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                 02/22/2018 05:46 PM  
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07/16/2005 01:34 AM ID: 49133 Permalink   

Man Dies after having Sex with Horse


A Seattle man died July 2, 2005 after engaging in sexual activities with a horse being boarded at a farm. The police were not notified until after his death at Enumclaw Community Hospital.

Sgt. John Urquhart stated that they were able to determine the man's home address by reviewing the security cam footage and checking the license plate of a driver that dropped him off at the hospital.

Deputies were at his farm in the Enumclaw area, but don't believe any crime has been committed because bestiality isn't against the law in Washington State. At best there may be evidence of 'animal cruelty' which is an offense in Washington.

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A couple of points taken from your own source:

They weren't his horses.
This farm is being investigated as a potential animal harem.

Other than that though, great find. It's really sad that they would have to actually create a law against this type of thing. That would be frustrating as hell knowing that you have no legs to stand on to go after the guys running the place.

PS - Anyone got another source where they say how he was injured, or why the hospital staff was informed by whoever dropped him off that his injuries were from having sex with a horse? Best I can figure is that the horse bit him on the wang, otherwise it could have been explained as something else that would be much less shocking/embarassing.
  by: Yelping Man Candy   07/16/2005 01:51 AM     
  Maybe it was just a damn good horse...  
and he had a heart attack...

Either way, this is one funny story.
  by: tellgar     07/16/2005 02:47 AM     
  horse *er  
All i wanted to type
  by: hotrock11     07/16/2005 03:02 AM     
  My guess is...  
...that he had anal sex with it and it went nuts and impaled
Ya never know, but thats my guess..
  by: cbuilding   07/16/2005 03:19 AM     
  @cbuilding: Thats what I was thinking  
Horses, like most animals, become pretty aggressive while mating. Even though it often only last a few seconds at a pop, its pretty intense!

*Back when I was in college, they had a Horse Managment Course...
  by: FreakKeeper     07/16/2005 03:29 AM     
  Who with who  
Who was having sex with who? Could be he was bent over with the horse equivilant of Ron Jeremy (come to think of it Ron Jeremy does look kinda like a horse with all that hair)

Ahh Vlad the impaler would be rolling over in his grave!
  by: FTFFTW   07/16/2005 04:36 AM     
  I bet...  
I bet you all $50 i could have sex with the horse and live...
  by: Dook   07/16/2005 05:04 AM     
  Any video links????  
Really baaaaad joke... oh wait that's sheep...Okay, Just horsing around.
  by: mightymojo     07/16/2005 06:34 AM     
  a horse... a... oh man  
It's too early for this, I'll be back later.
  by: koultunami     07/16/2005 11:20 AM     
  Catherine the Great...  
... died whilst being mounted by a stallion and said beast crashed onto her when the straps keeping it aloft broke. Must have been quite a noise.
  by: theironboard     07/16/2005 11:29 AM     
  @theironboard - thats actually incorrect...  
  by: FreakKeeper     07/16/2005 11:55 AM     
Maybe it is incorrect... ;P

(keep the dream alive!)
  by: theironboard     07/16/2005 12:47 PM     
  Yea, he was taking it in the pants...  
From what this article, he was taking it in the rear and died from internal bleeding:
  by: FreakKeeper     07/16/2005 01:49 PM     
  after reading that freak...  
i'm done w/this board. Time to move onto another story..
  by: hotrock11     07/16/2005 03:47 PM     
  say what!?!?!  
""bestiality isn't against the law in Washington State.""

here kitty kitty kitty
  by: koultunami     07/17/2005 02:49 AM     
  @koultunami: yes, but...  
...animal cruelty is, so you have to be gentle ;)
  by: chocoba65   07/17/2005 06:52 AM     
  The sign at the local pool says  
"No Horseplay Allowed" too bad they were not near the pool?
  by: BornInKy   07/18/2005 04:22 AM     
  A horse is a horse of course of course  
Guess his name wasn't Mr. Ed.:)
  by: LuxFestinus     07/18/2005 06:02 AM     
  You didnt mention  
That the man died from injuries he sustained while "attacking" the horse.

I had to read to source to get key informatin. tsk tsk
  by: M.I.A.Elite     07/18/2005 07:32 PM     
Actually, in the SECOND paragraph it CLEARLY states that his death was ruled accidental, the result of having SEX with a horse... It also stated in my report, IN THE TITLE. You may need to reread it before attempting to give someone a negative rating next time...
  by: FreakKeeper     07/19/2005 02:45 AM     
  Don’t screw no more horses!  
Sorry, I just had to.

Which brings me to a point, WHY HAS THIS STORY BEEN A HEADLINER FOR THE PAST WEEK? DISCUSTING!!!! Send this guy a darwin and be done with it.
  by: Valkyrie123     07/19/2005 03:16 PM     
  Yea, he was taking it in the pants...  
If he was the "catcher" in this case (makes me shudder), then it is possible he thought that he was being kind to the horse, and the horse just got a little out of control.
  by: Will_in_Water   07/19/2005 04:22 PM     
  According to MSNBC....  
He was on the receiving end...

"the manner of death was accidental
... due to perforation of the colon"

So don't worry. The horse is OK.
  by: sgirgis   07/19/2005 05:25 PM     
  So one horse says to the other  
"Why the long face Dave?"
"Jeez Marty... you art NOT gonna believe what happened to me today..."
  by: koultunami     07/19/2005 05:44 PM     
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