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                 01/19/2018 10:05 PM  
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03/01/2005 05:23 AM ID: 46404 Permalink   

Less US Workers Satisfied With Their Jobs


New York-based business research group The Conference Board reports that only 50% of US workers are satisfied with their jobs compared to 14% who are very satisfied. In 1995, 59% were satisfied and 18.4% were very satisfied.

The greatest degree of dissatisfaction is with those who make between $25,000 to $35,000 and those who are 35 to 44 years old. 1 in 3 workers in the survey said they were satisfied with their salary. Workers also said benefits weren't good enough.

Lynn Franco, of the Conference Board's Consumer Research Center, says that there are more stressors in the workplace which include pushes for productivity, rapidly changing technology and changing expectations among employees.

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  I hate my job  
Its nots what you know where I work, it's who you blow
  by: thedrewman   03/01/2005 05:42 AM     
Man! I'd be the CEO!
  by: RaabHimself   03/01/2005 07:18 AM     
  I cant imagine why.  
Lower pay, longer hours and more taxes. funny how people get upset at the little things.
  by: knadidas25   03/01/2005 05:03 PM     
  @Raab's method  

Playa-hatas never succeed.


  by: verboten   03/01/2005 06:40 PM     
64% are happy,
the rest would be happy to get a job.
  by: fballer23   03/01/2005 09:29 PM     
  You've got to do what you've got to do...  
Not everyone can be the well paid CEO of every Fortune 500 company in America. People need to put up or shut up: if you don't like your job, then quit and stop acting like a child. I'm sure your superiors would be happy to hire someone who doesn't piss and moan about jobs/taxes/George Bush/Mexicans/etc.

What will make people happier about their jobs? Maybe if people would stop dicking off and just get their stuff done so everyone can go home earlier.

News flash: slacking off on the job because you're "dissatisfied" makes everyone around you angry, not just your boss.
  by: tldr   03/02/2005 08:46 AM     
Spoken like a 21st Century republican business owner. That's the spirit! If they don't like that $6 an hour job with no benefits and don't like working 60 hours a week, then give that job to a true American-give it to a Mexican!!
  by: lurker     03/03/2005 07:18 PM     
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