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                 02/23/2018 03:13 PM  
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02/19/2005 05:37 PM ID: 46220 Permalink   

Marshes of Eden in Iraq Coming Back


Saddam Hussein's government had practically destroyed a large area of marshes in southern Iraq by damming up the sources of water for the region. Now, thanks to local residents and the new Iraqi government, this region is on it's way back.

"We're talking about an area about the size of Lake Ontario that has been reduced to about a tenth of its original size," says Dr. Warner, a University of Waterloo scientist.

Scientists have been working with Iraqi scientists trying to educate them and help them restore this once "Garden of Eden."

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  How can it be Eden?  
I heard estimates that the Garden of Eden was somewhere near the source of the Tigris and Euphrates, not at the delta.
  by: mullisoft   02/19/2005 06:06 PM     
  It was  
just an expression. Saying that this place was "like" the garden of Eden, not the actual one.
  by: tsawyers   02/19/2005 06:21 PM     
some people belive that the Garden of Eden was located there:
  by: lurker     02/19/2005 06:34 PM     
some people don't believe there ever was a 'Garden of Eden,' and so was never to be found anywhere.
  by: ofWolfandMan   02/19/2005 11:07 PM     
Yes, that's true, also.
  by: lurker     02/19/2005 11:13 PM     
  Nobody Knows  
The tigris and euphrates have changed course so many times that it is impossible to know where it was.
  by: The Lightning Stalke   02/20/2005 04:31 AM     
  Noah's Ark is in the Garden of Eden  
parked right beside the Origional Enterprize.

Seriously, if you put 2 kids in a room with toys and said "Yo can play with all of these toys, except this one" what do you think would happen? And then to kick them out of that room forever?!?!? As if the Bible was never ever edited or changed. It really starts "In the beginning, Santa Claus said to the Easter Bunny, lets turn on the kitchen light. And there was light in the kitchen."
I can't say all the bible has changed but that has to be the weakest story about how humans got or were born on earth.

So there are these monks, and a new trainee monk joins the group. So the Elder monk starts him on his job of copying the Bible. The new monk ask the elder monk, "So I just copy the copy here?" the elder monk says "Yes my son". "But", the new monk askes "If I make a error won't the next monk who copies my work make the same error. And so on and so on, infact, I could be copying errors right now" "We have planned for that" the Elder monk replies "we keep an origional copy down in the basement". "Well when was the last time anyone checked our copies against it?". The elder monk pauses "You know my son, I can not remember". "Well, lets try one at random." says the new monk and he takes the book he was going to make a copy of and opens the book eyes closed and points to the scripture. "Here, lets check this word" he said. "I will go, it is my duty." The Elder monk replies and goes down to have a look. After a long long time the other monks are starting to get worried, the new monk is just to go down to check on him when they hear him comming up the stairs. "What's wrong?" asks the new monk for the Elder monk looks very pale.
The elder monk opens his mouth to speak and says "The word was Celebrate"
  by: ericcode   02/20/2005 12:43 PM     
Thank you for that eye-witness account.
  by: Dayron   02/20/2005 07:51 PM     
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