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                 02/18/2018 07:27 AM  
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05/29/2005 02:33 PM ID: 48370 Permalink   

Mother Hires Stripper for 16-year-old Son - Gets Indicted by Grand Jury


NASHVILLE, TN - Anette Pharris, 34, has found herself facing charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and involving a minor in obscene acts after hiring a stripper for her son's 16th birthday party.

A grand jury indicted Pharris after a employee at a drug store notified authorities when Pharris had photos of the party developed. According to police, ten people under the age of 18 attended the party and live strip show.

In addition to the mother, the child's father as well as the stripper were also charged. Pharris was quoted as saying, "Who are they to tell me what I can and can't show to my own children?"

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wish i had a mum like that lol, now seriously... it is her choice if she wants her children to see that kinda stuff, the point is, (im going by UK law here) but you can have sex at 16 and see EVERYTHING but you cant see something porn related until 18.... what a stupid world. anyways the person could have just used the internet. much more on there
  by: wingedpuma     05/29/2005 03:19 PM     
  She's right...but WRONG  
I say if she wants her child to see strippers in the comfort of her home..go ahead! It may be illegal...but they're strippers! This isn't what got her in trouble...

what makes it worse is there were at least 10 OF HIS UNDERAGE FRIENDS THERE! Oh yea, she messed up...

I saw it like this: you want your child to drink for his birthday - he's been wanting to go to the bar with you - but you know he can't go into the bars. go to the store and decide he can drink at home. It's not legal..but he's in a safe police don't care (I know this for a fact!)

10 of his friends then come over to drink...1 parent can object to it and its lawsuit city, USA.

Now...if all 10 parents OKed this, and the parents where in a place where noise and such couldn't be a problem..I guarentee this wouldn't be a story. Then again..she shouldn't had them devoloped that way. She should have bought a digital camera (why did she want pics anyways?)
  by: hotrock11     05/29/2005 03:24 PM     
  Land of the free  
I guess police in Nashville must be very pleased with themselves, having solved all the crime and having nothing better to do than arrest people for crap like this.

This story has ‘who cares’ written all over it. A woman took off her clothes and some teenage boys saw it happen, all this in a parental home supervised by both parents. There is child abuse, rape, sexual assault, and physical abuse of children going on all across the country every day. I was recently made aware of a case where a teen was being forced to have sex with animals by his father in the state of Tennessee, but child services would not take the child away from the family because they hadn’t actually witnessed the activity. No I am not kidding. The child is still with his abusive father.

This story is just another example of the moral police trying to attack ‘sin’ crimes instead of real crimes. While I think these parents were perhaps a little misguided in their ideas, there is nothing in the source that indicates that harm was done here. The stripper was not having sex with the teens (although in many countries consensual non-paid sex with a 16 year old is perfectly legal). So why take these parents to court and charge them?

This is an outrageous example of civil rights being eroded once more in America. The puritan right are dismantling some of the founding principles of freedom that this country was founded on. Anything involving nudity or sexuality is being attacked and censored all over the place. When there are child and teen prostitutes working the streets of America every day giving most of their earnings to pimps who get them hooked on drugs, it just seems like an outrageous waste of our criminal justice system to focus on this situation.

The charges should be dropped, and the police should get back to work solving real crimes.
  by: ZCT     05/29/2005 03:27 PM     
  Young mother  
She obviously does not have a problem with sex at an early age.... and why should her son?

However, the parents of the other children involved might not agree that she is a proper mentor.

On the other hand, they should beat the crap out of the drugstore for screwing their life up. I used to develop film for a pre-press bureau- i would never have considered reporting the activities of our clients to the authorities unless it involved something truly obscene such as violence.

Bottom line- stupid mother, lucky son, idiot stripper, and twisted drug store clerk.
  by: theironboard     05/29/2005 03:29 PM     
  @puma and hotrock  
@puma In Canada the legal age for sex is 14, yet for porn you have to be 18/19, I could never understand that.

