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                 04/23/2014 11:15 AM  
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06/08/2005 11:35 AM ID: 48534 Permalink   

Chrysler to Launch Luxury SUV


A DaimlerChrysler source has said the Chrysler brand will be launching a large, upscale SUV next year, as part of a new line of Chrysler models set to be released. The SUV, the first for the Chrysler badge, will be based on the Dodge Durango.

The luxury SUV will probably look a lot like the Durango, as the costs of launching a new vehicle are high. The differences will lie in the interior and features. It will be produced at the DCX plant in Newark, Delaware.

DaimlerChrysler officials did not comment directly on the report, as it’s company policy not to openly discuss future models.

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I guess we in north america will simply take over another oil rich country to fuel all the SUVs we are building and buying...
  by: MisO69   06/08/2005 05:28 PM     
  another SUV  
no one said you have to buy it
  by: monstrddg   06/09/2005 05:27 AM     
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