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                 01/17/2018 02:23 AM  
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04/20/2005 04:00 AM ID: 47542 Permalink   

Porn Star Arrested for Touching Herself


Mary Carey, who ran for California governor in a recall election in 2003, and who is also a porn star, was arrested in a strip club for allegedly touching herself in a sexual manner in public.

She and four others were arrested in a raid on a new strip club in the Tacoma suburb of Lakewood, Washington. Eleven other people were written citations. All sixteen had violated the law by getting too close to customers or sexual touching.

Two years ago, as voters recalled Democrat Gray Davis and elected Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor, Mary Carey finished tenth among 135 candidates on the ballot.

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  wow thats a crime? nt  
  by: emp3r0r     04/20/2005 04:17 AM     
  land of the free???  
i doubt it
  by: stonedwookie   04/20/2005 04:19 AM     
  I think it should be mandatory!  
"All sixteen had violated the law by getting too close to customers or sexual touching"

there should be sex in the champagne room.
  by: emp3r0r     04/20/2005 04:27 AM     
It's the dividing line between prostitution/soliciting and erotic display - lap dancers are supposed to keep a minimum distance from the customer, and are not allowed to actually touch themselves sexually -they can give the appearance, but not actually do it.
  by: lauriesman     04/20/2005 12:04 PM     
Since when is the inside of a strip club considered a public place...?
  by: fredfredrickson   04/20/2005 04:52 PM     
LOL yeah i know...
Thats not why i said it.

There should be sex in the champagne room.
  by: emp3r0r     04/20/2005 05:00 PM     
I wonder how the arrest happened. I somehow find it hard to believe that patrons of a strip club would file a complaint. Either way this is bull shit. There are real crimes going on every day, rape, murder, molestation of children, robbery, violence, gangs etc. I don't wish to see my tax dollars being spent in some futile attempt to act as Moral Police. Ever since Bush got into office America is becoming land of the prude.
  by: ZCT     04/20/2005 05:16 PM     
  The Way  
The way a lot of clubs protect themselves in the UK is to make strip clubs members only. Membership is for life and costs the exact same price as the cost of admission, which is coincidentally free on the first visit. This way there are less restrictions and the public place argument does not apply in the same manner.
  by: ZCT     04/20/2005 05:22 PM     
I'm not sure about palm springs, but in the area of CA I live in, the police will stop in a strip club here and there to make sure everything is on the up and up. Basically their way of making money through tickets... kinda like when a group of cop cars/motorcycles hides on the side of the street pulling over anyone they see.
  by: tellgar     04/20/2005 06:37 PM     
I guess going into strip clubs and looking at the naked girls is better than solving real crime.
  by: ZCT     04/20/2005 09:18 PM     
Can you blame em? I think every day at work would be better if I was watching naked ladies dance.
  by: tellgar     04/20/2005 11:42 PM     
I guess I am just old fasioned. I was hoping that the police were there to protect and serve the public, not protect their interests and serve themselves.
  by: ZCT     04/21/2005 12:33 AM     
Yeah, but if they were out serving and protecting, they might get hurt. Better to stay inside and watch strippers.
  by: tellgar     04/21/2005 01:11 AM     
Yeah, then arrest one as an excuse to manhandle them a little bit and treat them like an object not a person. Humiliate them a bit to make themselves feel powerful. Have a good laugh back at the station about the scantily clad chick they arrested earlier that night.

Sounds like a couple of sexist bastards, wasting taxpayer’s money to me. Cops like that bread mistrust of the police.
  by: ZCT     04/21/2005 03:28 AM     
  @ZCT, general comments  
ZCT: You're pathetic. Keep your damned jack!

The police don't make the law, they just enforce it.

Incidentally, you two just engaged in a perfect display of objectification, yet you have the nerve to accuse the police - with no evidence that they did anything more than observe - of treating women like objects. Pot, hello, this is kettle, you're black!
  by: lauriesman     04/21/2005 11:56 AM     
“ZCT: You're pathetic. Keep your damned jack!”

- Is this some kind of Christian street talk I am not familiar with? I’m going to need a translation from thou.

“The police don't make the law, they just enforce it.”

- No shit! I take it you don’t find it at all odd that some officers consider it a top priority to ‘investigate’ the strip clubs? Please. There is real crime going on in every city across America every night, but these officers determined that of all the potential crime their best bet was to stake out some strip clubs to keep us all safer. Please don’t tell me you are quite that naïve. It should be obvious even to you that this is an example of lazy police work.

”Incidentally, you two just engaged in a perfect display of objectification, yet you have the nerve to accuse the police - with no evidence that they did anything more than observe - of treating women like objects.”

- Don’t presume to know how I treat women. I am about the least sexist man you could meet. As far as I am concerned in a free society police don’t need to be observing the inside of a strip club. Strip clubs have their own private security who can call the police if there is a problem. Through good community policing they would become aware if a certain club was crossing the line and then they may need to carry out an investigation. However, I would again reiterate that there is real crime going on and as a resident I would like that solved first. When we have a perfect society with no homicide, robbery, assault, and gang crime then we can focus on the total non-issues like this one. It just seems so laughable to me that this kind of issue is even on the radar with all the other social and criminal problems going on. But maybe this is a bigger priority to a prudish Christian virgin.

“Pot, hello, this is kettle, you're black!”

- Yeah, ‘Friends’ called and said stop stealing their lines. Could you BE any less original?
  by: ZCT     04/21/2005 02:36 PM     
A man discovered he had a flat tire one morning, but couldn't change it, because he didn't have a jack. He decided to see if he could borrow his neighbours. On the way to the neighbours door, he went over in his mind what he would say, and what he would expect the neighbour to say. By the time he got to the door, he had convinced himself that not only was his neighbour going to deny him the use of the jack, he was going to rude about it. So when the neighbour answers the nock at the door, he delivers his retort "You're pathetic, keep your damned jack!"

In otherwords, you're ascribing motives and motions that are not indicated either explicitly or implicitly in the article. You have no idea WHY any officers entered strip club.

It could have been because they have a policy of randomly checking strip clubs to ensure they aren't breaking the law. It could be that they were their watching for drug use, and the inappropriate activity was observed as a side effect. It could be that they were there at the complaint of certain customers (not likely, but possible). Contrary to TV cops don't just choose where they are going to go - detectives might, but beat officers are assigned their tasks in briefing.

WRT objectification: That was more aimed at emperor than you.

And yes, I can be even less original ;)
  by: lauriesman     04/21/2005 10:58 PM     
  wow man  
You really need to reread what I said or you need to get a life.
I was joking around I really could give a crap about a cop in a strip club no matter what the reason.
I just found the story funny!
  by: emp3r0r     04/22/2005 02:11 AM     
Well let's see.. You are in a place where sex is all around.. Other girls on the stage are touching themselves.. Yet she gets punished.. Damn.. I guess crime doesn't pay.. Hopefully she got off before she got arrested..LOL
  by: Tangz   04/23/2005 03:44 AM     
all i can do is just laugh at this one.
  by: lordnauction   04/30/2005 08:35 AM     
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