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                 01/21/2018 11:28 PM  
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02/09/2005 01:22 AM ID: 45974 Permalink   

Child Porn Pics Snapped at Disney World


Authorities have confirmed that pictures of a 9 year old blonde girl being sexually abused were snapped at a Disney World hotel. Last week, Canadian investigators publicly released some of the pictures to get an idea of where they were taken.

According to police, the photos might be three years old and depict the girl being abused at an arcade, elevator, hot tub, and a hotel room. There are pictures of the girl in a different location and these might have been taken recently.

The pictures were discovered by The Toronto Police Service Child Exploitation Section on a Usenet Newsgroup. The pictures the police released to the public removed the girl's full image and only show locations of abuse.

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  Release more pictures  
Release the pictures of the abusers face, and maybe the girls face. Would leave little doubt to people that know him who it is?
I know you risk putting more pressure on the girl as everyone will know who she is, but maybe after 3 years or more of abuse, all she wants is out, and doesnt care if people know.
The abuser proably has her to scared to talk, so take that angle away from him.
  by: ssxxxssssss   02/09/2005 01:47 AM     
  correction (edited)  
The pictures do not show any part of the child, just the locations she was molested in.
  by: JFURY     02/09/2005 02:08 AM     
I am sure i am wrong but should this really be listed under recreation?
  by: RoBBoB     02/09/2005 07:47 AM     
  sex sells  
people dont' care about people ... they care about money more ... that's why we have cases like this.
  by: rahpower   02/09/2005 03:26 PM     
I just did that as travel to fill the home page. I wouldn't do such things if everyone didn't submit things as Current Events and Regional.
  by: JFURY     02/09/2005 05:15 PM     
  but Jfury!  
Automotive and Travel stories are boring :p
  by: koultunami     02/09/2005 05:24 PM     
I meant no offense this was a serious story I was just confused.
  by: robbob     02/09/2005 06:05 PM     
No problem! I understand your confusion. My confusion is why the bosses in Germany won't dump recreation and auto.
I appreciate your feedback and in no way saw it as an insult. My reaction was more of a vent to the world. :)
  by: JFURY     02/09/2005 10:31 PM     
  How long a pornographer?  

How long has Disney enterprises been involved in pornography? Fron close to its beginning?

In my opinion, yes. It's certainly been anti-US from the early days. I've boycotted them for decades before it became fashionable. Now that they own ABC News and ESPN Sports, it's even more vital that Disney be utterly destroyed!
  by: Luhker     02/10/2005 05:16 AM     
Disney had nothing to do with this. Anyone can visit and stay in their hotel. It could have been anyone. I don't understand your disdain with Disney, is it beacause they don't persecute homosexuals?
  by: lurker     02/11/2005 12:46 AM     
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