@hotrock Last time I checked, it is legal for parents to let their kids drink at home.
  by: StarShadow     05/29/2005 03:31 PM     
  I hope they sue..  
the drug store and win.
  by: lurker     05/29/2005 03:52 PM     
I can see why the US has a problem with (overly) young mothers and kids having sex at earlier and earlier ages. About the only 'sex-ed' that kids get is fear based bull. When they do go ahead and try sex and all the bad, evil things don't happen, they start wondering what else they've been lied to about, and with your credibility shot it's even harder to teach them anything.
  by: StarShadow     05/29/2005 03:55 PM     
  @ lurker  
What would they sue the drug store for? Calling the police? There is no implied guarantee of privacy when getting photos developed. They simply reported a crime. The case would be thrown out as fast as it was filed.
  by: TheReporter     05/29/2005 05:27 PM     
it was a violation of privacy. I could see if it was child porn they had found, but this isn't a crime in my little world. But that doesn't matter. You'd think they'd have better things to prosocute people over.
  by: lurker     05/29/2005 05:58 PM     
  F*cking idiotic....I'm doing this for my kid.  
When he turns 16... Hell it's not like he isn't already getting some 14 year old booty... And in the sad event he isn't... then he would appreciate a stripper that much more. "What? The Land of the free? Whoever taught you that is your enemy." - Sorry :) Just had to quote RATM.
  by: yomasta   05/29/2005 06:27 PM     
I've never met a stripper that also wouldn't sell themselves for sex.
  by: theironboard     05/29/2005 08:41 PM     
So would almost any human for the right price, man or woman. Would you sleep with a fairly ugly fat woman for $10m? I have a feeling you would. So everyone has a price and for some strippers that might be lower than others, but does that give you the right to imply they are all whores?
  by: ZCT     05/29/2005 08:46 PM     
  I think...  
she should have got him a nice hooker. lol
  by: TheReporter     05/30/2005 12:49 AM     
  Depending on where you live  
Taking a 16 to a hooker is legal, with parental concent.
This is abserd, there is not child abuse here, granted they should have gotten permission from the other kids parents (the curtious thing to do) but apart from that she deserves no punishment, trust me no 16 year old would be hurt from seeing a stripper.
  by: ssxxxssssss   05/30/2005 01:05 AM     
  Developing film  
The last time i knew the person Developing the film by law has to report any kind nudity or abuse, even if it is not really abuse but they have to cover thier own ass. I dont blame him/her for calling the police. but sure is a damn nice mom :)
  by: Skull_Crusher_69   05/30/2005 01:15 AM     
  She could attend a R-Rated movie with him  
You can get minors into R-rated films with Adult Accompanyment. She could also do the same for Live Theater that is rated Adult. I don't see the difference except location. He is of the age of consent. The only reason he can't go into a strip club with his mom is because they serve alcohol.

I am sick of the Twisted Moral system that the American Politics force down on its peoples! Violence, killing and gore is Ok, just not nudity. Nudity is wrong to American Media. Star Wars RotS should be rated R and it didn't get that rating because it didn't have swearing or nudity. That is why the Last Matrix movie was rated R. Not the killing or fight scenes, the Rave scene earned it is "R" because you could see nipples, even worst was girls with visible nipples dancing with eachother. You cut out that one scene and it would have gotten its PG-13. So think of the last Matrix movies and how all those people die, that is Ok for a 16-year old to watch and he don't need mom there or even her saying its ok. Just not that one Rave scene.

It's Moral Lunacy. No wonder there is a high crime rate with such an unrealistic view of Right and Wrong.
  by: EricCode   05/30/2005 03:49 AM     
"The charges should be dropped, and the police should get back to work solving real crimes."

I agree 100%, but the police have a history of not pursing real crimes as aggresively as they should.

They prefer easy-to-solve crimes like underage drinking and such to car jackings and murders (too complicated to fill their quotas)
  by: ke1n   05/30/2005 04:50 AM     
  Some Southern States  
Some souther states do not allow fully nude strippers. Basically this restricts a stripper to only getting down to her thong - and sometimes paisties are still required. The stripper may/may not have even been completely nude. The issue of the other teens being at the party is a non issue at this moment because it seems that none of their parents are complaining. We live in a free country. With freedom comes responsibility. You are free to do whatever you want as long as your actions do not violate the rights of others. (that is my reasoning for the legalization of drugs and prostitution despite my political conservatism) Unless the other parents object and were not made aware of the birthday party plans, there was no wrong doing. I find nothing obscene about a woman baring her breasts. Breast-feeding of infants in public places - including church and restaurants - is completely acceptable in my book. The infants have to eat too. Any where it is acceptable for a man to be topless, women should be allowed the same rights. The only exception to the rules should be breastfeeding mothers.
  by: tomblik     05/30/2005 02:37 PM     
Nasheville Tennessee does allow completely nude strippers. This fact was not mentioned in the source. According to the source article, persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in adult entertainment establishments so a peepshow or adult movie theater would have been offlimits. The question is were the other teen's parents aware of the party arrangements, and are they upset.
  by: tomblik     05/30/2005 02:44 PM     
If I was a parent, and found out my kid saw a strip show w/out me knowing...I would be pissed.

But, if the parent told me there would be strippers there and a parent to supervise..I wouldn't care at all. In fact, I might act as if I did care and go there to "check out the situation"
  by: hotrock11     05/30/2005 03:30 PM     
  Possibly bypassing local laws?  
that is why the police were involved. A possibly, not because they were. Really the police should have looked into it, seen that it was supervised, outside of a legisliated establishment and therefore outside their jurisdiction. Unless they go arresting people for getting undressed in private homes?

