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                 01/17/2018 02:20 AM  
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04/12/2005 09:00 AM ID: 47332 Permalink   

Engine Part Falls off Plane


Part of a thrust reverser fell off a DC-10 flying from Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport to Honolulu and landed about 100 yards from a home.

Thrust reversers help slow planes as they come in to land. Elizabeth Isham Cory, a spokeswoman for the FAA, said that the 200 lb. part was an "extra mechanism."

No one was injured and the landing was routine. The FAA expects its investigation to last several weeks.

The crew did not notice the missing part until after landing.

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Ahh. Guess they didn't need it then :P
  by: The Lightning Stalke   04/13/2005 12:31 AM     
image if u will, sitting at home with the family watching THE SIMPSONS on tv, when out of no where BOOM a 200 pound hunk of metal falls through your ceiling crushing your tv.
personaly - that would ruin my day
  by: landoperk   04/13/2005 05:03 AM     
  That's got to be a story to tell!!  
"Hey you know what happended to me?? I was sitting in my house when all of a sudden a huge metal chunk landed in my yard!!"
  by: flowerchild   04/13/2005 05:41 AM     
but if the runway had been a short one, there would be an even better (worse?) story to tell...
  by: rapscaLLion   04/13/2005 05:50 AM     
  I found a picture. has a picture of the part. It says its a nozzle for the thrust reverser. Also you can see the houses in the background.
  by: jaded fox     04/13/2005 11:02 AM     
  There is a history of parts falling of DC-10s  
If you look back in the late in 1970s there was an engine that fell off on take off, there was one where the fan blade fell off the number 2 engine, it took 3 months to find, there was 10,000 US dollar rewared to find it, A farmer found it durning the harvest.
  by: thedrewman   04/14/2005 02:17 AM     
  Two comments  
The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!

And, I guess this means that the Republicans will want to de-regulate the airlines some more so the airlines can spend even less money on maintenance.
  by: slave_boy_imp   04/14/2005 03:34 AM     
There is nothing wrong with the DC-10 in these cases.
Yes these things did happen, but you'll notice both of those incidences involved the engine. That means that the manufacturers of the DC-10 (McDonnell Douglas) are not to blame. The plane manufacturers do not manufacture or supply the engine, they simply install whichever engine the customer buys. If a customer orders 10 DC-10s with Rolls Royce Engines, they buy the appropriate number of engines and the manufacturer installs them. After that, it is up to the airline to ensure that the engine is maintained.

In the case of the engine explosion on takeoff, (25 May, 1979) the pylon that attached the left engine to the wing broke off, causing the plane to roll and crash. Why? Because American airlines, against the manufacturer's advice, purchased sub-par engines and serviced them in an improper manner (read: DROPPED THEM!), causing the pylon to crack. Then they installed it, and it failed on takeoff.

Just an FYI cause I have nothing better to do :)
  by: rapscaLLion   04/14/2005 05:37 AM     
I know, saw the show on cable. The airforces uses them for tankers. I rode a DC10, had no questions about it's safety. The issues all happened because of the maintance crews where using short cuts instead of following M.D. guide of removing engines to save time, they took the engine and the pylon off at the same time to save an hour, when they should have take the engine off then the pylon.
  by: thedrewman   04/14/2005 05:47 AM     
  Like vanity plates. Really big 200lb ones.  
They are just on the plane to make them look good. Soon they will put blinking LEDs on those parts, get lowered suspension on the plane with hydrolics and a kick ass stereo.
  by: ericcode   04/14/2005 08:22 PM     
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