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                 12/14/2017 05:43 PM  
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03/19/2005 12:17 AM ID: 46785 Permalink   

Brain Damaged Woman to be Starved to Death


A Florida woman, who became brain damaged 15 years ago will now be starved to death. After a lengthy and much publicized court battle, Terri Schiavo's feeding tube has been removed. Without nourishment, Schiavo will die within a matter of days.

Schiavo, 41, who has been in a persistent vegetative state, will enter into a coma from a lack of food and water and subsequently die from starvation according to doctors.

Schiavo's husband petitioned the court to have the feeding tube removed. Circuit Court Judge George Greer approved the request in February of 2000. The tube was removed and re-inserted twice in 2003 due to legal intervention.

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  Good, cause euthanizing is cruel and inhumane  
Starving her to death is so much better than lethal injection. You should only get a lethal injection if you torture and kill at least 5 people.
  by: ericcode   03/19/2005 12:33 AM     
doesnt seem right, the federal courts just took over the case a few days ago, there is no way it could have been heard so fast, and the date would have been on the news. somehow this seems like an out of date article to be posted now, but i could be wrong...
  by: ganjaman22     03/19/2005 01:42 AM     
wrong thing, was trying to post somewhere else, different site, and posted here instead, can admin please delete that last post...

  by: ganjaman22     03/19/2005 01:43 AM     
  oh please  
Its hardly *cruel* to remove her feeding tube.

Shes a POTATO, a TURNIP, she is totally unaware, it would be like starving a houseplant.

It should never have drug on this long.

And for the record, she wont starve to death, she will die of dehydration.
  by: kells   03/19/2005 03:47 AM     
  Jeb or George  
Does Jeb or George Bush have the power to turn the courts decision around?
  by: t-bagger   03/19/2005 03:54 AM     
Usualy I'd agree with you, but go to the website, she clearly inst vegetablw.
  by: domo1   03/19/2005 04:03 AM     
  She has...  
...been in a "vegitative" state for what, 12 years? and the court battles started arund 6 years ago. Let the woman go. She is basically legally dead anyway. Hard loss for the family, but, according to the husband, she didnt want it this way, to be a vegetable.

Honestly, I agree with the husband, i don't want to be a burdon on my family if something like this happens to me, so pull the plug.
  by: nyceplaya2002     03/19/2005 04:27 AM     
right, because you know, those videos are completely objective and unbiased.

what isn't shown is that this brain dead woman makes those sounds of "affirmation" with or without external stimulus. so for the parents to shout the same thing 50 times and on the 51st time the brain dead woman makes a noise... they claim it is unmistakable proof that she knows what's going on? come on!
  by: Sheniferous   03/19/2005 04:28 AM     
  And for the title....  
this is wrong, as said before, she will die of dehydration. the title is misleading, the result being a very bad assessment.
  by: nyceplaya2002     03/19/2005 04:28 AM     
  erm no  
the say, follow the balloon, she does.
Not sayng shes all there, or she wants to be alive, but she isnt a vegetable.
Were I in here posistion, I dearly hope onof my friends would take pity and shoot me.

Shes brain damaged, she's not a vegetable
  by: domo1   03/19/2005 04:35 AM     
Court appointed doctors have found her to be a vegetable, I trust that they would know, and they gain nothing by her death.
  by: kells   03/19/2005 05:17 AM     
  Rating and errors  


* Terri Schiavo is NOT in a persistant vegetative state.

[In my opinion she is more cognitive than many who post comments at Short News.]

* She will be in one briefly if she is kept from hydration and nutrition.

* Almost certainly she will die of thirst prior to starvation if her assassination is permitted.
  by: Luhker     03/19/2005 05:35 AM     
  BS ratings  
Read the source people and send your hate mail there. It says she will die os starvation in a week or two. Stop blaiming the messenger.
  by: JFURY     03/19/2005 05:48 AM     
  original source says....  
"Without the tube, she will likely starve to death within a week or two."
  by: JFURY     03/19/2005 05:52 AM     
  The almighty source authorizes errors here?  

If SN members are to take the sources as Gospel, then why aren't we permitted to quote them verbatum?

It is required of all submissions to mirror the notoriously unreliable mainstream media sources? If so, what's the real value of this website?

Bloggers frequently expose awful snafus in the MSM. We should do better than those MSM scumbags!
  by: Luhker     03/19/2005 06:08 AM     
This is murder.

Before anyone says anything else to endorse the 'starvation' of the woman, go to the weblink and watch the videos.


  by: theironboard     03/19/2005 10:52 AM     
  On euthenasia, dignity and right to life  
This woman isn't an animal, or subhuman, she is a person. She demonstrates limited responsiveness, cretainly more responsiveness than that demonstrated by people who have been in comas for equal amounts of time.

