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                 01/20/2018 09:33 PM  
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02/27/2005 01:09 AM ID: 46372 Permalink   

Man Charged With Having Sex With Cow


A man has been charged with unlawful sex with an animal after he told police how he used to visit a farm after frequenting nearby strip clubs. The farm owners had installed motion detecting cameras after noticing footprints on their land.

Harold G. Hart admitted to visiting the farm on over 50 occasions and tying ropes around the heiffers necks to subdue them prior to commencing his bovine lovemaking experience. He stressed that he never did it while seeing his girlfriend or wife.

The 63 year old Neillsville man faces additional charges of disorderly conduct and two of obstructing an officer. He could receive up to nine months in jail for each offence.

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  Come On...  
Osama and his buddy's have wild hot loving with their herds of goats, all the time, what of it? It'd be interesting to see a human-cow offspring, anyway, though i know its not possible.
  by: nyceplaya2002     02/27/2005 01:12 AM     
  I just love these bovine lovefest stories.  
I'm no longer eating steak.
  by: TheReporter     02/27/2005 01:34 AM     
  I hope...  
he used protection. He could catch mad cow disease. LOL
  by: lurker     02/27/2005 02:08 AM     
  Don't have a cow man n/t  
  by: Kaleid   02/27/2005 02:18 AM     
  what going on in this world n/t  
  by: b4u     02/27/2005 02:50 AM     
  9 months?  
Isn't doing a cow punishing enough?
I guess not if you WANT to do it...
But seriously, I think they should
let him continue, eventually he'll
meet a cow that isn't in a good mood
and he'll get put in his place.
  by: rapscaLLion   02/27/2005 02:53 AM     
  reminds me...  
Ahh, this reminds me of a joke, hope you'll forgive the off topic (and adult) nature of this post;

A husband and wife are out for a drive in the country when the man spots a sign that says 'Cow for sale, $4000' now the man, having been brought up on a farm, know this is an absurd price for a single cow so he naturally wants to see whats so special. He stops the car, tells his wife to wait inside a minute and off he trots to see the cows owner. "What the hell is so good about this cow that makes it worth four grand?" he asks the farmer, who replies "Look at this" he then proceeds to lift the cows tail. The husband can't belive what he sees, the cow has a perfect p*ssy, just like an 18yo girls, firm and magnificatly formed. "Damn, that is special" he thinks to himself as he walks back to the car in silence. He sits down and starts the engine and his wife notices the a rather glum look on her fellas face "Whats the matter?" she asks.

"Hes got a cow with a womans p*ssy and it's worth $4000, and I've got a woman with a cows p*ssy and it's worth f*** all!"

Not that good but I'm drunk, so sue me.
  by: retox   02/27/2005 03:11 AM     
  Beastiality meets Human Consumption...  
Someday, with what human sexual preferences are of today, aswell as Brazillian beastiality adult studios, included. We've got to be focused on when and if our meat products are safe to eat. Who wants to die, becuase of our local grocer is selling STD infectious meat? Not me! k? =o\
  by: xyr0x   02/27/2005 08:38 AM     
  No life. N/t  
  by: nickds77   02/27/2005 02:16 PM     
Maybe he thought that was how cream got into milk.
  by: thinkmaster   02/27/2005 05:50 PM     
  blue state  
in a blue state... go figure.

j/k.. just making a stupid conclusion similar to those people say about Texas, etc.
  by: vigorstrength   02/27/2005 10:03 PM     
Just because it’s a blues state doesn’t mean it does not have any Bush voters. This story proves it!
  by: emp3r0r     02/27/2005 10:18 PM     
  Heh a neocon's perfect affair = S  
I wonder how many other cowboys indulge in this sort of behaviour?

This is quite common in Texas right?
Well I like it when those clowns get flung in the air and then set upon by bulls that they "attempt to ride", bloody good entertainment! 8 D

  by: Jimbob-Jones   02/28/2005 02:34 AM     
  @rapscaL Lion  
I hope he meats a really nice cow someday and they fall in love and live happily ever after.
And then the Capt and Taniel write a song about them called Moo Cow Love.
That would be so romantic.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/28/2005 03:02 PM     
  by: deaddoll   03/01/2005 12:48 AM     
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