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                 01/23/2018 11:05 PM  
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09/01/2005 10:24 AM ID: 49925 Permalink   

South Koreans Unhappy with Google Earth over Military Base Exposure


Authorities in South Korea have expressed concern at how satellite images of their more sensitive military installations have become accessible to North Korea thanks to Google Earth.

The South Korean government plans on "raising concerns with US authorities" following media reports of "images of the presidential Blue House and military bases" appearing via the free software.

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  I can understand this....  
Privacy is privacy. Sometimes technology can go to far. I wouldn't wan the defence/offence of our country to be exposed either.
  by: Paige5763   09/01/2005 12:54 PM     
  I thought...  
Google blurs out certain areas (such as the white house)

  by: Vistrix   09/01/2005 01:17 PM     
  It is supposed to be a map of earth isnt it?  
And they aren't exactly trying to hide these bases are they? Its not as if MI6 don't already know exactly where these military installations are and how they are laid out etc.
  by: CrisW   09/01/2005 03:23 PM     
  What difference does it make?  
Even if Google did black/blur it out ... if I am NK I am just gonna go nuke/bomb wherever I find black dots/blurred photos.
  by: Daev     09/01/2005 04:08 PM     
Well that'd be the South Korean porn industry flattened at a stroke ;)
  by: Flashby     09/01/2005 04:33 PM     
  someone should let them know...  
Someone should let them know that these maps aren't exactly NEW. They've been available for some time. Google has only made them somewhat more accessible.

What's to prevent North Korea or some other country from launching *gasp* spy satellites, where you could gather information in REAL TIME! I'm sure if someone is planning a strike, they're not consulting Google Maps.

and Daev, you make an excellent and extremely valid point.

Should I get in an uproar because I can clearly see my apartment building on Google Maps? I mean, what if the terrorists want to take me out? They'll know where to find me!! Or... maybe they could just find me in the phone book, and use a street map.

AHH..ok, i'm done.
  by: devolver   09/02/2005 01:28 AM     
  If they are so worried..  
Heck.. If they are so worried.. They can google all teh us military bases they want.. There is a great shot of the groom lake base.
  by: CaveHermit   09/02/2005 03:35 AM     
  Now everybody...  
...will search for the bases thanks to North Korea for complain about it. Can anyone tell me the latitude and longitude of the base? :P
  by: dix7   09/02/2005 05:49 AM     
Personally, and its sad to say, I dont think the world is quite ready for this software.... Maybe in a few years.. or by 2010 at least..
  by: INO_Exodus   09/02/2005 07:14 AM     
  What an overreaction  
The South Koreans and everyone really need to stop being so damn paranoid.
GoogleEarth simply gives people, access to satelite images, from civilian satelites, that are at least 2-3 years old.

If the South Koreans are this paranoid about such crappy images, then they will probably have heart failure and go into an epileptic fit, when they realise the US government/military, and other nations, have military grade satelites, that are far more advanced, and produce REAL TIME data, to the point where they can read your drivers license lying on the ground.

As others have said, this is available to the public, so logically, if WE the public, are getting this sort of stuff, imagine what say NK is seeing..South Korea should divert its attention to real threats, and not let paranoia take over.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     09/02/2005 07:30 AM     
Not all koreans are that paranoid. Notice the first line says " authorities..." Doesnt mean every single person. And why couldnt Google earth block military bases or sensitive areas ?
  by: TonyLai889   09/02/2005 09:43 AM     
Even i thought it was pritty obvious that he by using the term South Koreans, meaning the South Korean Government/Military
  by: tiggyfiggy   09/02/2005 05:18 PM     
How are we not ready for this software?

I am trying to see some logic in why you say that "we are not ready for this" but it seems to elude me.

I think we are perfectly capable as human beings of seeing satellite data. I find this software to be one of the most innovative technologies of this decade.
  by: Daev     09/02/2005 05:41 PM     
Nice point. I don't think this technology will start causing mass panic and hysteria.
  by: CrisW   09/02/2005 05:47 PM     
  Gee, they would have  
never have known that being the North Koreans that there were bases.
Give me a break.
There friends China would have told.
  by: Thinking   09/02/2005 08:42 PM     
who's going to sit at their computer and watch satelite images of what SK is doing?

hahahaha...if they're so concerned, why don't they throw a tarp over it?

Doesn't this mean that w/Google Earth...SK can see what we're doing too?
  by: hotrock11     09/02/2005 08:51 PM     
  Um, one thing..  
These are STATIC images. They do not update. They are the same images, every time you look at them.
There is nothing to see at Area51 anyway. You dont even have to search for it your self, as Google Earth can take you to it automatically, play with the settings on the left you will see.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     09/03/2005 05:53 PM     
  As if it's showing you  
stuff you couldn't just see from an airplane or older satellite image anyway. What a bunch of idiots.
  by: fredfredrickson   09/04/2005 12:57 AM     
Watch who you call idiots, moron.
  by: TonyLai889   09/04/2005 03:34 AM     
  does anyone  
know of software available to civillains that gives realtime views? i trieds keyhole, nice software, but not realtime, and doesnt cover the areas i want to see. i personally dont give a rats rear end about the military bases over thers, and as has been pointed out the quality of the graphics arent anything to brag about, and as for govt. military satellites, reading licence plates on moving cars is old technology, at least 10 years old for them, if you are in the woods taking a whiz they can probally count your pubes and tell if you are curcimsized or not, and who knows what else. i only wish i could rent some time on their equipment....
  by: ganjaman22     09/04/2005 04:40 AM     
What, are you in the South Korean government? Somehow, I highly doubt that. I wasn't calling all South Koreans idiots, try reading what I wrote next time.
  by: fredfredrickson   09/04/2005 08:00 PM     
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