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                 01/22/2018 01:04 PM  
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02/06/2005 02:58 AM ID: 45919 Permalink   

Methamphetamine Use Linked to Chronic Tooth Decay and Tooth Loss


The growing use of methamphetamine is believed to be the cause of the rising incidence rate of 'Meth Mouth'. 'Meth Mouth' is a condition that involves chronic tooth decay and rot, and eventually severe tooth loss.

'Meth Mouth' seems to be the result of several factors including the chemicals from which methamphetamine can be made, the loss of saliva - which is vital for controlling bacteria in the mouth and maintaining a safe ph level - and grinding teeth.

The rising incidence rate of 'Meth Mouth' is particularly visible in prison populations which have a growing number of inmates who have or had methamphetamine habits. One such inmate, Bryan Rodgers, made sure to brush regularly, but has lost 3 teeth.

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that's not all it does, either. After awhile the face deforms, like the new Ukrainian president's face did from dioxin. Those poisonous chemicals take their toll. It also rots out the lungs. They become like tissue paper and just crumble. This is bad stuff.
  by: lurker     02/06/2005 03:08 AM     
  ...Too bad for a friend of mine.  
He's quiet fond of the stuff...
  by: Dayron   02/06/2005 04:17 AM     
Wonder how much money went into this 'study'. I heard this years ago!
  by: treyjazz   02/06/2005 08:08 AM     
  keep it green  
that's my advice-- stay away from those synthetic wacky things.....
  by: theironboard     02/06/2005 09:47 AM     
  Nasty Drug (koultunami  
A person very close to me has a bad problem with this stuff =(

If people would just stick with weed and booze they'd be ok.
  by: smack   02/06/2005 05:18 PM     
  Sorry, meant @Dayron n/t  
no text.
  by: smack   02/06/2005 05:19 PM     
  @theironboard and smack  
Ironboard: Yes. Indeed, keep it natural and mm mm!

smack: Yea, it's nonsense, really, in my friends case. He realizes that it's highly addictive... still continues to do things of the sort. Starts itching all over... scratches himself until he's bled. etc. etc. And I mean, he's paying for it... That's like catching a sale sign that reads, "Buy our product! Your teeth will rot! Your skin will itch! You'll become increasingly agitated to all those around you!... Only 30 a pop! Buy buy buy!"

Okay. Yea. Done.

  by: Dayron   02/08/2005 10:42 PM     
  The itching...  
is probably caused by a failing liver. That's a classic symptom.
  by: lurker     02/09/2005 12:41 AM     
Really? Interesting... and awful considering it's my friend.
  by: Dayron   02/18/2005 02:35 AM     
  A stupid habit...  
The worst way to kill yourself.... it's really sad : (
  by: M.I.A.Elite     02/18/2005 03:40 AM     
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