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                 01/17/2018 06:18 AM  
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06/06/2005 07:06 AM ID: 48504 Permalink   

Row Row Row Your Boat from Japan to the USA


That's what Emmanuel Coindre is planning to do. In June he will attempt the first solo nonstop rowboat voyage from Japan to the U.S. There are no port calls planned as the boat will carry all the food needed and has a desalination machine.

The 32 year-old French sailor plans to row 9,000 km (5592.34 miles) from Choshi at the eastern tip of Chiba Prefecture to San Francisco in 100 days. He expects to be rowing 16 to 18 hours a day.

His boat the, Jaeger-LeCoultre, is 6.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and weighs 650 kg (1,433 lbs). This trip will be twice as long as the Atlantic crossings that Coindre has previously done.

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I wish I was in that shape ahahahha
16 to 18 hours a day? MAN!
  by: Pas Content   06/06/2005 07:15 AM     
  Great title  
But the man seems a little nuts! Good job if he makes it though.
  by: ssxxxssssss   06/06/2005 07:16 AM     
  8 hours of paddling is enough to kill me...  
I used to do a lot of open-water kayaking.. 8 hours and my shoulders were spaghetti-noodles.

This guy is going to become fishfood.
  by: theironboard     06/06/2005 10:34 AM     
  Why am I not surprised...  
he's french! n/t jk

But more power to him if he even makes it close. Thats quite an undertaking. I have chicken arms, so I can't even fathom that. A little rowing in my man made lake here in AZ and I am too tired to row back to shore.
  by: dirshma   06/06/2005 02:25 PM     
you know n/t means no text right?
  by: gimpsta     06/06/2005 02:37 PM     
I’d be happy if I was in good enough shape to survive a 6 hour “Masturbate-a-thon”.
  by: Valkyrie123     06/06/2005 02:43 PM     
  lol @Valkyrie123  
I wonder how many people are going to see that without seeing the thread that orignated from and think "uhhhhh what?" hahaha
  by: gimpsta     06/06/2005 02:46 PM     
  I thought it stood for another acronym!  
Opps. Thats what I get for trying to think at 5:45 in the morning. Thanks. Thats a sign that I need to get my coffee before I drive to class this morning.
  by: dirshma   06/06/2005 02:46 PM     
  dirshma, that made my day n/t  
n/t collio is in da house woot woot
  by: M.I.A.Elite     06/07/2005 06:10 AM     
  Glad to do it M.I.A.Elite n/t  
(thinks:: HA! I used it properly THIS TIME, lol. Go me.)
  by: dirshma   06/07/2005 11:31 PM     
  Just an update  
He left Japan at 3pm on June 25. So in about four months we will know if he survives or not.
  by: jaded fox     06/26/2005 03:39 AM     
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