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                 01/21/2018 11:21 PM  
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04/25/2005 04:26 AM ID: 47675 Permalink   

Brother and Sister Caught Having Sex with Each Other


TRAFFORD, AL. - A brother and sister now face incest charges after being caught in the act of sexual intercourse by authorities. Both remain jailed on $50,000.00 bond.

According to police, Ronald Stewart Howze, 44, of Trafford, and Lori Ann Rotton, 41, of Smyrna, are identified as the siblings. Howze's wife suspected the duo of having sexual relations and called police when the two were in the bedroom together.

Upon arrival, authorities caught the two in the act of sexual intercourse and had to tell them twice to stop before they were finished. Both were intoxicated. Howze's explanation was that he "wanted to go crazy" after being diagnosed with cancer.

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*heaves* Thats.... nevermind.
  by: tsawyers   04/25/2005 04:32 AM     
  @ tsawyers  
What it is is pretty damned funny.
  by: TheReporter     04/25/2005 04:39 AM     
  Can't wait til 40 yrs from now....  
when all these country filthy rednecks r no longer livin' and Alabama will only have just "normal" people...crap like that makes this state look bad...blah!
  by: x_thaarkitek_x   04/25/2005 04:45 AM     
  @ x_thaarkitek_x  
It's not just Alabama, it's everywhere. Back in the days when I was a cop I once worked a call where a gal gave a St. Bernard a ******* and charged some of the neighborhood kids in the trailer park a nickel to watch. I knew something was up when I drove up and saw the dog smoking a cigarette.
  by: TheReporter     04/25/2005 04:53 AM     
  And I thought the twins from EuroTrip were bad nt  
  by: DesertRebel   04/25/2005 05:21 AM     
  Too Bad  
It's bad enough he was cheating on his wife but with his sister?!

Anyway, on the subject of sibling incest, the only person who would get hurt in that situation would be any potential children since it causes birth defects. People should be allowed to marry siblings as long as one of them is neutered. Different strokes for different folks.
  by: The Lightning Stalke   04/25/2005 05:56 AM     
  * Post deleted by Admin  
* Post deleted by Admin
  by: Beatyoutoit   04/25/2005 06:19 AM     
lol yea cause nature made laws and whatever a crime!
  by: sp00ky187   04/25/2005 06:28 AM     
*cough* do you kiss your sister with that mouth, Beatyoutoit?

The guy is dying... he doesn't care what we think.
  by: theironboard     04/25/2005 06:30 AM     
  @ x_thaarkitek_x  
hehe mate, maybe in 40years from now it will be worse in these states in america, if (as someone else said) its not just alabama, and theres lots of people doing it, in 40years, there will be inbreds mating inbreds. - making a new breed of retard through super inbreeding.
  by: j0n0   04/25/2005 09:36 AM     
  Did anyone else  
Laugh or even notice the name of his sister.

"Lori Ann Rotton"

The first thing I though of was susy rotten-croch.
  by: RoBBoB     04/25/2005 02:58 PM     
I have agree with you Lightning, as wrong as it is to me, it isn't my choice to make.

I did learn something new, however, I never knew there was an actual law that could get you arrested for this.

And at 40 years old, you can make your own decisions.
  by: tellgar     04/25/2005 06:40 PM     
  when did they make law against this?  
I remember not long ago, people use to marry their cousin.
  by: b4u     04/25/2005 09:37 PM     
When I saw this news item crawl the ticker for some strange reason I thought it might have taken place in a southern state. Just a lucky guess I guess.

I am curious, in a free country how is it a crime for two consenting adults to have sex? Sure it's sick and everything, but aren't there any real crimes out there to solve and actual criminals that needs to be tried and sent to jail? I guess I would rather the government stay out of the bedroom unless children or animals are involved and need to be protected. Adults doing sick things in their own homes is really not something I see the government having any interest in. I'd rather my tax dollars pay to arrest a car thief, or a gang member. But I guess I must have my priorities messed up.

You know what else? I am going to use a Lauriesman argument here. Although I have nothing against gay people if you are going to arrest an incestuous adult couple you should also arrest consenting gays. After all if the brother / sister thing is ‘against nature’ then isn’t the same argument true of gay people?

