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                 01/21/2018 07:19 AM  
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03/17/2005 01:55 AM ID: 46729 Permalink   

Child Serial Killer Publicly Executed


Iranians Mohammed Bijeh and accomplice Ali Baghi were convicted for killing 19 to 22 children. Now Bijeh, dubbed the "desert vampire," has been hanged in public for these crimes. He was flogged 100 times before he was hanged.

He was nicknamed the "desert vampire" because he would lure kids into the desert by saying he was going to hunt animals, poisoned the kids, sexually molested them and then placed their bodies into shallow graves. The accomplice got 15 years prison.

This public hanging was not a swift execution as it is customary in Iran to hang people by cranes. This does not cause the neck to break. The brother of a victim stabbed him before he was executed. A victim's mother got to put the nylon rope on him.

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  hunt not hurt?  
The source says he was going to hunt animals not hurt...probably just a typo
  by: monkeys are coming   03/17/2005 01:58 AM     
  Family participation  
Exactly what we need in the U.S.
  by: TheReporter     03/17/2005 02:04 AM     
  Fixed it........n/t  
  by: lurker     03/17/2005 02:09 AM     
  thanks monkeys NT  
  by: JFURY     03/17/2005 02:09 AM     
  shit happens when you kill people, especially kids  
my thoughts of civility and human dignity all go down the toilet when i read stuff like this. somehow, i just get this special feeling when i read about mussolini being stoned to death, or child killers enduring a gruesome public execution. then i get the feeling that it wasn't bad enough. maybe they shoulda burned them at the stake or nailed them to a cross. maybe this is the homicidal maniac deep in me smiling and purring like a cat.
  by: cellardweller1   03/17/2005 05:17 AM     
  The problem  
...with this kind of 'justice' is the example it sets children regarding how to treat fellow human beings. There were droves of children at this 'event' and one has to wonder if they get the message that torture and murder are okay if the crime is bad enough to 'deserve' it. Then one day when they are wronged by another maybe they think it is okay to exact their own form of revenge in the way the government has taught them.

Just a thought.
  by: ZCT     03/17/2005 05:34 AM     
  @cellardweller1 and @ZCT  
"maybe this is the homicidal maniac deep in me smiling and purring like a cat."

I think we all do, its the part that makes us human, and in most cases decent. Then again some people only lisen to that little cat, and as any cat owner knows, thats just dangerious :).

I understand where you are coming from, but it should also work as a deterent, if a young child sees someone being tortured and killed for hurting a child, maybe they will grow up thinking it is not such a bright idea to hurt a child?
I know thats how it worked for me when I saw my sister being spanked. I figured I didnt want to be spanked, so I didnt mouth off to my parents etc. If i wanted something I was 'good' and I got it. I learnt early being 'bad' did not get me what I wanted.
  by: ssxxxssssss   03/17/2005 05:43 AM     
Sorry but I can't agree with your arguments. For one thing I am assuming you are relatively normal and not a child killer. So your logic that seeing a horrific punishment would deter people really only extends to normal people. Crazy psycho killers that kill children and sodomize them really don't fit into the realm of normal human beings. They don't rationalize and weigh pros and cons like you or I. So while normal people will be reminded not to brutalize young children by this obscene public display, I doubt any psycho in the audience will alter there behavior as a result of this. If anything watching a man flogged and hung will probably turn them on, they thrive on sick displays of human suffering, they're crazy you see.

As for the spanking argument, that doesn't really work for me either. Can you really tell me that having seen your sister spanked you were never naughty and never got spanked yourself ever? I find it hard to believe that after witnessing one spanking you never did anything wrong ever again and neither did she. But even if that is the case, I remind you that you are considering this from a standpoint of a sane person, as opposed to a psycho child killer.
  by: ZCT     03/17/2005 05:55 AM     
  this is more than a simple spanking  
this is a divine spanking. sure, it probably won't deter child-killers. that's why we need exceptionally cruel and gruesome deaths on live tv. the murder channel. see eviscerations, flayings, crucifixions, burnings, quarterings, and animal maulings of dangerous killers (maybe serial rapists. hell, just sadistic f**** in general.) that'll teach em to f*** with members of society. hell, we'll even give the victim's families the honor of opening the cage, pushing the button, or putting in the nails. then we'd use the advertising revenue to pay for the prison system. (i know i'm essentially ripping off george carlin with this, but i don't care)

sadistic criminals should be the outlet for our collective and individual sadistic impulses. give people the chance to purge that repressed maniacal hatred. hell, maybe we should simply tie him to the stake and let the commoners murder him with their bare hands. the blood is on our hands already, so we should make use of this opportunity we're allowing ourselves.
  by: cellardweller1   03/17/2005 06:14 AM     
  Death be not Proud  
Just what we need-- more violence in the world. Humans are so damn animalistic at heart. We just want to eat, screw, and fight....

When public executions were common in Western societies they did nothing to deter further crime. It's the society, or usually the family of the criminal, that is to blame.

Too many broken-families on the planet, that's fer sure.

What do you think the victim's relatives that got to stab and hang the creep did after the execution? Hmmmm....
  by: theironboard     03/17/2005 08:10 AM     
Sadly while ignorant pricks like you walk the Earth there will be no end to human suffering.

I do agree with your concept though, but do it online instead of on TV. That way they can trace the sick f@@@ers like you that watch and put them out of their misery.
  by: ZCT     03/17/2005 03:27 PM     
is not the cure. In fact, spanking is only good for 2 things and one of them is not good for children to even see much less be involved. Spanking a child is intended to teach children that there are consequences to their actions. The consequenses are sometimes painful. Saying that I am not a serial killer because I was or was not spanked is at best flawed logic. Spanking did not teach me not to get into trouble. If I was willing to accept the risk and the consequenses of bad behaviour then I was an evil bastard. If I was not prepared to accept those consequenses then I was a little angel. Spanking teaches a child about risk assessment and consequenses.
  by: tomblik     03/17/2005 03:38 PM     
I thought u had "/sarc on" but it appears you are as twisted as Beijeh.

All the studies say deturance doesn't work, ots only an excuse for revenge and makes violence more acceptable.
  by: MmmMan     03/17/2005 09:50 PM     
hah, you're my hero. <3 purring kitties inside. i concur.
  by: liv   03/22/2005 05:35 AM     
I see your point, and you made a pretty damned good one. We apply punishments that would work to persuade ourselves not to commit the crime, but if you are dealing with a phsyco, who knows what they enjoy or are just oblivious to... So who knows what works. Unfortunetly there will be no 100% solution to punishment until we can read poeples minds.
  by: ssxxxssssss   03/22/2005 06:32 AM     
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