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                 01/18/2018 08:30 PM  
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07/25/2005 06:33 PM ID: 49271 Permalink   

World's Oldest Dildo Discovered


Archeologists in Germany have found what they believe to be the world’s oldest dildo. The smooth stone penis shaped sculpture is 20cm long and 3cm wide making it life-sized. Studies show it to be 28,000 years old.

The ‘tool’ that dates back to the ice age was found in 14 pieces and had to be put back together.

The ice age sculpture known as the Hohle Fels phallus will go on display at the Blaubeuren prehistoric museum. It will be labeled “Ice Art – Clearly Male.”

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ouch... a stone dildo... lol
  by: HAVOC666     07/25/2005 06:53 PM     
better than a wooden the splinters
  by: alex69     07/25/2005 07:20 PM     
  My loooong lost BOB!!!  
I knew you wouldn’t abandon me, where have you been all these years?
BOB gives new meaning to the term, “Getting stoned”, and “Rock hard!” and “Being between a rock and a hard place!” OK I’ll stop now…
  by: Valkyrie123     07/25/2005 07:57 PM     
"Hohle Fels"... hole fills....
  by: Bart_Simpson   07/25/2005 09:15 PM     
'Hohle Fels' in the name 'Hohle Fels Phalus' is in reference to the cave in Germany's Ach Valley the sculpture was found in. Hohle Fels means Hollow rock in German.
  by: mightymojo     07/25/2005 09:37 PM     
Sorry, but I'm with Bart on this one, his description was far more amusing ;)
  by: ZCT     07/25/2005 09:41 PM     
  I thought  
it was going to be a story about Dubya ...
  by: missdeasley     07/25/2005 10:35 PM     
@ZCT - Nice use of the word tool, heh.

The only thing that would make this story funnier would be if they put it together wrong and it was really something else.

Then you'd know where the archeologists' minds were at. "Oh, it's a vase? Are you sure?"
  by: Yelping Man Candy   07/25/2005 11:59 PM     
  14 pieces ouch!  
Wilma musta had the time of her life with that toy, i bet Fred was relieved it wasnt him.
  by: Molsy   07/26/2005 04:10 AM     
"it was going to be a story about Dubya ..."
hmm..some of his supporters will definitely be up in arms about the lie that a dildo could have existed prior to 7000 years or whatever the number of years is when were were 'created'.
  by: kmazzawi     08/02/2005 06:11 AM     
  Maybe the dates are a little off  
and it belonged to Eve.
  by: jaded fox     08/02/2005 12:09 PM     
  somehow I doubt it  
It may be a sculpture of a penis, maybe for religious or symbolic reasons, but astone dildo. Surely that would be pretty damn dangerous
  by: Domo1 Mkii   08/02/2005 04:30 PM     
they make glass ones right now... smooth the stone out, polish it up, I can't see it as being dangerous.. it's not like it's sharpened to a spear tip on the end...
  by: Bart_Simpson   08/02/2005 04:43 PM     
  @Domo1 Mkii  
Look at the source article, there is a picture. Like Bart says they make glass ones, I'm sure they could use stones like marble or other stones that can become ultra smooth. Back then they didn't have rubber, so this had to do.
  by: ZCT     08/03/2005 04:55 PM     
  and maybe  
she liked it rough?? They make condoms with bumps, ridges, protrusions, etc....
  by: Bart_Simpson   08/03/2005 05:27 PM     
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