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                 02/17/2018 09:56 PM  
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07/05/2005 09:35 PM ID: 48960 Permalink   

Bottle Rocket Causes Fuel Tanker Crash


Last Tuesday a fuel tanker crashed while driving past a group of kids, hitting the curb and veering into a fire hydrant. Despite the accident, no one was hurt except for the driver.

Apparently, someone in the group of kids numbering 8-11, had fired a bottle rocket at the driver striking him in the head. It's also thought that another kid may have thrown a brick or stone at the tanker as it passed.

Rafael Diaz, the driver of the truck, was later released from Grady Memorial Hospital. He was treated for serious injuries to his head and face. No arrests have been made.

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  good shot  
stupid kids,,, sounds like someone needs a beating
  by: landoperk   07/05/2005 10:22 PM     
  Go Darwin!  
Shooting a "bottle rocket" at a fuel container, nice. I am sure Darwin is on the lookout for his ass, waiting for the next slip with a big medal, engraved initials and all.
  by: kmazzawi     07/06/2005 03:34 AM     
would have been nice if the source article has said where this occured. It says Yahoo aisa news but the names sound either US or British.
  by: FTFFTW   07/06/2005 06:28 AM     
That _was_ a good shot. It is hard enough to hit a stationary target...

@FTFFTW: I'm sure that it was in the US according to the date when it occured. I don't think the British would celebrate our dependence... or would they? :)
  by: treyjazz   07/06/2005 09:06 AM     
  sign o'things  
The is only a tip of an iceberg. The education system has been destroyed. Family values have been declared "fashist." Every kid is an evil Mad Max.
  by: kremens     07/06/2005 12:20 PM     
  it happens  
all the time in the UK, bricks, stone fireworks, you name, are thrown at cars and buses in some areas.
  by: Domo1 MkII   07/06/2005 01:03 PM     
  about 10 years ago  
On the 4th of July, one of these little shits threw a fire cracker into a passing car, the cops where called. The mother got out of hand ( the mother of the boy who did it) and was arrested. I never knew how stupid some of the people that lived here were. First your son throws the fire cracker in the car and you get arrested for getting out of hand with the cop.
  by: thedrewman   07/06/2005 03:45 PM     
  I had a 'kid' try that with me just recently...  
I had a little numbskull try that with me the other day when I was coming back from the store.

In my area, to get to the nearest convenience store you have to pass through a slightly seedy apartment complex.

On my way back I passed a kid, didn't think much of it, and just as I passed him he turned around and tried to toss a firecracker in my car window.

Little did he know, if it had of come in my window, I would have most likely jumped out the car and mopped the street with the back of his head.
  by: FreakKeeper     07/06/2005 09:03 PM     
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