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                 04/25/2014 01:55 AM  
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02/25/2005 02:32 PM ID: 46354 Permalink   

Pizza Ordering Comes to Video Games


Electronics giant Sony has announced a novel inclusion to its online video game Everquest II. By typing the command "/pizza" players will be directed to a Pizza Hut web site where they will be able to order pizzas.

Sony also announced plans to integrate the command further so that pizzas will be able to be charged to the player's monthly subscription rate.

A spokesman for Sony Online Entertainment told reporters that this is the first time in history that a game accepts orders for real-world items.

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  Only in America...  
Where laziness reigns supreme!
  by: Spiffy   02/25/2005 04:46 PM     
  Seen that coming...  
... next up-- ordering escorts! ;)
  by: theironboard     02/25/2005 05:16 PM     
  Everquest demographic  
Instead of /pizza, they should do /jennycraig
  by: viperion   02/25/2005 08:01 PM     
how lazy are we getting?
  by: b4u     02/26/2005 02:58 AM     
  I don't see  
how this is much lazier than taking a quick break from reading SN, picking up the phone next to your computer and calling in. It's just more convenient. I don't play Everquest, but I love pizza.... damn, Domino's is closed already.
  by: erasedgod   02/26/2005 07:05 AM     
... But Pizza Hut pizza sucks. Domino's or Papa John's all the way, man!

  by: theironboard     02/26/2005 08:23 AM     
ordering pizza through a video game being less lazy than picking up a phone? It seems more of a mental strain ordering it through a joystick.
  by: vigorstrength   02/26/2005 09:29 PM     
Man, people are addicted to that game.
Instead of living their life.
They live a digital life.

How do they afford their subscriptions and pizza?
  by: neester   02/27/2005 01:58 PM     
  The futyooourr  
In (the future) we will be able to clothing shop, order food, grocery shop...

Do everything 'virtually' first, and THEN place the orders.

You see, it is applying the Carpenter's Rule to life.

Stores will no longer carry "extra" of anything, except for perhaps precious margins of it because it has proved a reliably (sold) overage.

It will all be precision -- all be to-order.

It's teh futyooourr, don'tcha know it?
  by: verboten   02/27/2005 01:59 PM     
  Lazy & Anti-Social.  
I think it would be easyier just calling pizza hut.. Maybe this is for anti-social people?
  by: nickds77   02/27/2005 02:12 PM     
It is unessential to socialize when one merely wants to eat a pizza?

I don't want a person, I want a pizza.

If I can not fuss with a person and JUST have my pizza, I'm all the happier to do it that way.

Hyper-social buffoon.
  by: verboten   02/27/2005 02:28 PM     
  Virtual "Pro's" ahead for true gamers  
Sony, banking on the fact that most hardcore gamers are really either pencil thin ugly nerds or fat gamers, will introduce virtual prositutes for it's gamers, at an affordable 3.99 per minute rate--the same rate as a phone call to a major 900 number.

Said the executive "These gamers got their pizza command finally. Now, they need their "pro" command. Lets face it, they're too busy to go out and get a life. They must be able to watch women that they'll never legally be able to touch while playing their game at the same time!"

Reports say that this new feature will only work with a broadband connection, a monthly fee of 8.99, and a Sony television that supports picture in picture--preferrably a thousand dollar model. Available options that comes with this package is a towel and a bottle of couch cleaner.

Said the executive "I'm rich, b*tch!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA...only in America can we be so lazy to not be able to stop gaming to order pizza...WE NEED A COMMAND FOR IT!
  by: hotrock11     02/27/2005 05:36 PM     
This isn't laziness, it's innovation. Im sure that people everywhere thought the wheel was an instrument of lazy people.

Reward innovation and you will recieve more of it :)
  by: opfor1   02/28/2005 04:44 AM     
Ohh oh how about /life
  by: okcfaye   02/28/2005 03:49 PM     
that is amazing. He is an amazing game developer. Final fantasy is a revolution in the rpg industry. He will definitely bring business and highly marketable games to xbox's weak tap into the rpg market.
  by: travieso   03/01/2005 06:12 AM     
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