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                 02/21/2018 01:46 PM  
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04/19/2005 01:30 AM ID: 47512 Permalink   

Pennsylvania District Attorney Missing


A Pennsylvania Centre County prosecutor who has been missing since Friday failed to show up for work Monday, and his daughter pleaded for him to get in touch with her. “I want you to know that I will wait as long as it takes. Please call.”

District Attorney Ray F. Gricar's car was found over the weekend in Lewisburg, a town about 45 miles away, but a search of the vehicle and a nearby stretch of river revealed nothing out of the ordinary, authorities said on Sunday.

“We’re still hoping that it may come to a positive conclusion, because there doesn’t appear to be signs of foul play,” Bellefonte Police Chief Duane Dixon said Monday.

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  we will wait as long as it takes?  
thats an odd thing to say... i think she killed him
  by: juleslady     04/19/2005 03:45 PM     
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