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                 02/17/2018 09:55 PM  
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09/01/2005 05:03 PM ID: 49934 Permalink   

New Orleans: Anarchy Forces Halt to Evacuation


The evacuation of New Orleans citizens stranded in the Superdome since Hurricane Katrina struck has been halted since shots were fired from the stadium at a military helicopter.

The head of Acadian Ambulance who are controlling the evacuation said that "a thousand" military police officers would be needed to bring the situation under control. All flights in and out of the Superdome have been suspended.

People with guns prevented a helicopter from landing at a hospital in the nearby town of Kenner. The New Orleans Mayor has had to divert almost all troops from search and rescue efforts to combat the increasingly hostile situation in the city.

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  If they want to be like that; pull out  
Let Darwin take over. What's the sense in shooting at a relief helicopter? What kind of backwoods idiot does something like that?
  by: krinsh   09/01/2005 05:40 PM     
Announce that relief efforts are being suspended and tell everyone why. Then let the people who want to be rescued deal with the troublemakers. Personally I find it quite telling that there are so many people who deal with an emergency of this degree by trying to profit (looting of non-essential goods) and violence.
  by: StarShadow     09/01/2005 06:02 PM     
how shocking that people would not want to be forcefully evacuated from their homes.

let em stayif they die they die, so beit.
  by: HAVOC666     09/01/2005 06:08 PM     
  I still  
can't believe USA let this happened, i mean i live in yucatan n even weh we supossed to be part of the worst economy in mexico n have a corrup government when past hurrican strike us we got zero deads, n just some dozens of wounded ppl,why? because local authorities put their pants on n evacuate the desaster zones even against their will, as a result even UN praise us for taking efective action, n right now what i don't get it's that if the US army has so many anfibian vehicles why aren't they helping ppl, where r they? n if USA has such n strong economy why r they asking for help to the rest of the world
  by: demonh8   09/01/2005 07:50 PM     
I will tell you where.

All military presence is locked up in Iraq. There is little to no man power available to clean up this mess. It's official that the US has fallen victim to tieing up all it's resources in Iraq. Now, the people in Louisiana/Mississipi are going to pay for it.
  by: Daev     09/01/2005 08:12 PM     
  May I also add ...  
This is precisely why with any kind of comflict in Iran, the US will use nukes. There just isn't enough man power to take over another country. Oh I am sorry ... I meant "liberate".

There just isn't enough people joining the military to make it possible. But I guess if it were necessary, Bush wouldn't have any trouble preparing the "Patriot Act 3" to include conscription.
  by: Daev     09/01/2005 08:17 PM     
  Anyone else notice how congress just now...  
decided to cut their vacations to pass legislation for this disastor. They should have been on the job from day one....pathetic.....
  by: knadidas25   09/01/2005 08:56 PM     
  You have to understand  
This was far, far worse than was expected. There is help on the way but it simply takes time to mobilize the type and size of help that is needed in this matter. This isn’t simply New Orleans. There are 4 states involved in this hurricane destruction. It was worst in US history. Due to the massive amount of debris in the water it is almost impossible to get any type boat but a flat bottom fishing style in the waters in these areas so most of the help for these people comes by way of helicopter. There are only so many helos equipped to deal with these type needs. The Military only has a hand full. The coastguard has the bulk and is in operation right now. The problem at the moment is the lawless nature of the African American population in the New Orleans area. (No that’s not a racist comment, simple the news and see whos faces are looting stores) Even the police have been caught on camera looting Wal-Mart’s... The National Guard has been mobilized to deal to restore security but that required legislation to make it legal to do so. That took time sadly. It’s best not to judge till you have been through something like this. Few have thank god
  by: YourKiddingRight   09/01/2005 10:56 PM     
Well when you have a situation where time is the one thing that you don't have, usually you are supposed to hurry. Like one person said already congress just now cut their vacation short. And the president's demeanor isn't exactly up to par. We have possibly thousands of our people dead. Thousands more could die from starvation and sickness. Yet, there they are... waiting.
  by: Drifting Nether   09/02/2005 01:19 AM     
  Peole had TWO WEEKS  
notice, is that hard to leave?

