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                 01/19/2018 08:39 PM  
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06/24/2005 02:35 AM ID: 48786 Permalink   

Teens Set School on Fire to Avoid Listening to Graduation Speeches


In Tokyo two 14-year-old boys have been arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a junior high school classroom because they wanted their graduation ceremony canceled.

They allegedly got into the school's carpentry classroom and used used lighter fluid to start the fire around 9 p.m. on March 17. It seems that the damage was minimal.

The boys told investigators they wanted the ceremony cancelled because they did not want to sing songs and listen to long speeches. The ceremony went on as scheduled with the two arsonists in attendance.

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  March 17??  
I woulda figured something like this would reach the headlines a little sooner, but still "A" class material.

  by: kwtchronicles     06/24/2005 04:53 AM     
I know those promotion speeches and school rituals can be bad, but man- these kids certainly must have seen it as a life or death sentence to have gone that far.
  by: dirshma   06/24/2005 08:49 PM     
  It's sad  
all that effort and they still had to sit through the speeches.
  by: jaded fox     06/25/2005 06:25 AM     
  Well ...  
Well, I suppose that's about as good a reason as any to start a fire.

Anyone bring any marshmellows ?


But, glad to see that nobody got seriously hurt.
  by: KaviRaz   06/26/2005 08:03 AM     
oh come on who here has never once thought of setting there school on fire? I know when I was in HIGH school i thought of doing that every day. I just didn't have the balls.

kind of j/k
  by: gimpsta     06/26/2005 05:49 PM     
  Never thought of fire  
flooding on the other hand...
  by: jaded fox     06/28/2005 05:31 AM     
  Couple of guys in my school  
Put some flammable objects in a metal bin, set it away from anything else flammable, right underneath a fire alarm, set it on fire and legged it.

This was in the middle of summer, so we got to sit outside for something like three hours in the beautiful sun while the fire was put out and it was investigated.

Now i know it was wrong and all, but it was amusing at the time.

I would love to have been in the room when these two arranged this

"Oh no, not speeches and songs"
"lets set fire to the building"

  by: koultunami     06/28/2005 12:49 PM     
  I woulda burned down my school  
just to not have to sing "Freebird" during the graduation ceremony..
  by: Bart_Simpson   06/28/2005 10:45 PM     
  Keep it simple, fire alarm!  
Come on there is no need for a fire, just press the fire alarm, a while back in my school it was like a tradition to set of the alarm during the final exams.

Arghh them xxxxxx, they only did it cos they knew they would fail.
  by: diabloice_platinum   07/01/2005 04:25 AM     
If they are participating in the ceremony I'm pretty sure they're graduating.
  by: jaded fox     07/02/2005 05:01 AM     
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