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                 02/19/2018 10:23 AM  
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06/22/2005 06:04 AM ID: 48752 Permalink   

5-year-old Dies in Laundromat Washing Machine


CHILHOWIE, Va. - A 5-year-old girl died when she locked herself in a front loading washing machine at a local laundromat. The child's mother had apparently stepped outside, leaving the girl and her 14-year-old brother inside unattended.

The mother returned a short time later to find her daughter locked inside of the washer. She then used a rock to break the glass and retrieve her daughter. Rescue personnel tried unsuccessfully to revive her.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. Police Chief Dwayne Sheffield stated, "It's the worst, most horrific thing I've dealt with in my career." It is not yet known if there will be any charges filed in the case.

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  The story doesn't mention it but...  
I wold lay odds on the 14-year-old brother putting her in the washer and turning it on. She damn sure didn't do it herself.
  by: TheReporter     06/22/2005 06:10 AM     
  "clean kill"  
that was kinda poor if it had been a 45 year old druggy by all means joke away but a kid?

anyway kinda pathetic her 14 year old brother wasn't watching her a little better and those washers are pretty high up off the floor no way she could climb inside it and shut the door so i would have to agree with TheReporter on that one...i dunno about all laundromats but around here they automatically shut off when the door is opened and have to be manually started again from the outside.

Another thing if its front faced the water would have spilled out when the door was opened. Definitely needs to be investigated for foul play
  by: maddhatter   06/22/2005 07:49 AM     
  Bad Taste  
I think the term 'Clean Kill' is in bad taste.

Nothing comical about the death of a little child, regardless of the circumstances.

  by: KaviRaz   06/22/2005 08:07 AM     
Yeah with maddhatter, VERY bad taste. Yes a good excuse for you to use an "edgy" pun, but no. Not about kids. It'd be nice for the parents to read that, I'm sure they'd enjoy the humor, dick.
  by: ethniccleanser   06/22/2005 08:07 AM     
I kinda liked the play on words!
"Clean Kill" yar
  by: FTFFTW   06/22/2005 08:34 AM     
  Definitely bad wording  
I don't find it funny at all.
  by: vAnt   06/22/2005 10:07 AM     
  it took  
me a few mionutes to answer, i was laughing too much.
  by: domo1   06/22/2005 10:25 AM     
  I'll agree  
to the comments regarding a lack of taste on this news title.

And I'll edit the title accordingly.

@TheReporter, any future titles like this and I won't bother editing, I'll simply block.

It was totally uncalled for and inappropriate.
  by: XeXo     06/22/2005 10:44 AM     
Thats out of order

I'd noticxed a drop off in the short news gestapo recently, shame your back
  by: domo1   06/22/2005 10:46 AM     
  This thread  
Will be locked. XeXo was right about the title of this story and well within his rights as a site supervisor to edit an inappropiate title that could disgust visitors. I am confident that TheReporter will agree with the decision.

Insults towards the Admin staff or users of this web site will see you banned from the site eventually. I am not willing to have this "discussion" over a title continue, unless it is in private.

  by: Lois_Lane     06/22/2005 11:10 AM     
If any of you have seen the trailer for a movie called Dark Water starring Jennifery Connelly, this is EXACTLY the premise of the teaser. Connelly is in a local laundramat when the front-faced washer's water turns "dark"....she moves close to see why....then she sees a little girl takes form through the water and bang on the glass screaming for help in the usual japanese-movie-to-holloywood-blockbuster sense of fear (ie The Ring).
  by: dj_unforgetable   06/22/2005 03:00 PM     
  I agree with Lois..  
That was pretty tasteless. Then again, mysense of humor runs that way when prodded with a number of beers....a large number of beers.
  by: TheReporter     06/22/2005 09:15 PM     
  is this still locked?  
just checking
  by: hotrock11     07/01/2005 09:51 PM     
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