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                 01/18/2018 08:31 PM  
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09/01/2005 10:53 AM ID: 49928 Permalink   

Schwarzenegger Hints at Re-Election Hopes


Republican California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has begun hinting that he may run for re-election in next year's elections. He could formally announce his plans in as little as two weeks time.

One political analyst Bill Whalen said that "It will invigorate the Republican base, which he sorely needs to do if he has any chance to win the special election. And it sends a positive message to the donor community..."

In two separate interviews last week, Schwarzenegger said: "I am not here for the short run. I am a follow-through guy," and also "I don't walk away from things that I think are unfinished."

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  does he even have a chance in hell? nt  
  by: emp3r0r     09/01/2005 01:30 PM     
Chance in hell ?

I live in LA and he is very popular here. Not everyone loves him, but most people think he is turning this place around and I agree.
  by: drduranduran   09/01/2005 04:25 PM     
He's doing pretty good, from what I hear.
  by: vigorstrength   09/01/2005 08:38 PM     
  Hard to say...  
On one hand, I'm not certain of the accuracy of previous claims of Schwarzeneggar being that popular. I also live in Los Angeles and it doesn't matter which side of the dial you listen to, it's openly admitted that Schwarzeneggar's approval numbers are plummeting. I think people are starting to get tired of him stirring the pot but not actually serving up the dramatic results he ran on, and while inflamatory rhetoric may have been beneficial in the past in building him fame, it doesn't seem to be building him popular support now. Conservatives don't like that his solution to CA's financial woes amounted to borrowing and spending, while Liberals dislike that those "special interests" he vowed to fight in his platform were teachers and nurses. I think mostly, though, it's that he hasn't been living up to all of his bravado.

On other other hand, it's hard to say what his chances are when we don't know who would challenge him. Were opposition weak, I'd say he has a fine chance of taking the state again. My opinion is now undecided - I liked the man before, but I'm getting tired of him constantly picking fights and chest-thumping, and for what?
  by: MomentOfClarity     09/01/2005 09:50 PM     
I thought hes job approval was like 35%.
  by: emp3r0r     09/01/2005 10:46 PM     
It is really around there in popilarity. It just goes to tell you how broken his opposition is. There is no one opposition, but more like degrees of opposition.
In the end it boils down to how much more you hate him, as opposed to his possible contestants. Some of them are not just hatefull, they are too dangerous due to their lack of touch with reallity in CA. ... and reality is weird in CA.
  by: macariov   09/02/2005 03:05 PM     
  I was kinding of hoping for Conan 3  
Gee. Guess I have to wait a few more years.... :(
  by: theironboard     09/04/2005 05:52 PM     
  I live in sac...  
...and it seems every month there is a protest against him. He has much less of a chance this time around, I think, as many people are looking for someone who can actually fix the problems we have, not sit outside in a tent smoking cigars all day.
  by: fredfredrickson   09/04/2005 07:53 PM     
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