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                 01/18/2018 03:17 AM  
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05/07/2005 09:30 AM ID: 47954 Permalink   

Alternative Uses for Condoms in India


India only uses about a quarter of the 1 billion condoms it makes every year for sex. Most of the rest are used in the manufacturing.

For example condoms are valuable to the makers of saris due to the lubrication. The condoms are placed on spools to make the thread on them run through machines faster.

In addition to being helpful in sewing the high quality of the lubricant also makes it ideal for polishing gold and silver thread.

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I suppose those are other ways to do what the article describes, but condoms would probably be the cheapest one would think.

In the western world, unlubricated condoms are often used when placing body mics on performers in concerts and musicals, because when the mic is placed inside, the condom allows the sound in but keeps out the sweat and makeup :D

But seriously, am I alone in thinking that only India would come up with such widespread misuse of condoms?
  by: rapscaLLion   05/07/2005 05:10 PM     
  are these  
everyday alternative uses for your average citizen?
  by: Mentally ill   05/07/2005 07:02 PM     
  Or just the mentally ill?  
I read your comment, then said "the mentally ill" then I saw you name, just had to post.
But hey, at least they have condoms to do that with, some countries don't even have rubbers for the designed use... sad really... "Live without sex, or screw every topless broad you see with the catch of getting HIV..."
Then ofcourse, those infected sluts keep spreading it to everyone they meet. =\
  by: Syphon   05/07/2005 10:34 PM     
So the guys are totally blameless huh? The women magically pick up AIDS from the air and spread it to the poor helpless males.
  by: jaded fox     05/07/2005 11:08 PM     
  @Jaded Fox  
I'm still not sure I needed to know that. Good find though. I thought a country the size of India would need more condoms than that for their 'proper' use.
  by: ixuzus     05/07/2005 11:15 PM     
  Indians have learned from experience ...  
that condoms are more reliable for alternative uses than preventing disease and pregnancy, no doubt?

Typical pore sizes are known to allow the passage of disease agents and sperm.
Only abstinence is dependable.
  by: Luhker     05/08/2005 03:03 AM     
looks like you got the process down pretty well.
  by: Mentally ill   05/08/2005 09:06 AM     
  @Mentally ill  
then that's a really good argument for guys to experiment with other guys. I mean that way the mean females can't infect them right?
  by: jaded fox     05/08/2005 03:50 PM     
unfortunately, for guys to experiment with guys would not be helpful at all. as we could not be totally sure any of the mem involved have not come in contact with these mean, AIDS infested females, and possibly infect the entire experiment. In order for this to work, it would have to be done in a world where there are no mean females, and thus, a world without AIDS alltogether i guess. but you had a good idea.
  by: Mentally ill   05/08/2005 10:10 PM     
  @Lurjer i hope that is sarcaxm  
"Typical pore sizes are known to allow the passage of disease agents and sperm." is a falicy spread by the Vatican in erd wordl countries. it has no basis in reality, but I guess immaculate conception does . . .
  by: mmmman     05/09/2005 06:10 AM     
It wasn't sarcasm. There's no point trying to debate it either.
  by: erasedgod   05/09/2005 04:39 PM     
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