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                 01/18/2018 06:54 AM  
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05/05/2005 02:52 PM ID: 47920 Permalink   

Manta Rays in Danger of Extinction


Manta rays populations in Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico are being depleted because of over fishing. Scientists and advocates are concerned that as those populations continue to fall Hawaii will be the next target.

A resolution to study the worth of establishing penalties for the capture or killing of mantas died in the Legislature this year. Though plans have been made to lobby the bill next year some worry that it will be to late.

Mantas are slow breeding and do not migrate meaning that a fishery could permanently wipe out a population in a short time. This is of particular concern to Hawaii as diving with them generated over $3 million in direct and indirect revenue.

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  This is awful  
I love sting rays and manta rays. If they can't give penalties to those who kill the mantas then perhaps they could be saved in conservation areas.

We still have a large manta population around Australia and they are also kept safe in large aquariums in Melbourne and Queensland ect. They're such nice creatures.
  by: biohazard   05/06/2005 01:37 AM     
  Didn't have room for it but...  
The earliest that the manta ray could be added to the United Nations-backed treaty is 2007. I think they're talking about the one that restricts the trade of endangered threatened species and their products.
  by: jaded fox     05/06/2005 02:05 AM     
  or... man..  
I like those wing flapping fish.
  by: dongding   05/06/2005 02:42 PM     
  Why are people fishing that thing anyway? n/t  
for food?
  by: dongding   05/06/2005 02:44 PM     
  Leave the Manta rays alone you  
just cos those lazy shits are using nets the same size as a thousand football pitches.

Confiscate and destroy their boats D:
  by: koultunami     05/06/2005 03:03 PM     
  They taste good  
I've eaten Manta Rays several times, they're pretty tasty. Too bad there will always be abuse when it comes to capitalism.
  by: Borthox   05/06/2005 10:05 PM     
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