The brain can and has recovered from devestating injury - but it takes a lot of time, patience, and therapy for it to slowly rewire the damaged sections.

This woman has a right to life, the question is does she want to live? We have only her husbands word for it - a husband who has been sleeping with another woman for a long time, and has children by this other woman. A husband who pretty much abandoned his wife when she was injured, and now simply wants to off her so he can marry his girlfriend.

She has a right to life, but failing that, she has a right to die with dignity, like a human being, afforded the same mercy that we afford serial killers when we euthanise them with a lethal injection.

Starvation/dehydration does it really matter? they are both horrible, painful and wasting ways to die!
  by: lauriesman     03/19/2005 11:41 AM     
The sad fact about this whole episode is that she has become a football, used by people who want to score points.

Far reaching decisions will be made, but the Terry Shiavo situation is a poor example to establish precedent.

I believe in the concept of euthenasia. I don’t believe that starvation is the best way to accomplish it.

There are too many questions as to motive, viability, method, etc. in this instance for it to be used to support either position.

Regardless of the outcome of this unfortunate situation, I hope a better test case presents itself,and gets the exposure this one has. Then rational decisions, for or against the concept of euthenasia can be made.

This case has too many quirks.

  by: firstsgtmike   03/19/2005 01:34 PM     
  @ theironboard  
I tend to agree with you. Although obviously severely brain damaged, she is hardly brain dead. Of course, the story never said she was. My assumption is that she is being let to die because the husband said, "she would want it that way". Although there may be some merit to that argument, one woud think society could be more compassionate than to starve her to death. We execute death row inmates with more compassion than this.
  by: TheReporter     03/19/2005 02:32 PM     
  Re: BS Ratings  
Well, Jim. You have to consider the mentality of those doing the rating. Many have never posted a SN story themselves. I doubt they could put together a cognitive sentence.
  by: TheReporter     03/19/2005 02:47 PM     
It's obvious you have never understood the rules or the purpose of Short
  by: lurker     03/19/2005 03:15 PM     
  injection vs. starvation?  
As I understood it I thought injections that were used to put people to death in jail simply stopped their heart and it was painless and pretty instant however starvation is a long slow process and I think could only be seen as torture give her a quick and painless death if u must let her die don't torture her because your not sure whether she can comprehend it or not...
  by: baconmaster255   03/19/2005 04:33 PM     
  The stupid part is....  
If they do give an injection then it is seen as murder which you can't do.

Removing the tube is seen as a clinical decision. The death is a side effect.
  by: bag     03/19/2005 05:19 PM     
  if she wants to die...  
So apparently she was able to open her eyes and raise her eye brows on command (this is something I've read elsewhere) so why doesn't someone just ask her if she wants to die? Open your eyes wide for yes, keep them closed for no, best of 9 to make sure. Makes sence to me, but bare in mind I've not read the source of her personal site.
  by: retox   03/19/2005 05:38 PM     
  the website is so obviously biased it's painful.. they ignore mounds and mounds of medical evidence to the contrary, all because her parents refuse to let go of her and accept that she's not going to recover.. she has not made ANY progress towards recovery in 15 yrs.. sure, her husband's motives look suspect in light of his current situation, but it's not like he was pushing to allow her to die from day one, he spent 9 years waiting for her to show some signs of recovery..
Her parents are extremely religious, they would argue against pulling the plug on anyone, not just their daughter.
I think that it's a bad way to die, but since the state's in their "infinite" wisdom have decided that people should not be allowed to die on their own terms, there's not a lot of room to work with.
  by: sjava     03/19/2005 06:54 PM     
  she hasnt made  
any progress because her husband has refused to allow the doctors to try anything beyond inserting a food pipe.

A short period of phsyiotherapy and she'd be able to eat food, but her husband has denied her access to this.
  by: domo1   03/19/2005 06:57 PM     
  so you and her parents claim  
yet ALL of her doctors say the opposite.. who's got the medical knowledge here? That's what I thought. Her doctor are bound by their oath to do what is in her best interest.. her parents are not bound by that same oath, they are following their religion and their hearts
  by: sjava     03/19/2005 07:00 PM     
  her docters?  
can give a medical opinion but if her husband says no they can not treat her.