My guess, that this is thrown out of court. However i'm assuming that no politics will be involved and that she can actually afford a lawyer to defend her and doesn't get screwed by the system.

If she does win, lawsuit against Pharris coming up next.
  by: jendres     05/31/2005 07:09 AM     
lawsuit by Pharris against photo developers. ;-)
  by: jendres     05/31/2005 07:15 AM     
  I don't think theres anything wrong with  
that, I would have loved a stripper for my 16th :)
  by: CrisW   05/31/2005 10:29 AM     
So you would want to be sexually tantalized in the presence of your parents?

Basically, your parents are facilitating your sexual and erotic exploits. It's the equivalent of handing your offspring a few dirty magazines for them to play around with themselves.
  by: Malefice   05/31/2005 01:22 PM     
Parents should be teaching their kids about sex and sexuality in any case. By teaching I don't mean the moralistic bull that churches spout, either.
  by: StarShadow     05/31/2005 01:39 PM     
I kind of agree with you. I personally would have been quite embarrassed to watch strippers in the presence of my parents when I was 16. However, I saw these hicks on the news and I now see that they are just trailer trash idiots.

All that said, arresting and charging the parents was just pointless. If they arrested all stupid bad parents in Tennessee the justice system would grind to a halt.
  by: ZCT     05/31/2005 04:29 PM     
  But what if...  
this had been a 16 year old girl and a male stripper. I think the comments here would have been much different.
  by: uselessinfodude   05/31/2005 09:57 PM     
  But what if...  
this had been a 16 year old girl and a male stripper. I think the comments here would have been much different.
  by: uselessinfodude   05/31/2005 10:10 PM     
  And we wonder why...  
But what if...
this had been a 16 year old girl and a male stripper. I think the comments here would have been much different.
From: uselessinfodude

That's exactly what I was thinking while reading these comments. Or, what if the stripper had been a teen-age girl?
We wonder why bored teenagers commit horrendous crimes?! Could it be because their parents aren't capable of making informed, adult decisions? Some kids have absolutely no supervision or moral guidance of any kind. Others have parents who hire strippers for them and all their horny little friends. Those same kids will likely be teen rapists and child molesters soon, because they see nothing wrong with it. If parents, movies, music, video games, tv and everywhere else they look are shoving sex in their faces, WHY would they think it's wrong?
  by: bluecountydreamer   06/01/2005 02:27 AM     
  If If If...  
What if the stripper was one of Bush's daughters, or an alien from the galaxy down the road? You can moan about 'what if' until you're blue in the face, it doesn't change the facts of the story.
  by: StarShadow     06/01/2005 02:40 AM     
Seeing a naked woman at 16 dont not mean they will turn into a child molester or repist, saying it will is just plain stupid. I would dare to say all straight males have seen a naked woman by the time they are 16, many have had sex by then.

Also you think that much changed at 18? what you think at 17 and 364 days, that if you see a naked woman, BAM your a child molester and rapist, but if you wait just one more day, everything will be hunkey dory and you will be safe from such 'evilness'.

Its up to the parents what their children see, wheather you like it or not you do not have the right to force your moral objections onto another. If that is the case there are a lot of muslims out there who should have the right to change how you raise your kids too, its a two way street, if you go down it, dont expect it all your way.
  by: ssxxxssssss   06/01/2005 03:50 AM     
  @Thought police  
This is probably going to stir the pot more, but I am guilty of not only viewing but creating child porn. When I was 14 I had tons of images on my computer of young girls, and I also had some pictures of myself taken with a crappy Logitech QuickCam that I got for like five bucks. Good thing I didn't upload it anywhere though, because then I'd be guilty of distribution too!

I also used fake IDs to get into strip clubs and bars at 16. It's my parents' fault though, they didn't get me a stripper.

Guess what, I'm 22 now, and I'm not a child molester. I was never a teen rapist. I fail to see how watching someone undress warps a mind any more than fantasizing it.

The police do have a case if one of the parents wants to press charges. The photo shop should have stayed the hell out of it. I realise that photo shops have to report crimes, but there's a difference between EXAMINING a photo looking for a crime and flicking through and finding it. They should have left it to the kids to complain to the parents, and then the parents to deal with it.

On a side note, find a 16 year old straight male that will complain about exposure to a female stripper, and I'll show you liar or a homosexual.
  by: Yelping Man Candy   06/02/2005 01:23 AM     
  SHould have bought a digital  
I find it funny that you can have sex at 16. Be drafted, vote, and buy porn at 18 but not drink untill 21.

I'm not sure I would allow my kids to attend the party. At the same time I don't see how watching a stripper is anymore harmful than the playboy magazines that most teen boys have stashed somewhere.

As for the issue of girls watching a male stripper. I guess my feelings are pretty much the same. As long as it was all look but no touch I can't see it as being all that harmful.
  by: jaded fox     06/03/2005 12:48 AM     
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