One final thought, why are these people in jail on a $50,000 bond? I mean even if they run off before the trial, what’s the worst that is going to happen? They run across the country having incestuous consensual adult sex in the privacy of various hotel rooms? Please, either have these freaks humanely destroyed or let them go. Keep the moral police out of our bedrooms.
  by: ZCT     04/26/2005 06:34 AM     
  You can still marry your cousin...  
In the UK anyway.
  by: koultunami     04/26/2005 02:06 PM     
  A true reason to fear  
I pray to my god and goddess that she doesn't get pregnant.
  by: slave_boy_imp   04/27/2005 02:08 AM     
  The only sick thing about this...  
...Is the fact that they were arrested.
This is nobody's business but their own
  by: Neysan   04/27/2005 09:00 PM     
  Pretty stupid  
I mean there are alot more important issues meaning people to arest like someone said Rape,Murder ETC.
Also if someone is dying and wants to do his sister and the other person has no problem with it who cares. Besides the wife was pissed cause she wasnt invited.

Oh ya what the hell does N/T mean?
  by: Skull_Crusher_69   05/22/2005 04:52 AM     
  N/T means "no text"..  
When you say it all in the subject the n/t keeps you from having to look down here. :)
  by: lurker     05/22/2005 05:27 AM     
Thanks for the info :)
  by: Skull_Crusher_69   05/22/2005 06:19 AM     
Why use there names!? i think the freedom of press goes to far sometimes,but sometimes doesnt go far enought. anyway,these people give a bad name to the human race and its gross *vomit*
  by: punk_rocker234   07/10/2007 10:37 AM     
  the royal families  
have been "inbreeding" for years and you can see where that got them

reminds me of that Eddie Izzard sketch:
"And Queen Victoria became Empress of India. She never even f***ing went there, you know?
She was one of our more frumpy queens… they're all frumpy, aren't they? Because it's a bad idea when cousins marry! Bottom of the gene pool, you know. You're just scraping the barrel there, “We've haven't got enough for any more of you royals there, sorry.” First rule of genetics: spread the genes apart! But the royals are just obsessed with, "Are you a royal family? Are you a royal member? Well, then you can marry me ‘cause you're same gene pool, and our IQs will go down the toilet.” Fantastic! That's why there's no crazy royals, they're all kind of, "Hello! Hello, what do you do? You're a plumber! What on Earth is that?""
  by: JulesLady     07/10/2007 11:15 AM     
...of what happens when there is repeatative generations of inbreeding.

(And it looks like this "handsome couple" will create yet another generation...)

  by: CArnold     07/10/2007 11:23 AM     
I wouldnt do it, but, two consenting adults, none of my business.
  by: Gogevandire   07/10/2007 12:13 PM     
Heh... I suppose.

This link has to hold the record for most visits. Over 11,600 visits. Being over 2 years old may have lent itself to the multiple hits, though. (Didn't notice until after my 1st post... lol)
  by: CArnold     07/10/2007 12:24 PM     
Just wow, what does one say!? Damn! Why would you..., is there a massive shortage of sexual partners in AL!?
  by: zmethod     07/10/2007 12:37 PM     
It is illegal for a brother and sister to have sex, because if they end up having a child it will be a genetic freak. It is in the best interest of society that this not be encouraged. I don't think you can really label this as unreasonable government interference.
  by: ZCT     07/10/2007 01:33 PM     
life that dull in Alabama that doin your sister is the craziest thing you can do? I can think of a lot more crazy things that I'd do if I was going to die and none involve my brothers.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     07/10/2007 01:35 PM     
  @Jules, Lightning  
Actually the British Monarchy was one of the few that had only a couple rare cases of incest. The closest was between Queen Victoria and Prince Phillip, they were first cousins. Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary) and her Husband Philip II of Spain were first cousins once removed. Those were the closest relationship ties. Other than that, the British Monarchy kept a pretty clean gene pool.

And, one of the reasons inbreeding is outlawed is because it goes back to this country being founded upon judeo-christian principles, and in the bible, says you can't. Also, during a time when the US was much smaller and people stayed in their communities for generations it would've been a dangerous practice.

Also, brother/sister coupling will not result in an immediate genetice defect. It takes a few generations of inbreeding for you to notice genetic defects. It's caused when there isn't enough diversity in the gene pool that chromosomes get dropped.
  by: ablindmansees     07/10/2007 01:41 PM     
  Notice to all:  
This story is two years old.
  by: Lurker     07/11/2007 06:57 PM     
That is actually amazing. I wonder why this topic came up again 2 years later.
  by: seniorgato     07/11/2007 07:35 PM     
punk_rocker234 found it and posted a comment.
  by: Lurker     07/11/2007 07:44 PM     
  Thank you  
Captain Obvious

  by: seniorgato     07/11/2007 08:12 PM     
I can't find a story I saw on here 5 months ago, let alone more than two years.

You were going through all the stories with "Sex" in the title weren't you? It's ok, we won't tell anyone.
  by: erasedgod   07/11/2007 08:48 PM     
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