[Racist comment deleted by admin]
  by: Domo1 Mkii   09/02/2005 01:30 AM     
  Property > People  
Haven't you realised this yet?
  by: jendres     09/02/2005 02:36 AM     
  ...what are you getting at Domo?  
yea, New Oreleans has a majority of blacks. New Oreleans is ALSO DIRTY DAMN POOR. (Trust me, until I went back home I was 90 or so miles away from it)

It's apperant you need some education on this:

The hurricane wasn't expected to hit nawlins. The part that would have hit was suppose to be the southeast side.

It wasn't until around weds. where people got better knowledge of it possibly hitting nawlins.

It really didn't touch nawlins. What happened though IS THE LEVY BROKE. which is why everywhere in nawlins is flooded. tell me that they should have known the levy was going to break smartass.

And the fact that they were black doesn't mean anything. Classically when theres a riot, you see blacks doing it. Best photos for outsiders. Realistically though, it's the cajuns who helped break into a wal mart and get the guns so they could start "protecting" their area. The newspaper I saw showed a woman carrying a tv through the flood...and i guarentee you she wasn't black.

It bothers me people still throw race into shit like this. EVERYONE IS LOOTING, NOT JUST THE BLACKS. When I was in hattiesburg (yes, I was in the hurricane, and also got hit w/a tornado) blacks and whites were conspiring on how to take down the police.

It's pitiful to basically associate and single out a race in a time like this. Trust me, everyone is in this together. No one down there likes Bush (I have seen people take their stickers off their cars) and everyone is pissed they didn't know really ahead of time what was happening...but then again where I was living we weren't told to evacuate until hours before the storm...

i'm just mad an outsider is commenting so freely on this.
  by: hotrock11     09/02/2005 02:48 AM     
You guys would make great world leaders. It sounds like you guys have it all figured out. Where did you get such psychic powers?
  by: vigorstrength   09/02/2005 02:50 AM     
  good story, however  
that is not anarchy
that is chaos, chaos is what happens to a desperate citizenship when government fails to provide fundemental life services to it's people.
An anarchist would not have been caught in this situation. anarchists know not to rely on government for basic needs.
  by: Walker   09/02/2005 05:33 AM     
  I'm still confused...  
why are people waiting to be rescued from the superdome SHOOTING at the helicopters???
  by: rapscaLLion   09/02/2005 06:27 AM     
  What really confuses me...  
is it has only been 4 days and these people have been complete savages for 2 of them. God forbid someone have to go without a tv for a few hours; all hell breaks loose. I'd like to think America could hold her shit together for longer than a couple days if something were to go really wrong. Finally, our men in uniform don't even make nearly enough money to be taking fire from the morons they are trying to rescue.
  by: erasedgod   09/02/2005 07:42 AM     
  Viewing this from the Outside...  
I am an American living overseas. Viewing this on television (and I basically only have BBC News)-- this looks REALLY bad for America from everyone else's point-of-view.

There are Two Things we see:

1) Video-footage of Americans in their shiny leased SUVs waiting in line and bitching about 3 bucks a gallon (which, to the rest of the world is normal)

2) Poor Americans dying in a flooded city unable to be rescued by an obselete government which has allocated it's resources overseas.

Really- this is what people are commenting on. America looks really really really weak now-- I'd compare it, simply, to the end of the Roman Empire when an over-extended and exhausted system was unable to deal with the plaque.

This truly is a time for the PEOPLE to take care of themselves instead of waiting for bottles of water to be dropped on their heads. They need to get out of that 'city' and get to safer areas.

... and this is only the BEGINNING of hurricane season.
  by: theironboard     09/02/2005 08:10 AM     
  my comment was in no way racist  
Most of the poeple seen on tv and interviewed were black.
They were also stupid.

I'm not saying all black people are stupid, just the ones fox happened to interview.

For exaple, there were people on a bridge, in the baking sun, under the bridge, it was dry.
Yet they stood on the bridge and slowly dehydrated.

Then of course there was the woman too fat to walk who was being floated in a plastic box by what I assume was here family.
  by: Domo1 Mkii   09/02/2005 08:27 AM     
  What is more disturbing  
Is that there have been people of such utter degraded character that have been committing rapes and murders WITHIN the superdome.

