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                 02/10/2016 04:12 PM  
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06/21/2005 11:28 AM ID: 48735 Permalink   

Team Researching Male Contraceptive Pill


A team of researchers from the University of Kansas and the University of Kansas Medical Center have announced they will be aiming to produce a contraceptive pill for men. The team will be testing half a million chemical compounds.

Their research has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health worth US$7.9 million. The team’s aim to find a compound suitable to men, that does not change their hormones and is almost 100% effective.

Also, the team will try to cut out nasty side effects. Team leader Gunda Georg said: “There’s been a shift in attitude. Some men would like to share more in that responsibility.” Currently, options are limited for men to condoms or sterilisation.

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  why bother?  
this might sound pig ignorent, but why bother? its the womans problem, i mean i'm not the one who's gonna get pregnent, yeh sure i'l wear a condom, i don't want a baby and that stops STI's etc.

but seriously, im not (and i doubt most men would )gonna take any pill which kills off my little soldiers :D

and it could lead to the woman asking the man if he's on the pill , bloke says yes just to get his leg over, then woman gets up the duff.

  by: fort   06/21/2005 02:49 PM     
  are you kidding me?  
birth control is the responsibility of BOTH the man and the woman, jackass. and the male pill would only kill off sperm temporarily (for as long as you kept taking it). you may be too much of a "real man" to take responsibility for your reproductive organs, but i think the male birth control pill, when ready, will be the biggest thing since the female birth control pill. i know i'd take it.
oh, and if the woman's birth control fails, you're still half responsible for the consequences
  by: cellardweller1   06/21/2005 05:20 PM     
i bloody dubt it, or would this be the financial half were talking about?

I'll be following this closely.
  by: Domo1   06/21/2005 05:22 PM     
  Who cares?  
Who cares, who is responsible? I would take it, because it is the right thing to do. Did you know female contraceptives are not 100% secure. I would just feel better, knowing I just made it almost impossible to have kids without wanting to.
  by: macariov   06/21/2005 05:29 PM     
  I spoke to the missus  
and she'd rather stay on the pill, no point in shelling out cash for this as well as that
  by: koultunami     06/21/2005 05:48 PM     
  Think of it this way  
If you are a guy who...enjoys a variety of different partners, don't you think it would be better to take a pill than to get a few calls from different women claiming she's having your baby? It could also protect you from those crazy ladies that you might run across who want to trap you into their lives by lying and saying they are on BC...It's just smart.
  by: redheadedwonder   06/21/2005 06:02 PM     
  When I went to uni  
and partook in such activities, I always wore a condom, end of story It wasn't just about getting the girl pregnant it was std's as well.

Anyone who has sex with multiple partners w/o a condom deserves to get an std(s)
  by: koultunami     06/21/2005 06:06 PM     
“Why bother? this might sound pig ignorent, but why bother? its the womans problem, i mean i'm not the one who's gonna get pregnent, yeh sure i'l wear a condom, i don't want a baby and that stops STI's etc.”

- Well at least you foresaw that your question would make you look ‘ignorent.’ I have an answer for you. I can give the example of an acquaintance that got pregnant recently. She had just come off the pill a few days before but was not expecting to be fertile so soon. She sleeps with two guys over the weekend (not at the same time, and it was her birthday!). That weekend she got pregnant, despite taking some precautions. For the next nine months both guys had to wait to see who the father was. The lucky dad who is now in a different relationship and lives 6 hours away, is now going to have to pay $360 per month for the next 18 years. Even if he never increased his payments (and he will have to) that one night of fun is going to cost him $78,000 in today’s money. Add to that presents for Christmas and Birthday and other financial gifts depending on how involved he wants to be in that child’s life. That’s a lot of money and responsibility for some guy in his early 20’s.

”but seriously, im not (and i doubt most men would )gonna take any pill which kills off my little soldiers :D”

- Your choice, but if this is perfected it would ensure the above scenario never happens to you.

”and it could lead to the woman asking the man if he's on the pill , bloke says yes just to get his leg over, then woman gets up the duff.”

- Some pretty impressive chauvinism in your post. You must be a real hit with the ladies.


