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                 01/20/2018 06:18 AM  
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07/05/2005 06:15 AM ID: 48941 Permalink   

Community Service for XBox Chip Installer


A 22-year-old Cambridge graduate received a sentence of 140 hours of community service, in addition to a fine of 750 pounds and confiscation of his equipment, for selling modified XBox game consoles.

The modified consoles were then fitted with a large hard drive pre-installed with 80 games. Many consoles can be modified to play games produced for other countries as well as backup copies and pirated discs.

The modification of games consoles became illegal in October 2003, when the UK enacted the EU Copyright Directive. Sony also won a legal battle in July 2004 to ban the selling of mod chips in the UK.

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  Bad precident  
Since when can someone tell you what you can and cannot do with something you have purchased? If i want a chip in MY xbox that I have paid for i should be allowed to. I chip mine because i wish to remove all hte Microsoft crap, which we should be allowed to do.

Soon we will be limited and never actually own anything. If they want hte right to say what i can and cant do with my property, they can supply it to me for free.
  by: ssxxxssssss   07/05/2005 06:24 AM     
i don't know much about this law. but if he was installing pre-loaded HDDs then he should be up for some time. If he just installed HDDs and let the users load the games he should get off scott-free.
  by: jendres     07/05/2005 09:24 AM     
  first rule of piracy  
Don't sell to those you dont know.

I've personally done this to my xbox and it's brilliant, I have over 100 movies / south park episodes / anime stored on there as well as about 30 odd games and i have around 70gb left.

I heartilly reccomend it ;)
  by: koultunami     07/05/2005 09:55 AM     
  Everyone does it and it wont stop.  
Who gives a crap if this guy got caught? No one will stop because of the damn prices and it will continue to happen everywhere.

They need to do more research on technology because they dont know what the hell they are doing. Doing community service for this wont do crap.
  by: Vistrix   07/05/2005 10:38 AM     
  go2russia (nt)  
;D ;D ;D
  by: Fratley   07/05/2005 02:49 PM     
  This is so wrong  
Why cant I make alterations to a thing i already own? It is mine after all. I paid for it.

Coming soon. Man gets arrested for modding the engine in his car.
  by: CrisW   07/05/2005 03:41 PM     
  the fact that  
he instaled games for people should be illegal

replacing the hard drive or anything else shouldnt be
  by: Domo1 MkII   07/05/2005 04:36 PM     
  Its doesn't say anywhere  
That the games he sold were pirated or anything. They might have been pirate copies, but that is just conjecture.
  by: CrisW   07/05/2005 05:08 PM     
  That sucks  
In Australia you can chip it, legally, although your intent on doing so, is meant to be so you can play games from other regions etc.
You can also legally install a larger hdd.
Infact there are game stores that do this for you, and even sell modded xboxs(no games though).
You can have it chipped for around 90 bucks.

But who actually gets it chipped to play other regions games? Not many people, probably nobody.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     07/05/2005 07:29 PM     
The article states that he was installing hard drives with games *pre-loaded* on them, that in itself states that he was pirating the games. While I have no problem with mods/modchips, this guy was an idiot and deserved what he got. Modding an Xbox (or any other console) is one thing, a pre-loaded hard drive is a whole other matter (unless it's pre-loaded with linux and free software).
  by: StarShadow     07/05/2005 07:44 PM     
  I chipped my PSII for regional games...  
There are a fair ammount of people who chip their systems to play regional games. Lots of great games in Japan that never make it over here. Lots of really crappy ones too, but they can be fun to play as well for a bit.

  by: Dedolito     07/05/2005 08:10 PM     
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