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                 01/18/2018 03:07 PM  
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06/25/2005 07:07 AM ID: 48807 Permalink   

Six-Year-Old Sleeps Through Mother's Murder


While his son slept 50-year-old Tan Lam repeatedly struck his wife in the head with a framing hammer. The body of Melody Lam was discovered after a call was made to police from a man claiming to have killed his wife.

The office arrived at the house and was told, by Lam, that he had killed his wife and that he did not want his children to wake up and see the body. The affidavit also says that Lam says that voices told him to murder his wife with the hammer.

Lam's attorney is exploring the possibility of an insanity defense but that it is still too early to decide.

The couple's two children (6 and 8) are being cared for by relatives.

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  It's that  
voice again.
  by: Fralebots   06/25/2005 12:20 PM     
.... he called the cops because he didn't want his children to see the body. That shows he knows right from wrong. You can be as crazy as a shit-house rat but if you know right from wrong, pleading insanity won't get you far.
  by: mightymojo     06/25/2005 03:05 PM     
  Being one of the lucky few...  
...who doesn't have voices in his head, I've got to wonder... why does everyone always listen to the damn voices? You don't HAVE to do what they say, and frankly, it seems they are always giving out crummy advice anyway!
  by: fredfredrickson   06/25/2005 04:33 PM     
  its the sane one ya gotta be scared of  
the real insane people seem sane, mostly the people who really seem insane are faking.
  by: taylorbarrett   06/25/2005 10:02 PM     
  About that voice  
I think I've heard it :) That man must have been on some kind of drugs/anti-pain medication or both. Back in Uni I went through a hardcore 2-3 month session using them (No excuses, just plain stupidity)and towards the end I "snapped". For ~20 days I went through extreme paranoa and those "voices" were actually me talking to myself. I thought of the craziest things (and i mean craziest). Reality consisted of whatever argument I was having with myself at that specific time.

I managed to snap out of it at times but never for long. I eventually went to a good clinic and tried out some new drug on the market, which I was very lucky to have access too (doctors words). Anyways im ok now :D

Now, to clarify, the voice that "spoke" to me was me, it never sounded like the real "me", I WAS there answering back to it and at first I used to smack myself in the head asking myslef to get a hold. Those brief moments of sanity are most likely what pushed this man to call the police. I cant explain how they come and go or Il be sitting here typing forever with no guranteas of getting the point accross/making sense.

One thing I remember though, is getting VERY angry when people around me didnt understand the crisis - that was happening/going to happen - around them hehe (which wasnt realy happening o_O )

This man will most likely - if examined properly/honestly - need help. Trust me, its as insane as anybody can get :)

btw, hello :waves: :D
  by: ~ply   06/25/2005 10:37 PM     
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