haha. Man, that's just sick. Lap-Dancing just got a whole lot more perverse.
  by: theironboard     01/31/2005 02:34 AM     
  hey don't knock it 'til you've tried it  
Animals are people too, you know!


Woof; her sense of taste is for the dogs!

I mean, BOW WOW.


  by: verboten   01/31/2005 02:47 AM     
  At the end...  
of the video someone throws a bucket of water on them. LOL
  by: lurker     01/31/2005 03:09 AM     
  good title!  
"Woman in Dog Sex Case Loses Appeal"

yeah, i can see how that would be a turnoff. :D
  by: ayestiva   01/31/2005 04:53 AM     
  Shouldn't the dog be charged? n/t  
  by: b4u     01/31/2005 05:44 PM     
  Okay lets think a minute!  
its a dog eat dog world, so now when a women f*cks a dog, doesnt this kind of mess with who we are? I mean ive heard of men missing around with sheep, but dont we also eat sheep? Oh forget it, I just rememered, China people eat dogs! Dam!!!!!
  by: rgeiner   01/31/2005 06:35 PM     
  I think this modifies criminal law  
The burden of proof is on the state not on the defense to prove the date and time stamp as well as authenticating the tape.

Failure to do either should have precluded the tapes.

And where do I get a copy? Its evidence from open court so its legal to own.
  by: MmmMan     01/31/2005 10:24 PM     
Public property as soon as the material isn't held up in court as evidence!

Yay for justice!
  by: verboten   02/01/2005 01:54 AM     
  Case by case  
I think this should be handled on a case by case basis. I mean, if the woman is ugly or disfigured and has no hope of obtaining a partner then what is the harm? On the other hand, if she is a beautiful exotic dancer then I think she should be "rehabilitated". This could be volunteer work. I, for one, would be willing to make the sacrifice and try to change her evil ways <g>

Oh yeah... I'll need a copy of that videotape for... umm... studying her case.
  by: 77ironhead   02/01/2005 06:55 PM     
  Why is it a crime to have sex with a dog?  
Why does it matter to anybody if this lady has sex with a dog. if she wants to have a dog penis in her, be my guest. its your world.

damn the religious right. What hapened to freedoms?

I think i am going to start a campaign called
"save freedom, save the dog sex lady."
  by: thejuicymick   02/02/2005 12:42 AM     
  Cruelty to animals  
Its a crime because it is supposed to protect animals - dogs are one thing but sick people will want to have sex with any creature that lives and breaths, and that results in all sorts of cruelty issues. This is what happens when you have humans that are just 'that sick'.
  by: VSwift   02/02/2005 09:44 PM     
  how is it cruilty  
When I would say the dog is feelin good and not being forced into it? ;)

  by: hunt3r   02/02/2005 11:48 PM     
  I feel bad for the dog n/t  
  by: clk630   02/03/2005 02:54 AM     
  I had a friend...  
who believed that there were no sexually transmitted diseases until women started having sex with animals. He really believed that. :)
  by: lurker     02/03/2005 03:23 AM     
  I know where this place is....  
I remember hearing a rumor about this a year or so back. They did have a freakin dog house in front of this ghetto ass place right on Cornhusker hwy.
  by: luc2010   02/03/2005 09:58 PM     
  I know where this place is....  
I remember hearing a rumor about this a year or so back. They did have a freakin dog house in front of this ghetto ass place right on Cornhusker hwy.
  by: luc2010   02/03/2005 10:11 PM     
  Can people have their own sexual life ?  
Two centuries ago, gay and zoosexual
were burnt to death cause of church.

Now bestaility is the latest taboo!

Can people have their own way of having
sex ?

Should a small dog go to jail
when doing it with a horny female cat ?

Interspecies sexuality is common in
nature... so why not us ?

If the animal is not assaulted : where is
the problem ?

How many male would like to view the
movie ?
  by: jennyfer   03/03/2005 05:06 AM     
I would purely for *cough* research purposes show it me. Does this mean you like dogs then!?
  by: zmethod     01/29/2007 09:28 AM     
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