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                 01/17/2018 09:03 PM  
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08/12/2005 02:51 PM ID: 49613 Permalink   

Man Forgets Pipe bomb in Luggage, Promptly Arrested


An Oklahoma man stated that he forgot a pipe bomb was in his luggage when he attempted to board an airplane in Oklahoma City. Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr. claimed the bomb was built for fun, but not meant to join him on his plane trip.

He was released Thursday on $10,000 bail, and if convicted could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. According to his signed affidavit, the bomb could have been detonated using his cell phone battery.

Dreyling went on to say that this wasn't the first bomb he had constructed. In his affidavit Dreyling claimed he made bombs for "recreation" and had blown up several devices with his friends in rural Oklahoma.

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Let's go blow up more of dem der things Earl!

This message was brought to you by: Oklahoma - We love our bombs!
  by: Daev     08/12/2005 03:28 PM     
Wow. That is an utterly hillarious comment. Seriously, I just got the evil eye from a co-worker for busting out laughing.

- Pez
  by: pezhore     08/12/2005 03:54 PM     
Earl grab me a couple more of them bombs, I’m a gonna strap one under granny’s rocking chair tur see if’n that wakes the old bat up.
I don no Clem, that might’n irritate her piles and you know how granny get when her riods are a hurtin.

Gawd, don’t you just love Okies. Kind of makes you feel like you are back in FREE Amerika.
  by: Valkyrie123     08/12/2005 04:02 PM     
Actually for me its more of a mid-west thing. Being from Missouri, I know a few people who wouldn't think twice about blowing up "more of dem der things". In the words of Homer Simpson, "Its funny cause its true."

- Pez
  by: pezhore     08/12/2005 08:15 PM     
  lard jenkins  
I acctually feel bad for the guy haha
  by: ToofDogger     08/12/2005 08:22 PM     
hell i went to school with a guy that made a very small shrapnel pipe bomb (loaded with nails, i think he said), he exploded it in his back yard or the valley, which is 5 minutes from there on foot.

i won't be surprised if it was little more and small bag of lady fingers in power though... not the sharpest tool in the shed i must say.

if a person wants to build a small bomb for leisure i have no problem if they are responsible with it... much like fireworks... there really little difference between homemade bomb and fireworks... infact on of the easiest ways to make a bomb is with fireworks... saves the chemistry work.

hell i know a site that teaches how to make this shit... including fireworks and tips and trick on making different kinds and colors.
  by: HAVOC666     08/12/2005 09:20 PM     
  It might be true.  
They often use dynamite and pipe bombs for fishing. Maybe he forgot it was in there.
  by: OkiDoki   08/13/2005 06:19 AM     
  Too bad  
Too bad there isn't a law for stupidity, but thanks to his stupidity, he was arrested.

Honestly, who the heck forgets they packed a pipe bomb in their luggage? Wait, no, who the heck packs a pipe bomb in their luggage in the first place?!?

The situation only gets worse with the fact that he could've set the thing off with a device that is, at times, over used, ala the cell phone of all things.
  by: Urmac     08/15/2005 01:46 AM     
Maybe he is terrorist and being a stupid guy is his cover.
Or maybe he left it in his bag after he had his pipebomb sale and forgot he had not sold all.
Is it me or when you pack a suitcase you go pants, under wear, shirts, tooth brush etc oohh yer dont forget the pipebomb!
But a nice design if you dial it in, so maybe not stupid after all.
  by: Thinking   08/17/2005 08:01 AM     
  Yes Ossifer  
What a bomb in my backpack? How can that be ossifer, I am not a terrorist, I just build bombs to blow things up.
  by: StealthKnight   08/18/2005 04:20 AM     
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