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                 02/23/2018 02:55 PM  
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07/16/2005 03:33 AM ID: 49137 Permalink   

FireFox Community Website Hacked


On July 10 a security breach was found at where an attacker could have stolen user data, such as addresses, email accounts, username and passwords. The attacker uses a vulnerability in Drupal, the software used by the website.

It was a relief when it was found that the Mozilla Foundations main systems weren't compromised,only SpreadFireFox.Com.
Emails have been sent out to all account holders indicating what happened and steps they should take to change their information.

Although no evidence has been found, the Mozilla Foundation encourages everyone who uses the website to log-in and change your passwords just for security sake.

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  Good! nt  
  by: emp3r0r     07/17/2005 01:44 AM     
  in other news  
Microsoft announced 267 more critical alerts for Internet Explorer, patches are due in six months
  by: koultunami     07/17/2005 03:28 AM     
see how many holes are found in FF if it get above 20% usage.
  by: emp3r0r     07/17/2005 05:04 AM     
"The attacker uses a vulnerability in Drupal, the software used by the website."

Nothing to do with FF security. Lets stop all the petty 'my browser is better than yours' crap, eh.
  by: retox   07/17/2005 06:41 AM     
Really cares about what browser you use?
  by: tiggyfiggy   07/17/2005 07:39 AM     
  My Email Address...  
I dunno about you, but when I give out my email to a website, it's usually one I really don't care about. Such as a Yahoo or hotmail.

Besides, Outlook express is an open door to viruses anyway.
  by: Gerbilminion   07/17/2005 09:09 AM     
It was not about the article.
My comment was directed to koultunami.

And I did not say FF was a bad browser or that IE was better.
  by: emp3r0r     07/17/2005 04:41 PM     
  Sorry FF fans.  
Yes I'm Guilty for hating Microsoft for everything they have, but they've had a lot of improvement lately. Explorer has gotten a lot better since th' 90's. An' since it's th' most used, it's th' most compatible.
In 10 years, Netscape, has changed their name (FF), and added a pop-up blocker, but is still S-L-O-W!
  by: Gerbilminion   07/17/2005 05:07 PM     
The post you were replying to must have been deleted or something, I didn't see it.
  by: retox   07/18/2005 07:41 AM     
  My Bad...  
I take back what I said earlier, It's really better than I said, but there were a few feachers that I didn't like when I tried it.
  by: Gerbilminion   07/18/2005 02:18 PM     
  Firefox slow?  
On most computers where there is a noticable difference, Firefox has seemed much quicker to me than ie. ie tends to launch faster, but then it's built into the OS, so I would hope it would. Also, Firefox is not Netscape. It uses the Gecko engine, but that's about it.
  by: noodles918   07/18/2005 06:25 PM     
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