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                 01/17/2018 06:18 AM  
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06/06/2005 02:50 AM ID: 48501 Permalink   

Autopsy of Fetus Answers Few Questions


The investigation into the fetus discovered buried in a garden of a rented house on May 26 is continuing. An autopsy was unable to find a cause of death or the length of time the fetus was buried.

So far all that is known is that it is a female. Police are investigating the case as an abuse of a corpse unless tests show that the baby was born alive. The medical examiner says that results should be available in 6 - 8 weeks

Homicide detectives are investigating and have taken DNA samples from the home's tenants. The owner of the house did not recall any of the tenants being pregnant.

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"Jean Domion, a neighbor, said she doesn't really know the tenants next door, but said she recalls seeing a pregnant woman there a couple of months ago but noticed nothing unusual in the week before the discovery."

"The owner of the house did not recall any of the tenants being pregnant."

...this should end up fun...
  by: Spiffy   06/06/2005 09:59 PM     
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