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                 11/22/2014 06:44 PM  
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09/01/2005 05:41 PM ID: 49936 Permalink   

Fats Domino Missing Since Hurricane Katrina


New Orleans is a city famous for it's musicians, but ever since hurricane Katrina many of them have turned up missing.

One of the more notable missing musicians is Antoine "Fats" Domino, 76, who hasn't been heard from since Monday afternoon when he spoke to his manager Al Embry. Mr. Embry stated that Fats Domino was going to stay home and 'ride out the storm'.

Fats Domino is famous for a string of hits such as Blue Monday, Ain't That a Shame, and Blueberry Hill. He was later inducted in to the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame. Mr. Domino lived in the 9th district in New Orleans with his wife Rosemary.

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  Noooooooo (nt)  
  by: Fratley   09/01/2005 07:04 PM     
It's okay. Fat floats in water.

...or does it sink? (nooooooooooooooooo!)
  by: vigorstrength   09/01/2005 08:36 PM     
  Dont make sense...  
What? Many musicians have turned up missing? That dont make sense! Are they missing or have they turned up?
  by: know_your_rights   09/03/2005 01:53 AM     
  He has been found  
  by: lurker     09/03/2005 03:20 AM     
  Last Saw Him in 1986, "Blueberry Hill"  
03.07.86 - New York, NY - Yankee Stadium
with Jerry Lee Lewis opening.
  by: MmmMan     09/07/2005 08:47 PM     
  Wasn't he....  
on tv being rescued by people in a boat? I'm 99% sure that was him.
  by: Yogi-4   09/13/2005 07:12 PM     
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