I just can't fathom this absolute... abolition of humanity in favor of becomming little more than a vicious bipedal animal.

In my childhood and adolescence my family had nothing that we had not scraped together by dint of hardwork and determination, none of it was handed to us on a platter. There are more noble and worth people living on the streets in New York than these animals have demonstrated themselves to be with their looting and self interested violence.
  by: lauriesman     09/02/2005 11:48 AM     
  6 murders, 12 rapes...  
but only reported by ONE source which seems a little odd - (add 'ml' if link is no good). Isn't it a bit strange that only one news source reports such a major aspect of what is already a massive tragedy?
  by: Flashby     09/02/2005 12:07 PM     
Ok think about this...they had 2 weeks to get out. Now I know all are not so bad off they couldn't, but what about those that didn't have the means?
Shouldn't the President have set something in motion to help these people? The hospitals needed extra help...where was it? President Bush is so worried about Iraq...what about our nations people? Are we disposable too? I believe I would be angry as coming in so late. Then again I would not shoot at the help that was their. I feel it was just a few showing how they felt. O.K. stupid as it may be...I agree.
  by: Paige5763   09/02/2005 12:33 PM     
Why the president? Since when is it his responsibility to personally oversee everything?

Why couldn't neighbouring cities have swung into action? What have their mayors being doing? Where is the flood of food and clothing from them?

I see a lot of people complaining about how bad it is for the new orleaneans, but I don't see them going through their wardrobe for all the clothes they dont need anymore, packing boxes of food, I don't see cities setting up donation stops that are being trucked directly to new orleans.

I see a lot of people acting like they live and were born into a third world country, throwing their litter on the ground, and expecting everyone else to take care of them - while they do f*ck all for themselves.

Now thats a generalisation - there are people striving with the adversity and being good people. There are more though that are just standing around waiting for handouts.
  by: lauriesman     09/03/2005 05:24 AM     
"I see a lot of people complaining about how bad it is for the new orleaneans, but I don't see them going through their wardrobe for all the clothes they dont need anymore, packing boxes of food..."

Actually, that is exactly what I'm doing this weekend, and I'm phoning my family at home to do the same. I have a closet full of old clothes that they've been holding on to for whatever reason, and I'll be telling them to box them up and let them go.

"...I don't see cities setting up donation stops that are being trucked directly to new orleans."

*Ahem* This is just from a search of the Los Angeles Craigslist community:

This is just one rallying point, and the board is loaded with various people trying to set up various efforts - donations, prayer groups, human (and even animal) evacuations and housing...perhaps you meant the city itself, rather than private citizens, but a lot of the same people who are complaining are picking up the ball. Mostly, it's because we simply don't trust the government to do anything right anymore. The federal response is something to b*tch about before, during, and after, from when Bush grossly under-funded FEMA the last few years, to when they did nothing more than warn people to leave and providing no means to do so, to when Bush has taken nearly a week to set foot in the disaster zone (any part of it). This is a national problem, because we will all hurt for this loss on very significant levels. Any president worth a salt would have been touring that wreckage and providing moral support by being there with the people. It may be the same people as before criticizing, but as the picture of incompetance fills out, more and more join in.

For the record, this has always been my primary concern as far as Iraq goes - we tied up so much of our resources over there that we cannot protect or provide for ourselves at home anymore. Ironic that the devastation we laid upon Iraq has now been laid upon us. Some would say it's karma; I'd say it's simply a backlash that was bound to happen. Because of our offensive abroad, we could not defend ourselves at home, be the enemy mother nature or the dreaded terrorists. What good is the Patriot Act and the WoT if you don't adequately prepare for natural disasters that you KNOW that you're vulnerable to?
  by: momentofclarity     09/03/2005 06:30 AM     
  That's my Bush!

I was talking to someone about his quote. Now, I don't know if it was a direct quote or if there is more to the quote...but the quote is "The results are not acceptable"


Oh speak like I'm suppose to speak. As a survivor.

You speak as someone at home is suppose to speak. As a viewer.

What you don't do is speak as a LEADER is suppose to speak of.

"Results not acceptable?!" Hey had the power to speed the process up! In fact, a lot of this could have been prevented. You should have known putting thousands of people in a dome w/no food or water will drive everyone crazy!

