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                 04/20/2014 12:49 PM  
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02/04/2005 08:00 PM ID: 45910 Permalink   

Insurgents Attacked by Iraqi Villagers - 5 Dead


Insurgents raided the small village of al-Mudhiryah, south of Baghdad, after threatening residents, warning them not to vote in the Iraqi elections.

The villagers fought back against the insurgents, killing five and wounding others, before setting their cars alight.

The village tribal sheikh stated that his people are sick of being threatened by Islamic extremists.

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About time. Glad to see the people stand up to the bullies. Now maybe more people will stand up to tyhem.
  by: judgedread   02/04/2005 08:59 PM     
the Iraqi people realize that they outnumber these Islamo Fascist nutjobs and begin kicking a little terrorist @ss then maybe they will slink back to the hell hole they came from. The "insurgents" are the minority. This village of hopeful voters simply proved that the common Iraqi aches for freedom and a democratic form of government. Hip Hip Horray for them.
  by: tomblik     02/04/2005 09:58 PM     
  Let Hope the news spreads  
  by: thedrewman   02/05/2005 12:32 AM     
  What a great news story  
Is it credible though? I'd like to think so a big well done to al-Mudhiryah and its residents
  by: koultunami     02/05/2005 02:17 AM     
  who said  
the war was a failure? this shows that the people are sick and tired of bieng told what not to do and are finally take some action
  by: ganjaman22     02/05/2005 03:03 AM     
  self defence = anti-insurgents ??  
It's weird, most of the feedback from Iraq suggests that Iraqis want the occupation out but reading the original article written by Mark Willacy (ABC [Australia]), it seems this has totally changed overnight???

I wont say this is propaganda because I sincerely hope it's not. I want this to be the good news it appears to be.

But I will say... this WAS an act of self-defence by villagers, which irrelevant of politics involved... would have happened anyway... and chances are.. it was Iraqis vs. Iraqis despite the article giving the impression that it was Iraqis vs. foreigners (for which there is no substantiation, it's just assumed).

I just hope that the 'spin' in Willacy's article is minimal, there's certainly some in there... but how much? :(

(yeah, I know I'm a killjoy but these questions have to be asked when the original report didn't cover sources, names, etc. - it's a very vague article which despite it's shortness, still makes assumptions.)
  by: method_uk   02/05/2005 09:25 AM     
  Media Grasps for Straws  
Too often, the media feels the need to base stories on loose allegations and undefined sources, so Method_uk has a good point.

I think it's kind of hard to also define what an insurgent is. Same thing for terrorists, or just everyday hooligans...

Anyone catch Bush's change of phrase (in his State of the Union address) - 'weapons of mass destruction' has become 'Weapons of mass murder'. Also changing: 'suicide bombers' is slowly becoming 'homicide bombers', I guess to take the martyr-aspect out of the headlines...
  by: theironboard     02/05/2005 09:47 AM     
  @ironboard, method  
The article is clear that the villagers were tired of being threatened by insurgents. This implies that regardless of the nationality of the insurgents, the threats are common and ongoing, and furthermore it is not beyond reason to expect violence to accompany the threats.

What does this prove? It proves that whatever "grass roots" support the insurgents may enjoy, it is showing signs of wear and tear. I guess there is only so many times you can blow up your own supporters before they turn against you.

This has nothing to do with the nationality of the insurgents, and everythign to do with the attitudes of the everyday Iraqi to the terrorism they are regularly subjected to at the hands of insurgents.
  by: lauriesman     02/05/2005 12:10 PM     
  this is why Iraq is not Vietnam.  
because the Iraqis are ready to fight for their freedom.

Naysayers, I challenge you to show me a democracy that didn't require bloodshed.
  by: froman2686     02/06/2005 05:35 AM     
  by: jendres     02/07/2005 05:42 AM     
  Great News  
What guts they have, good on them all the war and hell they have been through and still they get the nerve to wiped this crap out of thier lives.
  by: captainJane     03/08/2006 06:50 AM     
came across this gem from 2005 while searching for a different story .... it really turned out to be the turning point of the war !

or was it like some pointed out the media clutching at straws ....?
  by: Hugo Chavez     08/02/2008 03:41 PM     
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