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                 02/25/2018 10:45 AM  
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09/01/2005 01:52 PM ID: 49932 Permalink   

Scottish Politician Found Guilty of Arson Attack


Mike Watson, Scottish Member of Parliament and Labour peer, has been found guilty of deliberately setting fire to curtains at the Prestonfield Hotel, Edinburgh last year.

The incident followed the Scottish Politician of the Year awards dinner which was being held at the Scottish hotel. Watson intends to resign his Parliamentary seat and he will be sentenced in three weeks.

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Oh how very rock and roll, i bet he threw up the horns as he was doing it to prove to the 16 year old hooker in his bed he was a real man.
  by: koultunami     09/01/2005 03:46 PM     
he's a labour politician, its group masterbation.

Torys are under age girls, lib dems under age boys, keep up.

I'm curious as to how Tony plans on curbing crime, when his own party contains its fair share.
  by: Domo1 MkII   09/01/2005 07:46 PM     
  Thats why UK politics is stagnant  
The last Conservative government was riddled with perverts and free-loaders just like this Labour one. The future does not lie with these tired, establishment political parties.
  by: Flashby     09/01/2005 09:51 PM     
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