I was watching Nightline and they had a congressman from LA on. Ted asked him "what happened?"...

great piece. that congressman basically tore the government up!

Look...this is getting to the point where it's just sad to even discuss. It's now being said that help wasn't sent because LA's Governor didn't "ask for it"

....IS THAT WHY?! Even if she didn't word it exactly, it's implied. Just like the congressmen basically said, who cares about the law...common sense should prevail and the Gov. shouldn't have to beg for congress to start up the help! (She didn't directly say she needed help, but the quote she said implied she wanted 40k good working serving to me that means she needs help)

If I could get a video clip, I would post it on this board. Ted grilled this congressman for a change, and this guy was working so hard on the answers it didn't seem like he cared about anything but helping.

But to sum this up, I think people love Bush because he's just "one of the boys" Well, it's time to get serious now Georgie. I'm glad he actually went down there. I knew he wouldn't touch the troubled area, but then again why risk his life? Just him going was all I wanted to see...

But to be talking lke you're not the president in a's laughable. I'm suppose to make a comment like this. You're suppose to make a comment like "We gotta buckle down and get to work" or something like that. Not "this is not accceptable"

Ah....please, can we get someone else in office right now? How did Cali reelect? This needs to happen ASAP. To put it in baseball terms (since Bush used to have a stake in the Rangers)

We need to have a firesell in DC. Get rid of the high paid vets and get some role players and future draft picks. I'll like to drop Bush, Cheney, and Rummy and replace w/McCain, some positional skill players, and a couple of players to be named.
  by: hotrock11     09/03/2005 07:43 AM     
Normally I agree quite a bit with your well reasoned posts, but on this one, I think you're showing a little more bias than necessary.

Yes, NOW communities are getting up and doing something, but the whole complaint about the government is that it has taken that amount of time for them too.

So its okay for communities to take two weeks to organise things, but not for the government? Do you think the government has a magic wand they can use to accelerate trucks to light speed, and to organise the sourcing, loading, etc of aid and emergency relief?

You're only just now getting around to getting your own clothes sorted - what ahve YOU been doing for the last two weeks?
  by: lauriesman     09/03/2005 09:42 AM     
Don't be ignorant. Whether you think they should have just gone ahead and done whatever is not really relevant. There are laws and regulations that all branches of the Gov. have to follow, and one of them is not acting unilaterally in states without formal authorisation. The only time when this is permitted is under martial law.
  by: lauriesman     09/03/2005 09:46 AM     
Where I live we are sending and personal needs. the red cross is requesting no clothes. Also, why not the President? He sends help to other countries, and now his own people need help. That is where I was coming from.
  by: Paige5763   09/03/2005 05:19 PM     
so, you're saying that since the Gov. didn't say "we need help" that the government shouldn't have stepped in?

since she only asked for troops or w/e, but not "help" in general.

There are laws that have been standing for near 300 years. Correct me if i'm wrong, but this law wasn't created in the "modern" times, when you can watch a tragity unfold live right before your eyes.

This can't be pinned as the reason help wasn't sent ASAP. It's being done so already. I think it's stupid to say just because the Gov. didn't specifically say she needed help that she's getting ambushed and blamed (I saw it on TV, and you can guess what channel)

Anyone who blames it on Blanco is coldhearted. This law should be changed ASAP so when the next diaster happens (hopefully not for awhile) we won't have to wait until the Gov. of the state officially says to the government the magic words of "we need help"
  by: hotrock11     09/03/2005 05:40 PM     
The matter is quite simply, Lauriesman - the communities and private citizens acting now are not paid massive amounts of money to keep the country running. We don't have protocol, strategy, committees, and contacts to deal with this kind of thing. The government does, and they should have done better. Comparing civilian to government responses here is apples and oranges. There may be plenty of laws in place, but a little common sense should prevail. A major city underwater? They're probably in need of help, and that should have been organized immediately.
  by: momentofclarity     09/03/2005 10:50 PM     
Ummm, it is called "government" for a reason.

You are unbelievable. You use redirection to push the blame onto people in general. You will support the US government even when all evidence points to failures. If you can't see failures how can you improve?
  by: jendres     09/04/2005 02:01 AM     
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