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                 01/18/2018 03:16 AM  
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06/06/2005 01:14 AM ID: 48499 Permalink   

Old Man Drives into Oncoming Traffic


On June 5 an 80-year-old man was in critical condition at Queen's Medical Center after driving his Honda Civic the wrong way on the Likelike Highway. He sideswiped one car before crashing into a van. No one else was seriously injured.

"He bumped off the first car in the next lane ahead of us and that brought him right straight into us," Joey Akaka, the van's driver, said. The family suffered some minor injuries but were treated and released.

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  People like him...  
need to have their license taken away. Usually at that age, they have slow responses. He is a danger to everyone.
  by: SunDown   06/06/2005 04:56 AM     
But the "discrimination of age" roots up all the time. Most elderly aren't ready to give up that ability. Much less admit that their driving skills have gone the way of the dodo.
  by: dirshma   06/06/2005 05:31 AM     
  political correctness gone too fat  
  by: refazk   06/06/2005 06:36 AM     
  I've seen things like this...  
happen all the time around here. Here in Ontario we already require that at 80 you have to take another test (not a driving test, they just go and take a class) to see if you can keep your license. I'm sorry, but this is not age discrimination, these people are a danger to themselves and others. I wish they would make them take another road test, but we don't have enough time to test the new drivers so that won't happen any time soon. I think that anyone who gets pulled over for reckless driving should have to take driving lessons before they can get their license back.
  by: flowerchild   06/06/2005 08:14 AM     
  happens more than you think  
just a few days ago someone was driving the wrong way on the 202 here in AZ, almost hit my girlfriend (scared the crap out of her). Highway patrol was right on his tail...
  by: gilahacker   06/06/2005 10:25 AM     
  Age Bashing  
If any of the ones in here who constantly age bash older drivers would bother checking their facts before opening their mouths, you might learn that some insurance companies and state DMV's disagree with you. But then they deal in facts. Why not try a Google search the next time. Or else go to the NY state DMV site at:

  by: Traf   06/06/2005 12:12 PM     
I am so sorry to be amongst those who throw stones at old age. I dont intend to be a basher this time but stating facts.

It is absolutely real and true, older citizens, should be monitored very carefully when comes to driving. MOst of the time, argument comes from their very close relatives, who contend; they should be allowed to drive, because denying them, will only mean killing them sooner than later. Taking away their mobility, only means, house detaining them. I for one have an utmost respect for seniors and children, reason being, I was once a child and hopefully get to be a senior, if I am lucky at all.

Once a senior is stopped from driving, it is most likely than not; his lively hood is also infringed. but lets face the fact, one senior to 10 by standers?? That doesnt add up now does it? Thats where the problem is. Many seniors on the road are a hazard to themselves as well as others. I have witnessed a senior citizen plowing through a bus-stop and only later admited that he didnt notice. AFter killing 1 on the spot admitting 12 to hospital with, from minor injury to yet another fatality. The average driver aged 75 and over is on three medications, these concoctions are sometimes equivalent to, driving while high, now if anyone says that, this is ok! I beg to differ. A seniors freedom doesnt mean someone elses death. My dad stopped driving at age 75, he is 86, very sharp, walks around, does his thing and most of all his a jet setter. this man loves flying like there is no tomorrow, next thing you know he is calling us to let us know that, he is on his way to China. There is no continent that he hasnt ventured. His wife a 10 years younger cant keep up, but if you tell him drive, he says if I need my bifoculs, to read and see, I am a danger to society. Last thing he needs in his concious is maiming someones child, husband, wife or another senior.

I suggest they should have a mandatory evaluation, in concert with the mediaction tehy consume and then teh family Doctor should make that decission for them. But reality is, they are less sharper than they think.
  by: kinko     06/06/2005 02:00 PM     
Yea, my grandpa did that one year (turn into the wrong traffic lane). Luckily it was early in the morning and he could just quickly do a 180.
  by: hotrock11     06/06/2005 02:05 PM     
Okay, they deal in facts, but only the facts about the drivers who didn't drive away. There is the possiblity of causing an accident without actually being involved in it. I've had this happen to me, I avoided the accident, but had I not been able to the person who caused it wouldn't have been involved because they had continued to drive down the road oblvious to the fact that they caused an accident! I'm not bashing seniors, I have a huge respect for them, but it's the same for every age, if you can't drive properly you shouldn't be driving!
  by: flowerchild   06/07/2005 01:43 AM     
Some interesting comments, even if a few still insist on ignoring documented facts. I agree that driver response time slows down as a driver grows older. But an older driver also tends to do less stupid things to get into accidents. Just many senior drivers have you seen lately that:
1. Race or drive recklessly on the street?
2. Try to outrun police, because they think they should be able to?
3. Try to impress friends in the vehicle with their driving "skills", or to prove how "cool" they are?
4. Collect more DUI's in comparision with younger age groups?

The NY state DMV website breaks down accidents by both age groups AND gender.
It also breaks down each of these numbers by the number of fatalities, personal injury, and property damage. So it's pretty easy to work out percentages from these figures....even without using a calculator.

But if somebody want another source, then check out the AAA site at:

And here are the facts...according to AAA:

Seniors kill fewer motorists and pedestrians than drivers of any other age group.

