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                 02/23/2018 01:32 PM  
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08/30/2005 01:51 AM ID: 49888 Permalink   

Ontario Bans Pit Bulls


Due to several vicious attacks by pit bull dogs, Ontario on Monday became the first province in Canada to ban them outright. The new law makes it illegal to breed pit bulls or bring the dogs into the Canadian province. There is a 60 day grace period.

Dogs that are already in Ontario will be allowed to stay as long as they are spayed or neutered, and leashed and muzzled in public. "I've seen enough, I'm glad the law is finally coming into effect," said Louise Ellis, whose daughter was attacked.

"The legislation will not improve the safety of the residents of Ontario and will not reduce the number of dog bite incidents in this province," said one prominent Canadian lawyer.

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  In a roundabout way....  
isn't that a type of racism??
  by: kakakikikaki   08/30/2005 04:23 AM     
  people are crazy  
Mass protests by pit bull owners.....

WHY?? you went out and purchased a PET that is KNOWN to be aggressive. Why should others be threatened? They arent telling people to put their pets to sleep, they want them leashed and muzzled in public, and dont breed them.

Boo friggin hoo. You have a dangerous pet. You dont want to have to leash your dog, get a nice friendly mutt.

  by: kells   09/02/2005 11:01 PM     
  no better  
than the law that california might enact... sterilizing pit's to keep them from attacking? ... where is the logic in this? ... taking a pit's balls, or uterus is NOT going to curb the breed's inherent want for killing/maiming. the animal is already in the county/province .. is the urge for blood somehow only linked to a pit's genitals? ... WHY do people think that sterilizing a breed made to kill is going to change the traits that originally led the animal to be bred that way to begin with? stupidity runs amok.
  by: elijah4twenty     09/06/2005 04:09 AM     
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