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                 02/25/2018 10:45 AM  
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03/24/2005 10:50 PM ID: 46922 Permalink   

3-Year-Old Savaged by Labrador


Lucy Warren-Hill, aged 3, was playing in a neighbor's yard when the neighbor's brown labrador suddenly attacked her. According to one witness Lucy was playing with a toy which the dog tried to grab, becoming agitated the dog then attacked Lucy.

Lucy's grandmother, Jeanette White, said when they brought Lucy in from the garden: "I noticed that her face was covered in blood and her nose and forehead were cut up. Part of her nose looked like it was just coming away from her face."

Mrs White insists the dog should not be put to sleep because of the attack: "He is usually such a friendly dog. It must have been a one-off attack," she said. Lucy will undergo plastic surgery today and is in the Boxal Hospital for Sick Children.

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  must have been  
a one off attack?? if my dog did that i would have it put down before someone else found out the hard way!! and goddamn it a lab... man i have to eat everything i ever said about pitbulls now..
  by: juleslady     03/24/2005 10:55 PM     
It more than likely could have been the little girl's fault.

My mom's friend used to have a great dane...he was at least 3 and a half feet while on all fours. But even though he was huge, he was the sweetest dog imaginable. day the dog was eating, and the friend's 8-year-old son stuck his face into the bowl...while the dog was eating. The dog got annoyed and bit him on the face. The kid had to have stitches, but they didn't put the dog down because it was the kid's fault for being a dumbass.

Erm...point is, kids do stupid things. And animals may act out of pure reflex. dunno. I forgot my point, actually. >>;;
  by: Spiffy   03/24/2005 11:15 PM     
Whether she wants it put down or not may cause a few problems...I doubt the parents will take it so lightly, or the other neighbors for that matter, once they see the little girl walking about all stitched up. Would you want the dog who did that around you or your kids?

"Savaged"...such a lovely word, people ought to use it more often.
  by: MomentOfClarity     03/25/2005 01:08 AM     
  I find it difficult to believe  
that a labrador would just go for the girl, without provocation.

The article hints taht the dog wanted the toy, it is possible that it actually was the dogs toy.

Really, I would want to know more before I signed the dogs death warrant. Labs are not known to be aggressive like this.
  by: lauriesman     03/25/2005 01:16 AM     
  The next child....  
may die when the dog attacks it. If it has attacked once, it may again. I can't believe the attitude of the grandmother.
  by: lurker     03/25/2005 01:18 AM     
  My brother in law..  
Owns a rockwell, which is half pitbull and half rotweiler, which is supposed ot be a bad cross and this dog is the bigest baby in the world. it is fat and lazy just like I am, and follows me around from the tv to the fridge.

Am I the only one that still thinks it has nothing to do with breed and more to do with how it was raised?
  by: RoBBoB     03/25/2005 04:15 AM     
  give me a break  
the dog attacked once and so may attack again? WTF??? Get this straight: ANY DOG can and may attack anyone, for reasons that range from none, to obvious, to not humanly comprehensible. We don't know that facts about this case in particular. Given the breed, I'm willing to bet it was the girls fault, and if the grandmother is acting on fact and not foolishness with her statements then good for her. If the dog is a menace then put it down. But we don't know the facts and the decision is not ours to make. If the dog is handled properly after this then it will be even less likely to attack again.
  by: rapscaLLion   03/25/2005 06:43 AM     
  Kill the dog.  
It is a proven attacker. The owner is responsible also. I have Rotts and they are like teddy bears, but due to the fact they can be defensive when stupid things are done, such as messing with a dogs food, well they are in a kennel. Very few dogs should be left around Any children, especially unattended. The owner should be held responsible and the dog should be put down. Jesus people, there was a baby mauled and you people think of the dogs?
  by: homey12   03/25/2005 07:13 AM     
Quite frankly, I think you hit it right about dealing with the owner and it being her fault. That dog was pretty much just defending its food from a strange animal, and that's really not the dog's fault, nor does it imply that it must do it again. Simply, keep the kids away from it and don't go sticking your head into its bowl. I'm not one to side with an animal, but we don't kill animals as punishment (as we do with people), merely to remove dangerous ones.
  by: momentofclarity     03/25/2005 09:11 AM     
  the word  
savaged from the title should probally be changed, it is not the correct word here. other then the minor nitpicking, i think the dog probally should not be put to sleep. it is tue that not all vicous breeds are vicous, and not all 'safe' dogs are 'safe. i had a begeal once that we had adopted from the pound in va, and she must have been hrown off the back of a pickup or something after hunting season or something, because she was intensly loyal and nice to her close three or four people, and she had everyone running in fear. literally, i had friends jumping on small bookcases and such. it depends on the animal
  by: ganjaman22     03/25/2005 11:45 AM     
  Owners or Pets?  
I know I will get some flak for this, but let me add my two cents on this, especially as an avid & responsible pet owner.

I walk my dog in the neighborhood late at night, off-leash. I have always taught her to be mindful of my presence, so as to maintain control of her in all but the most extreme circumstances, of which none have happened. She walks with me side by side, don't mistake this for formal training...dumb dog still won't bring me the ball or stick back! LOL Because I am no trainer, I am happy with her personality.

I have always observed that many toy breeds try to make up for their size with their bark and sometimes sheer ferocity, hence the ability of small dogs to strike fear in our family and friends...sometimes enough to make them jump onto chairs and such. Regardless, whenever I walk her in the day time, she is fitted with her muzzle (religiously). I love my dog. So as much as I protect others from her, I rationalize it that I am also protecting her from them! I would hate to see her put down because of an accidental taste of someone. :-/

I do agree with many of you who claim that a great deal of responsibility lies equally with the owner, as much as with the dog. Dogs, whether they be tame or playful, are still a danger to those with little or no defense at all.

For me, there are really only two things that have always bothered me about these loose "tame" dogs, who seem to ironically attack. Dogs are still, to some extent, wild animals. The owners need to respect and accept this fact. The second thing that has always bothered me was, if someone can afford to have a dog, of which I include every expense that goes with having a dog, why don't they ever buy a muzzle? This is something that is shown in every canine handling manual that I have ever read, and they are many.

I personally don't think this dog should be put down. I think the owner should be fined and made to pay the expenses associated with the attack, unless the kids parents agree to pay for it themselves. If they hope to avoid having this happen again, one thing for sure, the dog needs some training. Or perhaps, if it's allowed to roam freely where possible contact with children can occur, the dog may just needs a good muzzle. Yes I realize that it is too late for this small child, but it's not too late to avoid a future incident if the dog is allowed to live. I make my remarks with the perception that there is a loving owner on the other side of the leash of this dog. If that is not the case, then obviously my argument is without much merit.

I would agree to putting the dog down if it were openly aggressive as a normal behavioral pattern, but if it is normally tame...I would consider this a mistake.

Additionally, I do agree with the one person earlier who said that if it attacks once, it may attack again. This is true, just look at the behavioral pattern of humans. LOL
Out of curiosity, when we fight one another and get over it...should we still be "put down"? We are far worse to each other than any animal could ever be, plus we give ourselves second chances into the "thousands!" hahaha...

P.S., sorry it was a tad long, but nowhere near some of the few I admire in there forums*cough,verb,cough,oten,cough* ;-)
  by: dapredater   03/25/2005 03:57 PM     
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