This poster highlights one of the problems with some males in society. I think the makers of this pill need to also figure out a way to make the user longer and harder as well as temporarily infertile, then men would be all over this product like bees on honey! If they could make the user immune from STDs as well, they would be richer than they could imagine!
  by: ZCT     06/21/2005 06:18 PM     
My opinion on this is divided because of unknown risks (eg smoking took years to discover it was unhealthy) But I would be willing to use this drug if I were in a relationship & I was asked to, I wouldnt use it just all the time etc because I'm not a slepp around and I never EVER want to be. But I would still want my girlfriend to be on the pill too so that I know its a joint responsibility and not just me doing it because she doesnt want to, my opinion is if she doesnt want to do it, why should I be forced to do it because of her lack of enthuasiasm for it. Sorry to sound abit "manly" but thats just my opinion sorry to say.
  by: wingedpuma     06/21/2005 07:35 PM     
  It's a good thing !  
Hey, I'd rather have her 98% safe AND me 98% safe. Anything we can do to stop that little margin of error.
  by: Azarule   06/21/2005 07:59 PM     
  It takes two to tango  
No form of birth control, even condoms, is 100% effective. Even her getting the Tubal Ligation is only 98% effective! I couldn't believe that when I asked my GYN. Condoms are only 99% effective as well. So there is always slight chance that pregnancy could occur. The male pill will certainly help to ensure that with ALL the precautions taken, at least one will work if another fails. But this will only work if more than one precaution is taken as opposed to banking on just one (ie: woman's problem to be on pill, patch, shot, etc OR male condom). Additionally, if you compare the costs of getting on the pill versus child support, lawyers fees, etc the cost is much less.

But if a method of making men immune to STD's utilizing the male pill. I would want to know why the hell they didn't make it available to the female pill users. Just a thought.
  by: dirshma   06/21/2005 08:03 PM     
some guys are bitchy when it comes to birth control. i know some of you matcho morons think it's the woman's pregnancy, so it's the woman's problem, but that's not how shit works in the real world. your virility is not a symbol of your worth as a man. when the pill becomes commercially available, you bet your balls i'm gonna go on it. i know what it's like when accidents happen, and taking a little f****** pill is nothing in comparison to taking your girl to the clinic.

grow a pair of balls, be a man, take precautions, and DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT
  by: cellardweller1   06/21/2005 09:17 PM     
  Also if you love your wife/girlfriend  
There are studies that show prolonged use of the pill (10 years plus) can lead to some cancers (I am hoping these get disproven but I am not going to rely on it). If they can make this one safe, I would prefer my wife not get cancer thanks.
  by: ssxxxssssss   06/22/2005 01:28 AM     
  its unlikely  
that if it causes cancer in women it wouldnt in men
  by: domo1   06/22/2005 01:33 AM     
...I had to laugh at Fort, too. I can't believe there are some people out there who still panic when someone mentions something affecting their sperm count or fertility. The first time someone told me the yellow dye in Mountain Dew lowers sperm count, I thought, "That's great! What do I need them for now, anyway?" Really, as long as it's not permanent, what difference does it make? Don't guys do most of their worying in the modern era trying NOT to get women pregnant?
  by: momentofclarity     06/22/2005 02:05 AM     
  Maybe this will appease the religious...  
and all those people who believe that life begins at conception. If the sperm are dead in the water (so to speak) conception never happens and there is no taking of a "human life" (as opposed to most female contraceptives which merely prevent implantation not fertilization).

Either way I'll be taking it as soon as it's available. I'd be more than happy to have my "little soldiers" be MIA rather then accidentally be "dishonorably discharged" resulting in a "new recruit"! :p
  by: opinionated   06/22/2005 02:20 AM     
  I gotta agree...  
Someone told me once that pot seeds would make you sterile... I was like, bonus, pack me a bowl of seeds.

A comedian once said (I think it might have been Jeff Foxworthy), that after he got his vesectomy he was said it was like having an empty gun, he could point it at anyone. Well this is basically the same deal without the surgery.

I'm all for it.
  by: tellgar     06/22/2005 02:23 AM     
"I'd be more than happy to have my "little soldiers" be MIA rather then accidentally be "dishonorably discharged" resulting in a "new recruit"! :p"

LOL! Oh man, that is a great way to put it... Although it should probably be KIA instead of MIA. This is basically carpet bombing the training grounds.
  by: tellgar     06/22/2005 02:26 AM     
  I'm all for it!!!  
But I think it should be in a 3 month shot form instead of a daily pill.

I know WAY TOO many guys that would forget to take the pill due to a 3day bender of Bud Light and GTA. At least every month or 3 months (like the Depo shot), they would have to go to the Dr.'s office.

BTW, Hubby says it's an awesome idea. Even thought we would not have a use for it. (We are both "fixed",and he's even more "Manly" since, ;) )
  by: Kitana   06/22/2005 03:03 PM     
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