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                 04/16/2014 06:01 PM  
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06/08/2005 03:13 PM ID: 48541 Permalink   

Update in Holloway Case - Two Aruba Men Suspected of Homicide


ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Two men being held in the case of missing teen Natalee Holloway are now being accused of homicide. The two men, ages 28 and 30, are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. An attorney for the two men claims they are innocent.

The men, who are employed as hotel security guards, stand accused of homicide, being accomplices to homicide and kidnapping. However, they have not been formally charged. Hundreds of people have taken part in the search for the missing teen.

Although police have been slow to release information regarding the case, a prosecution spokeswoman was quoted as saying, "Authorities would not have prolonged the detention if they only had circumstantial evidence." Meanwhile, the search continues.

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  I think...  
the authorities already know what happened to the girl, they just aren't providing details yet. However, I do believe if they knew where to find her body, they would have recovered it by now.
  by: TheReporter     06/08/2005 03:22 PM     
  I think  
This gets way too much news coverage.
  by: magnus   06/08/2005 06:18 PM     
How can you accuse someone of homicide if you do not have a body? I have to agree with "TheReporter" on this one.
  by: Ginger Heart   06/08/2005 07:08 PM     
  @ Ginger Heart  
First off, you have to keep in mind that Aruba is not the U.S. and although police procedures may be similar, they're not the same. For example, where most states can lock someone up on probable cause (Defined as the reasonable belief that a crime has been committed) for 48 hours or less without charging them, Aruba authotities can hold someone for 116 days without charging them. As for charging someone with murder without corpus delicti, it has been done in the U.S. on rare occasions and with successful convictions. I would imagine that in Aruba it would be even easier.
  by: TheReporter     06/08/2005 07:22 PM     
  When I was in Panama  
Your are guilty unless proven other wise. The police would be the crap out of someone to get them to talk. They have gotten the men to talk already.A FBI team was requested. The only reason for this would be a recovery no longer a search for a living person. I agree this is another country so their laws are differnet then the USA.
  by: thedrewman   06/09/2005 12:30 AM     
  Two points  
The homicide is not necessarily the girl's. Thats not made explicit, the request for FBI assistance leads me to believe that perhaps she's being smuggled as a sex slave - that would also tie into why they aren't releasing more details.

If the security guards at the hotel she was staying at were involved, she may have felt safer getting into the car with them, than strangers.

Still, not enough details.
  by: lauriesman     06/09/2005 12:51 AM     
They werent security guards there any more they had gotten fired if I'm not incorrect the day befor.
  by: skudd   06/09/2005 02:08 AM     
  correctign my correction  
My bad they didnt get fired the contract ended there the day befor she went missing.
  by: skudd   06/09/2005 04:40 AM     
and the reason there not releasing more information is because legaly they can't do it under there laws.
  by: skudd   06/09/2005 04:42 AM     
  Out of work the day before..?  
Could have sold her off.
  by: TheReporter     06/09/2005 04:56 AM     
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