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                 07/07/2015 07:30 PM  
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03/29/2001 05:20 PM ID: 4921 Permalink   

Bikini Clad Virgin Mary Upsets Catholics in New Mexico


An artist who depicted the virgin Mary as a bikini clad lady being held aloft by a bare breasted angel has come under fire from the Catholic church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Archbischop of Santa Fe has said that the depiction "yet another trashing of Catholicism" and should not be allowed. Other protestors say "It's defamation of religion and you can't be doing that."

However the artist involved, a practising Catholic herself, has said that the bikini invoked traditional symbolism and the bare breasted angel was meant to show nurturing.

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  i find it funny  
that they get so upset.
and the artist's excuse is exhilarating too. (and this is the first time i use the word exhilarate so i have no idea if its okay in this context)
  by: Ludmila     03/29/2001 05:33 PM     
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