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                 02/25/2018 07:00 AM  
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06/21/2005 03:30 PM ID: 48743 Permalink   

Formula One Teams Charged Over Indy GP


The seven teams who refused to race in the US Grand Prix this weekend have all been charged by the sport’s governing body the FIA. The FIA charges the teams with bringing the Formula One into disrepute.

All seven teams now face a hearing before the FIA on the 29th of June. The teams withdrew from the race following a Michelin tyre mix-up and the FIA’s refusal to build a chicane on a particularly dangerous corner.

Just three teams competed in Sunday’s race, which marked the first win of the season for current world champion Michael Schumacher.

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  I really don't think...  
you can blame the teams on this issue, Michelin told them that they didn't have a 100% guarantee that they would be able to race safely, so the teams had to pull out. In my opinion, the FIA is at fault for not finding a solution, for instance there was the suggestion of a chicane put in the final corner to reduce tyre wear. Even if they had to make it a non-championship race (i.e. not award points) it would have at least meant that the audiance got to see 20 cars actually racing.
  by: MyrmidonZero   06/21/2005 04:12 PM     
To think that the FIA was counting on this GP to popularize Formula 1 in the US. Now all it is showing is that it cares more about business than it respects the sport... Try again next year.
  by: Barpaud   06/21/2005 04:13 PM     
  One Word....  
  by: judgedread   06/21/2005 06:20 PM     
  That race was a f*&^%in joke ...  
The FIA are a bunch of dumbasses IMO. They really should have put in the chicane to slow the cars down. Then the audience would have had a race to watch. Hell, even Michelin had new tyres flown in. But the FIA still wouldn't allow it.

It was a pathetic race to watch, and I blame the FIA for it all. The teams and drivers were NOT at fault for this.
  by: Daev     06/21/2005 06:36 PM     
  I agree  
sounds like the teams tried their best to get racing... they were even willing to race for no points if the track could be changed. Blame FIA and Michelin
  by: acg   06/22/2005 02:29 AM     
  No Chicane  
I don't think you can penalize the Bridgestone runners by putting in that chicane. And how would have that chicane fared anyway, when it is completely untested by all 10 teams? Do you think they should have had anothe practice session AFTER the qualifying posistions were already determined? I think that the FIA was stubborn surely, but it isn't their fault that the Michelin-equipped teams had an inferior product. Bridgestone certainly got it right.
  by: ravager   06/22/2005 08:08 AM     
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