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                 01/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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05/15/2005 10:46 AM ID: 48133 Permalink   

Radio Boast Lands "Crazy Cabbie" in Jail


After boasting about it on the "Howard Stern Show" Lee Mroszak a disc jockey who's known as "Crazy Cabbie" will spend a year in prison for tax evasion.

Mroszak had not paid taxes in three years beginning in 2001 when he won $100,000.00 for a five round match against "Stuttering John" Melendez.

In addition to prison time he must pay the taxes that he owes. Commenting on the ruling outside the Brooklyn court building he said, "The judge was fair. I'm sorry that it happened and I have to go take care of business now."

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Here is a great example of how we don't need to be putting people in jail. Why can't we just make him do some community service, a stiff financial penalty, and move on? What use is it to pay some $30,000 of taxpayer’s money to keep this idiot in jail for a year? I am so sick of seeing taxpayer’s money squandered in this way.
  by: ZCT     05/15/2005 07:21 PM     
  I totally agree...  
Jails should be a place for people who absolutly cannot be trusted within society. Murderers, Rapists, Thiefs and Conmen, but people who don't pay their taxes? I don't think I'll lose sleep at night knowing my neighbor roams the streets without having paid his taxes. He'd learn the same lesson if he had received a year of community service, and had been ordered to pay back everything he owes with interest.
  by: RaabHimself   05/15/2005 09:19 PM     
  No argument  
Sentencing guys like this is a waste of a jail bed. Pay back the taxes and all expenses of the court for having to prosecute. That sounds fair to me.
  by: jaded fox     05/15/2005 09:28 PM     
  Check your facts  
I don't think the article says that he "won" the match. It just said he was in it. He did not "win" the match, he lost badly. Bad reporting here.
  by: PhreakofNature   05/16/2005 01:10 AM     
"That year he won $100,000 battling fellow Stern regular "Stuttering John" Melendez in a five-round amateur boxing match that drew a sellout crowd of more than 4,000 people to Atlantic City, N.J."
Sounds like he won the fight to me. Where does it say he lost?
  by: lurker     05/16/2005 02:10 AM     
  It doesn't say..  
if he won the fight or not, just that he won $100,000 for fighting this guy, according to the source article.
  by: flowerchild   05/16/2005 04:37 AM     
  Is it possible to change it?  
I thought he won the fight but that might not be the case as other have pointed out.
  by: jaded fox     05/16/2005 09:53 AM     
  I watched the fight  
Check this link

first line states
"With John "Stuttering John" Melendez's stunning victory today (5/31) over Lee "Crazy Cabbie" Mroszak in The Flunky vs. The Junkie, consider this:"

  by: PhreakofNature   05/17/2005 01:21 AM     
  Thanks, reporter  
Fixed the summary.
  by: jaded fox     05/17/2005 02:55 PM     
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