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                 01/19/2018 06:56 AM  
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06/05/2005 09:44 AM ID: 48497 Permalink   

Elderly Man Mistakes Airplane's Exit Door for Toilet


First class passengers of Hawaiian Airlines flight 16 from San Diego were evacuated from their section after an old man pulled on the handle of an exit door thinking it was the toilet.

Hawaiian Airlines spokesman Keoni Wagner said the man's actions only triggerd the sensor which warns the cockpit that the door is armed and the emergency slide would be ready if the door was opened.

The airline insist that the passengers were never in any danger. The worst thing that would happen under the circumstances is that the door would pop open upon landing deploying the emergency slide. The plane landed safely at 11:20 a.m. on Wednesday.

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  Does he pack a parachute to take a poop?  
The source mentions he is in his 80s or 90s. That's quite spritely for an elderly person!
  by: theironboard     06/05/2005 02:43 PM     
  That reminds me of....  
Mr. Magoo ... I loved those old cartoons.
It's good that the door didn't open and everything turned out okay.
  by: lurker     06/05/2005 05:43 PM     
  I hope....  
he doesn't plan on visiting any volancoes on his trip, lest he not notice/see the BIG RED SIGNS saying "DANGER".
  by: dirshma   06/06/2005 05:41 AM     
  if he opened the door...  
that wouldve been kinda funny if it happened in a cartoon ahahah
  by: Pas Content   06/06/2005 07:14 AM     
  It could never happen...  
Nobody can open an airplane door once it's airborne. The door always opens to the inside and the air pressure is always bigger on the inside of the plane than outside, therefore no one would have the strength needed to open the door
  by: cmda   06/07/2005 06:09 PM     
Not only that, but the doors lock... and I believe it can only be opened from the cockpit or during a fire perhaps...
  by: NicPre     06/08/2005 09:08 PM     
wouldn't the much higher pressure inside the cabin work *with* anyone trying to push the door out, making it easier? i was under the impression that the highly pressurized atmosphere inside the cabin would want to equalize with the low pressure outside, thus pushing agaisnt the door, not pulling it inward and forcing it closed.
  by: zutnzeed   06/08/2005 11:41 PM     
  zutnzeed: The door opens inward  
I said the door opened inward ;)
  by: cmda   06/14/2005 12:43 PM     
really? that seems like an awful stupid design, ill take your word for it though. never really paid attention to the video.
  by: zutnzeed   06/15/2005 05:25 AM     
  Door design  
A door opening inward is an intelligent design.
"your plane is crashed, and the bottom of the plane is flush with the ground. The door is partially blocked from the outside by trees and earth..."
Would you want a door that opens to the inside, or to the outside?
  by: isamuslim   07/02/2005 07:45 PM     
isamuslim Has pretty much covered what I have to say.

Also if you've ever been on an aeroplane at a larger airport you'll notice that they connect the door to these corrordor thingos on wheels. Can't connect them if the door opens outwards. And If the door did open outwards it would mean that opening it in-flight would be impossible not because of differences in pressure but due to pressure drag.
  by: TheBackwardsman   07/10/2005 11:07 AM     
  I never looked at the door either  
but having it open to the inside does make sense. If you landed partially submerged or bloked like isamuslim said it would be impossibe to open if it opened out.
  by: jaded fox     07/13/2005 03:50 AM     
It depends on the type of plane a B767 comes in then
go straight up into the roof... An airbus swings
outward and to the side... And most other boeings
swing partially in then out... Also once the plane lifts
off the doors locking mechanisms lock the door, so no
one can open it again untill it lands (or crashes)
  by: airbus320pilot   09/03/2007 11:34 PM     
cool thanks for the information
  by: jaded fox     10/04/2007 12:04 PM     
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