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                 01/16/2018 02:33 PM  
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06/15/2005 09:47 AM ID: 48636 Permalink   

The Problems with Peacocks


Residents of a Makaha housing complex are complaining about peafowl (Peacock and peahen) killings done by their resident manager with a state permit. The permit was granted to the manager after some residents complained about the screeching calls.

However other members of the community say the peafowl are not a problem and want the flock to be preserved. The Wild Bird Rehab Haven and Animal Rights Hawaii have both received dozens of calls from people wanting to save the peafowl.

"This seems -- yet again -- to be another effort to use unacceptable, uncivilized, unworthy and hidden means to arbitrarily kill as a means to solve a problem that was created by humans in the first place," wrote Mari Nakamura.

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  those crybabies  
need to just get over it
  by: onethirtythreeseven   06/15/2005 02:18 PM     
  no complaint from me...  
he got a damn state permit. That means it must have been THAT bad that he went and took classes so he could get it.(i'm assuming you have to, because I know to deer hunt you have to)

I guess what this will come down to is where the majority is.
  by: hotrock11     06/15/2005 02:51 PM     
  Tastes like chicken N/T  
NO I've never really had one, but everything else taste like chicken of fish, now what do you think a bird is gonna taste like? ;-) Why are you reading this anyways.....
  by: magnus   06/15/2005 09:07 PM     
  I think it would taste like turkey.  
What? If they're going to kill them they might as well eat them.
  by: jaded fox     06/15/2005 11:58 PM     
  They are so pretty  
And don't forget the pretty blue feathers,
  by: kmazzawi     06/16/2005 03:44 AM     
  I'm waiting for a permit...  
to kill the screeching kids that run in the hallways of my building...
  by: StarShadow     06/16/2005 11:53 AM     
Did you apply at the Department of Land and Natural Resources? You might be able to get a trap and release permit.
  by: jaded fox     06/16/2005 12:22 PM     
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