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                 04/16/2014 09:14 AM  
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02/08/2005 02:59 AM ID: 45962 Permalink   

Woman in Saudi Arabia Beheaded for Murder


Noura Bint Khalaf Al-Harbi was found guilty of murdering her mother-in-law by setting her on fire while she slept after a dispute between the two.

Noura Bint Khalaf Al-Harbi was beheaded in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. She was the first female to be beheaded by the government this year, and number 13 so far since the beginning of the year.

According to Saudi law one can be beheaded for drug trafficking, murder, rape and armed robbery. The beheadings are carried out publicly with a sword.

During 2004 the Saudis executed 35 people for various crimes, down from 53 people in 2003.

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a barbaric way to die, but probably not as painful as being burned alive.
  by: lurker     02/08/2005 04:06 AM     
  I wonder...  
if all the people who advocate reciprocal violence on murderers will cheer this as being deserved...or use it as a way to point out how barbaric the mid-east is...
  by: StarShadow     02/08/2005 07:12 AM     
though i would not do it, it does seem to work. the mental image of beheading is ugly, and no one can really romanticize beheading. at least with a gun fight, they can go out in a blaze of glory, but with beheadings there is no such 'glory'. what ever's clever.
  by: ganjaman22     02/08/2005 08:07 AM     
  It's no more barbaric...  
than electrocuting someone to death.
  by: ofWolfandMan   02/08/2005 11:02 AM     
This sort of stuff is going to get great media attention because it draws from the human rights problems in the US .. ... so it's best to point the finger at the Arabs or Doctor X or whatever baddie they have to come up with to scare the population into voting for them ...(not conspiracy ...they actually say this themselves Karl Rove )
  by: rory182     02/08/2005 01:08 PM     
let the punishment fit the crime.. while I feel that the means to carry out the punishment isn't the choice I would make, I don't have a problem with the verdict.. she burned someone to death, a horribly painful way to die, much more painful than beheading.. even the Bible says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  by: sjava     02/08/2005 06:49 PM     
i think stoning someone to death is worst...they are dragged into a hole and buried up to the neck...and stoned in the can imagine the screaming as the rocks hit them... might not be as much blood but its a painful death...
And believe it or not...all executions have an audience and not all those people are horrified by it.

I don't believe "just" executions prevent crime.. any punishment prevents it, so i don't believe that executions are necessary...
who would i'd rather stay alive in jail for the rest of their life, now thats torture.
  by: SpOoKy187   02/08/2005 08:46 PM     
Yes, these are cruel, but its all their religion based laws..
  by: b4u     02/08/2005 08:54 PM     
  We do the same thing!  
Let's look at the progression of American execution:

Stake burning
Gas Chamber
Lethal Injection

The saudis just don't have the technology yet.
  by: kolman36     02/08/2005 09:11 PM     
I'm not sure 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is applicable, or else it would read 'Have done to you what you would do to others' would it not?
  by: Flashby     02/08/2005 09:36 PM     
sure it is - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" means that you shouldn't do anything to others that you're not willing to have done to you...
don't steal from others unless you're willing to have things stolen from you..
don't rape others unless you're willing to be raped..
don't kill others unless you're willing to be killed..

pretty straightforward IMO..
that little phrase, whether you're religious or not, pretty much sums up everything.. treat others as you'd like to be treated.. if everyone followed that rule the world would be a much better place... whether or not religion had a hand in it..
  by: sjava     02/08/2005 09:59 PM     
  Hammurabi Code of Law  
First time an 'eye for an eye' was established as a law-- Big empire-- lots of dead enemies. No oil wells. Ol' Hammurabi only ended up with a victory stele and some tablets to crown his achievements.

Ol' Hamurabi's Code of Law # 132.

If the "finger is pointed" at a man's wife about another man, but she is not caught sleeping with the other man, she shall jump into the river for her husband.

  by: theironboard     02/08/2005 10:36 PM     
  @ all of you  
You are all making it out like these people are animals etc...
Britian and the USA used to have public lynchings (well that was the USA), Hangings were public.

It was how things were done to show that crime does NOT PAY.
These days punishment is so petty.
I think we would all be safer if you got beheaded for armed robbery.
Imagine that.
  by: neester   02/08/2005 11:56 PM     
  safer huh?  
yea what about the innocent people falsely accused... yea it helps a lot there doesn't it ?
  by: SpOoKy187   02/09/2005 04:39 AM     
there is still due process. there is still a trial. why is the system in the us? the only difference is the way they die. in the us there ire huge lobies for human rights and the civil rights of feath row inmates are guarded untill the end. fine, but they also dictate which way the inmate may be killed. they deem public showing of these executions as wrong, so people dont really see what the punnishment is like before they decide to do the crime. it runs both ways
  by: ganjaman22     02/09/2005 05:39 AM     
  Head case  
I think this should show the Nazis on this site that capital punishment doesn't work.

There are plenty of people on here who love the death penalty or consider it a 'necessary evil' and then make a bunch of facile arguments about, what if your kids were killed etc. But here's the reality: In Saudi it is well known that if you commit certain crimes you will be taken to a public place and have your head cut off with a sword. For lesser crimes you might be whipped in a horrific way that leaves permanent marks and excruciating pain. I believe they still cut off limbs too. (BTW We are 'friends' with this country where most of the 9/11 hijackers came from.)

Despite all these horrendous, public and barbaric acts of violence committed against people in public the crime still takes place. Surely anyone that makes the deterrent argument for the death penalty in the US can see that no matter how horrific and vengeful the 'justice' is, crime still happens. In the US the states that still have the death penalty actually have a higher homicide rates that those that do not.

Compare this to some of the more liberal European countries that have very low crime and low re-offend rates from criminals. Perhaps the soft approach to criminals is more effective than killing, mutilation, beating and torture.

Just a thought.
  by: ZCT     02/10/2005 08:18 PM     
  She burns someone..  
And all she gets as punishment is being beheaded?
  by: nickds77   02/12/2005 04:37 AM     
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