Seniors have the lowest crash involvement rates per licensed driver

Seniors have the lowest rate of crash involvement rates involving alcohol impairment

Seniors have the highest rates of seat belt use among adults

@Kinko - I agree that ALL bad drivers should be taken off of the street. ALL drivers should have their driving records monitored, and that priviledge revoked whenever they are unable to handle it in a responsible manner. You said "I have witnessed a senior citizen plowing through a bus-stop and only later admited that he didnt notice". I've witnessed two teenagers who "boosted" a car, then drove down a crowded blocked off street in the French Quarter (New Orleans) while trying to outrun the police. They caused quite a bit of injury that night.
By following your stated logic, does this mean that all teenagers should have their drivers license pulled? There are jackasses and idiots in every age group. Do we punish everyone in that age group because of the actions of a few?

I also have to question some of the facts you've atated. Especially the one about "The average driver aged 75 and over is on three medications, these concoctions are sometimes equivalent to, driving while high". I've posted the sources of the facts I've presented. Would you mind posting the source for this? In all seriousness, I'm very glad to hear that your dad is in such good health at 86. We can only hope that most of us can fare as well at that age.

@Flowerchild....."Okay, they deal in facts, but only the facts about the drivers who didn't drive away". May I ask how you would suggest getting the "facts" about drivers who weren't involved in an accident? Unless the police witness someone causing an accident, and then getting away undamaged, it only becomes a "he did and she did" situation. The poor cop has enough problems sorting out what really happened, from the ones who were actually involved in an accident. About all you can do to avoid some accidents is to drive defensively. I do agree 100% with your statement "if you can't drive properly you shouldn't be driving".
  by: Traf   06/07/2005 10:49 AM     
Teenagers who plow onto crowds, are simply put stupid and not senile. I am not saying that senior citizens are bad drivers, what I am saying is that; many a times they can not execute judgement, because there is none.

A younger punk who dodges in and out of traffic trying to elude cops, is doing so for the exact reason that, a senile person cant.

First off, as stupidity prevails, a punk is aware of his doing, a senior doesnt.

Second, a punk who is doing that, assumes the invincible syndrome (Stupidity) hence ending up killing people and himself.

This is where we draw the line. Seniors drive slowly in a fast lane, seniors literally fall asleep on the wheels. (

In truth a punk is aware of all that, including breaking of law, continues only because of stupidity and not unawareness.

I should also add, if we were all compassionate and understanding, we may find a lane for our seniors. After all, they are the ones who made it possible for us.

Link for dossage of 3 medications
  by: kinko     06/07/2005 12:27 PM     
Thanks for providing the website for your statement as to the amount of medication the average senior drivers are on. My first question would be which study did Raynald Marchand get this information from? Or did he just pull this figure out of the air....or from one of his own body orfices?

I do agree with you that many accidents caused by younger drivers are the result of stupidity on their part. But the end results of an accident are the same....regardless if it was caused by stupidity, unawareness, or senility. People get hurt or killed, and property is damaged.

"Seniors drive slowly in a fast lane, seniors literally fall asleep on the wheels". This statement comes across as saying that ALL seniors drive like this. So following this same logic, why not consider the driving skills of all drivers in any single age group to be the same? And then why not remove all age groups of drivers with the highest accident rates from the roads? While this approach may appear to be logical, it sure isn't practical. At least to me, it makes more sense to remove only drivers who can not (or will not) accept responsibility for the results of their actions. And this certainly does not allow considering the driving skills of all individuals in any specific age group to be the same.

People are individuals. And as such, the amount of responsibility they take for their own actions, and the amount of judgement they use in these actions will vary. So why not work toward taking bad drivers off of the roads. And not considering all drivers in the same age group as having the same amount of driving skills and/or responsibility for their actions?
Just a thought......
  by: Traf   06/07/2005 06:54 PM     
If there was disregard for age, teenager woul;d not pay an arm and a leg on insurance. According to you, drivers are drivers regardless of their faculties.

Age groups are a major factor in consideration for insurance premium, if it so, than I still suggest that seniors should be more scrutinized.

Seniors end up killing, because they are un-aware. Not because of stupidity. As of fabricating the amount of medication consumed, I wouldnt know which orifice is incharge. I had furnished the link merely to let you know that it exists, further research will only be of essence if time was ample in hand.
  by: kinko     06/08/2005 05:55 AM     
If you read all of my post, I said that all drivers of any age group will not have the same driving skills and/or responsibility. So I'm a little confused as to how this became "drivers are drivers regardless of their faculties". There are good drivers and bad drivers in each age group. Insurance companies set rates for each age group based upon accident statistics for that age group. Age groups with higher percentages of accidents and losses pay higher insurance premiums. And age groups with lower percentages of accidents and losses pay lower premiums. Insurance companies are "for profit" businesses, so they charge higher premiums to groups more likely to cost them money.
The average driving records of each age group are constantly monitored by insurance companies, and rates are adjusted according to these numbers. This includes equal monitoring of all driving groups.....from teenagers through seniors. Any age group causing an insurance company to pay out higher than projected claims, can reasonably expect to have their rates increased whenever it becomes time to renew their policies. And many of the exceptionally bad drivers in each age group, learn that they are no longer insurable at normal rates for their age group.

If all seniors are in fact such rotten drivers, then why don't their insurance rates reflect this?
  by: Traf   06/09/2005 11:35 PM     
Yes OBI-One. You are right.
  by: kinko     06/10/2005 12:44 AM     
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