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                 04/17/2014 02:49 AM  
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02/24/2005 05:47 AM ID: 46313 Permalink   

Latest Piercing Fad? Have Your Glasses Pierced Onto Your Nose


James Sooy always hated it when his glasses slipped down his nose. After he got a piercing through the bridge of his nose, he and a friend affixed the lenses of his prescription glasses to the barbell piercing.

"I'd reach up to take them off and I'd realize they were stuck on there," said Soy who is now looking into marketing his idea and has created a website to promote it.

One optometrist said that although it would be easy to make lenses for the product there may be other concerns such as how to adjust the fitting.

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yes i know it should be there ;p not their... had a brain burp ;p
  by: juleslady     02/24/2005 05:52 AM     
  what about  
when you go to sleep? if you roll over you smash the lenses into your face. interesting idea though, maybe when they perfect it....
  by: ganjaman22     02/24/2005 06:02 AM     
  how about  
if the glasses only clipped onto the bolt so that you could take them off to clean them, have a shower, go to bed, have woohoo (too much sims ;p)... etc..
  by: juleslady     02/24/2005 07:51 AM     
  how do you clean the inside well enough  
damn glasses always seem dirty, imagine having to clean them on your face all the time. If the guy who made this ever reads this; USE MAGNETS!!
Same way the shades on some glasses attach.

What about the shades that Larence Fishburn (spelling is way off) wears in the matrix? No arms on it, and he was shooting guys and they stayed on :)
  by: ericcode   02/24/2005 08:46 AM     
What about when over time the weight of the glasses starts to pull down the skin on your nose and it ends up in a blob hanging down on your face? Then you would need reconstructive surgery to push your glasses up.
  by: The Lightning Stalke   02/24/2005 09:41 AM     
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