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                 02/22/2018 05:45 PM  
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05/08/2005 04:52 AM ID: 47978 Permalink   

Study Shows Garlic Treats Erectile Dysfunction


Scientists has discovered that eating garlic can boost up your sex life for men who have problems getting erections. Garlic helps do this by widening arteries and improving blood flow to the groin. The study also shows that garlic helps the heart.

The study also shows that garlic helps heart problems and could help fight cancer. Dr Joerg Gruenwald says that garlic widens the arteries in the heart making it less likely for a heart attack.

Most men with heart disease have erectile dysfunction. Just eating garlic isn't enough for the desired effect you have to purchase supplements to achieve the desired effect.

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  Low Pr*ces on G4rl*c dxymnx47&*#$&@  
  by: The Lightning Stalke   05/08/2005 07:39 AM     
  Although I've never had ED  
I would not be surprised if garlic helps.

I once knew a wise old man from Wales. He told me that he took a garlic mega dose if he felt the first signs of a cold or infection. He claimed that this would help avoid or stave off the illness.

I take garlic almost every day and extra if I think I might get sick. I've had about one cold in the past two years. My wife works with kids and gets sick all the time, and I never catch it.

Seriously garlic is good people! If a wise old Welshman said it, it must be true! Also, my dick works just fine ;)
  by: ZCT     05/08/2005 08:10 AM     
  @LOL ZCT  
We didn't really need to know that. ^_-
  by: The Lightning Stalke   05/08/2005 08:50 AM     
  Ah, Garlic....  
The stinky rose of love.
  by: theironboard     05/08/2005 09:13 AM     
  Pretty blondes can be used to treat it as well.  
..really. I read it in the New England Journal of Medicine....or maybe it was Penthouse Forum. I don't remember which.
  by: TheReporter     05/08/2005 02:38 PM     
  "wise Welshman"  
Isn't that an oxymoron? ;)
  by: vgslag   05/08/2005 05:40 PM     
Well Ha Ha Ha

I seen that little comment
I supppose everyone wants to know is it blondeittle boy's or blondewoman :) :) :):) :)
What a Combination Garlic and Viagra Blonde hair
Has TheReporter ever tryed a Viagra pillbefore i know if i was male i would try one even if i didnt have that problem because i heard it makes a guy last for hours and hours :) :) :)
  by: NewsFlasHoOo     05/08/2005 07:08 PM     
  Another Garlic Remedy for AD  
If you tie garlic around your nads, you won't have any need for an erection.
  by: TheReporter     05/08/2005 09:37 PM     
  Cute redheads more effective!  
And we don't smell funky, either.

Well, I don't. I can't speak for the rest of 'em. Take into consideration they may be eating garlic.;)
  by: Morgora     05/08/2005 09:54 PM     
Generally yes, but I found the only one. Maybe he was only half Welsh ;) He didn't spit on me as he spoke or have sex with any sheep during the time we worked together.
  by: ZCT     05/08/2005 10:51 PM     
  For those who cannot afford Viagra..  
Popcycle stick, rubber band & freezer.
  by: TheReporter     05/09/2005 02:43 AM     
Can you explain to us how that special concockion works
This ought to be real good
  by: NewsFlashoOo     05/09/2005 02:59 AM     
  Viagra makes must be freaking out  
  by: thedrewman   05/09/2005 06:21 AM     
  You can buy  
Odorless garlic tablets, so knock off the smelly jokes :p
  by: koultunami     05/09/2005 03:59 PM     
  So that's it!  
I put garlic into almost everything I cna to eat. This would explain a lot.
  by: slave_boy_imp   05/10/2005 12:05 AM     
They compact a real super amount of garlic in a tablet form that we would not get the right amount of Garlic by eating it only by takingit in high dose pills
  by: NewsFlasHoOo     05/10/2005 03:58 AM     
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