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                 01/21/2018 07:40 AM  
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04/22/2005 09:31 PM ID: 47628 Permalink   

Student's Professed Love for their Vagina Sparks Suspension


WINONA, MN. - Two high school students have been suspended for wearing buttons that proclaim, "I (heart) My Vagina". The buttons were apparently inspired by the show, "The Vagina Monologues".

Student Carrie Rethlefsen saw the show last month. Afterwards, she and her fellow student, Emily Nixon, began wearing the buttons at school. The ACLU has offered to help the students fight the consequences of their actions.

In addition, over 100 students have shown their support for girls by ordering t-shirts that read, "I Love My Vagina" as well as, "I Support Your Vagina".

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  This is got to be the stupidest...  
use of power I have ever seen!!!! How is it offensive to anyone seeing a proper medical term displayed? I have to get me one of these buttons!! If they cause this much of a problem they are obviously very powerfull!! I wonder if they grant wishes?? just kidding, but seriously, WTF???
  by: flowerchild   04/22/2005 09:39 PM     
  Shocked anyone knows the word!  

Considering the awful scholastic performance of most modern schools, isn't it amazing that anyone knows the proper name for the vulgar and obscene alternatives for the word?
  by: Luhker     04/22/2005 09:47 PM     
  Will the ACLU  
defend me if I wear a shirt that says, "I Love Your Vagina". That would be great. The ACLU is good and bad. I'm all for them defending these girls.
  by: diggity     04/22/2005 10:05 PM     
  Welcome to Minnesota, ey  
Another shinning example of the fact that sh!t floats to the top. Only some back-woods hick Lutheran would come up with something this stupid. It seems to be something that is practiced around here a lot. Sometimes I wonder why I live in this backwater stateā€¦.oh yea, now I remember, the other states are worse. I have to find a country that is not populated by morons.

The seven step method to becoming an effective school administrator.*

1. Bend over as far as possible
2. Grasp anus with both and open wide
3. Place head as far up anus as possible
4. Stare into the darkness
5. Receive enlightenment
6. Bask in the Glory!
7. Inflict what you have learned on others.

*This method also works for politicians.
  by: valkyrie123     04/22/2005 11:05 PM     
  fight for the rights of all us vigina lovers!!! nt  
  by: M.I.A.Elite     04/23/2005 12:02 AM     
Just so the reporter knows, they were not suspended! Sure, Carrie has been holed up in the office for a bit, but I talked to her durning 3rd hour class for a bit. I ordered a shirt a weeks ago when the controversy first began and personally can't wait to get my money's worth out of it! ^_^
  by: pudgeybunny   04/23/2005 01:02 AM     
  To females everywhere...  
I support your vagina too!!!
  by: TheChanPerv   04/23/2005 02:09 AM     
  @ M.I.A.Elite  
You're 14. The last time you had it was when it had you.
  by: TheReporter     04/23/2005 02:49 AM     
  I heart them also!  
  by: DREKK   04/23/2005 02:59 AM     
Man, that was classic! No offense MIA, but he's right. :P
  by: tsawyers   04/23/2005 03:08 AM     
  I love vaginas too but.....  
I love vaginas roo (one of course ) and it isnt mine. But wearing pins!?
  by: Lexan   04/23/2005 03:10 AM     
Well maybe not a pin.. How about a new pair of undies??
  by: Tangz   04/23/2005 04:36 AM     
  Everybody say it with me...  

*Excludes gay men who don't
  by: Daev     04/23/2005 10:47 AM     
  Finally, some hometown news!!!  
My girlfriend was selling those pins as well as vagina shaped chocolate suckers at those Vagina Monologues performances!! You can't imagine how proud I am!!
  by: opinionated   04/24/2005 07:23 AM     
  ACLU might win  
The problem is the Supreme Court has ruled that high schools have the right to limit or censor (Fujishima v. Board of Education in 1972) with properly set guidelines; however in other cases, articles of clothing such as the blackbands wore in 1969 (Tinker vs. Des Moines) were protected. Depending on what guidelines were in place, the students might lost their cases. Especially in Hicktown, USA.
  by: slave_boy_imp   04/27/2005 01:54 AM     
  I love my wang  
Can I get a hoody with that on?
  by: koultunami     04/27/2005 10:13 AM     
  You'll have to wait  
For some guy to introduce the penis monologues first.
  by: jaded fox     04/27/2005 10:39 AM     
  The Penis Monologue  
It's good to have a willie,
It's divine to own a dick,
from the most littlest member,
to the world's biggest prick..

Here, i introduced the penis monologue, oh wait, that was introduced couple decades ago by monty python!!
  by: kmazzawi     04/27/2005 02:02 PM     
that's a great bit, but seriously, maybe someone should write the penis monolouges, why not?? I can't do see that I don't have one, but maybe someone will. I say equality for all, penises and vaginas should get equal stage time!!!
  by: flowerchild   04/27/2005 11:33 PM     
  Isn't puppetry of the penis close enough?  
Who needs talking about it, when you can make origami out of your penis.
  by: tellgar     04/28/2005 12:53 AM     
  A wang heart maybe?  
Would any of you guys wear a pin with that?
  by: jaded fox     04/28/2005 12:37 PM     
I love your ignorance.
  by: M.I.A.Elite     04/28/2005 03:50 PM     
that gives me a good laugh for the day. i side with the students. what is wrong with that button. self expression is all.
  by: lordnauction   04/30/2005 07:29 PM     
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