In find it unlikely that the parents, from no where, have decieded that there daughter could survive with a course of physio....
  by: domo1   03/19/2005 07:04 PM     
  If their so religious.....  
like they say they are, They should leave it in gods hands like their book tells them too. Pull the tube and let him decide.
  by: knadidas25   03/19/2005 07:45 PM     
It is not just that the doctors can't treat her - they say that she will not recover. I've heard once that the parents have any medical opinion on their side, and I've never seen it presented. The doctors say that she is not likely to recover, period. I've grown so tired of hearing people spin that. They are the ones with training, and they gain nothing from letting her die (then the bills stop, after all).

The spin on this issue is infurtiating. The videos are indeed biased, and utterly unconvincing: they show nothing but brief moments of people trying to portray what lower brain functions remain as sentient responses. Yes, the observations of lay people, fanatical commentators, and religious leaders is much more reliable than the opinion of medical professionals - would you people stop and listen to yourselves?

The only thing that annoys me more than this facet is the neverending attacks on the husband. Of course he lives with another woman - his wife has been effectively dead for years! If not for the parents MASSIVE case of denial, he'd be able to move on with his life by now.
  by: momentofclarity     03/20/2005 05:48 AM     
  I've seen  
disabled children who are only slightly more lucid than this woman.
My house backs on to a special school.

Should they be euthanised?
  by: domo1   03/20/2005 04:18 PM     
  by: retox   03/20/2005 05:18 PM     
you say "only slightly more lucid than this woman".. bull$hit.. you're exaggerating more than a bit here, guaranteed.. this woman is in a totally vegetative state, she cannot function in any way, shape or form.. any movements she has are purely involuntary muscle spasms, they are not intended or controlled in any way..
  by: sjava     03/20/2005 10:57 PM     
Yes, switch to anecdotal evidence that no one but you has seen. Are you a doctor? Have you worked with and diagnosed patients like Mrs. Schiavo? No, and what I'm sick to death of is people making lay-diagnoses like these as if their opinion is as valid as someone trained to make such decisions, then deciding that our whole legal system ought to be disrupted because of it.

The videos are unconvincing, and show only the low-brain functions which remain. "Brain dead" is an incorrect term, used only by those who need a strawman argument. There's a reason DOCTORS say "a persistant vegitative state." Her brain still works, but there's nothing left of Terri Schiavo there. In that respect, she's as alive as the car that drove down the street sans driver earlier this week.
  by: momentofclarity     03/20/2005 11:13 PM     
anyone stopped to think that maybe, just maybe her husband has paid off all these doctors and this bullshit excuse for a Judge? Think about it. All the money that Terri won from a previous lawsuit, and not a dime of it spent to help rehabilitate her. Almost all of it has been used for lawyers so this "husband" of hers can kill her. This man is going to burn in hell and I just wish I could have a front row seat when it happens.
  by: tsawyers   03/21/2005 02:05 AM     
Yes, your baseless accusations make perfect sense...obviously the husband paid them above and beyond what they would have been paid to not only maintain her current state, but to rehabilitate her as well. And, of course, there is not a doctor involved who would leak that information or has the moral fortitude to either speak up or flatly reject it. Plus, of course, the rest of the medical establishment, who have not raised a word over those videos which so "obviously" show that she's not a vegetable. The judge too, of course, all so that he can get her money. Oh, wait, he was already offered her money and turned it down.

Maybe he's got space aliens on it mind controlling the doctors, yeah, that's it. Need and more BS theories?
  by: momentofclarity     03/21/2005 02:35 AM     
Don't you have anything else better to do than follow me around and post your nonsense? There are better ways to disagree then to basically call me stupid. I mean come on, we're not in the third grade. We're all adults here. Lets act like it please.
I don't care if you don't agree with me. Hell, I've been known to be wrong once or twice. *grins*

Anyway, anything is possible this day in age. It was just a theory. No need to get all hostile.
  by: tsawyers   03/21/2005 03:34 AM     
Um, I haven't addressed you in probably a couple of weeks. I'd say I have no clue who you even are, but I do have a vague recollection of speaking to you at some point in the past. I guess I leave an impression.

Anyway, I was not so much calling your point stupid as reacting to such points in general. People have been dreaming up any number of things to make things make sense without challenging their basic assumptions on the matter. Here, for example, you try to reconcile why a valid court and medical system would rule a handicapped woman brain-dead, or some such thing. Your theory proposes that a whole host of medical and legal professionals are in on killing this woman, and that's why they're lying. Besides Occam's Razor not supporting such a theory (which I use to screen any theory I consider), the price tag on such a payoff to such high-priced individuals is far out of this man's range. Yes, I was a little hard on you, mostly because I am tired of reading the spin, propaganda, ignorance, and outright lies surrounding this issue.
  by: momentofclarity     03/21/2005 04:58 AM     
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