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                 04/17/2014 05:57 AM  
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09/04/2005 12:07 PM ID: 49973 Permalink   

"I'm Going to F***ing Kill Google" Says Microsoft CEO


According to MS engineer Mark Lucovsky, after saying he is quitting to go to Google, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hurled his chair and said "I'm going to f***ing kill Google." It is a "gross exaggeration" said Ballmer in a statement.

The documents filed in Washington state court continue the battle between the two companies after Google's hiring of former MS executive Kai Fu-Lee. In July MS won the first round with an order temporarily barring Lee to do what he was hired to.

In Tuesday MS will ask for extension of the order. Google considers the lawsuit an intimidation blocking the rise of MS biggest rival. MS finds Lee's switch to the other camp a major vulnerability in keeping company's strategy secrets.

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who gives a f%^*
  by: ubdevoid   09/04/2005 02:19 PM     
  LOL Nice  
Good. Anything to take Microsoft down a peg is fine in my book. That, and I've really started to take a liking to Google over the last year.
  by: INO_Exodus   09/04/2005 02:46 PM     
  steve ballmer  
is freaking psychotic. have you seen his commercial from the 80s where he screams about all thus stuff that windows has. im surprised he has not yet been forced to retire
  by: Ronsonol   09/04/2005 03:06 PM     
Merger comes to mind.
  by: Paige5763   09/04/2005 03:41 PM     
I don't think that would happen since Google is doing so well on it's own. Why would they need MS? I hope MS never takes over Google. Things always get tainted when taken over by large corperations. Ex: ICQ, WinAmp (not too bad), Hotmail,...
  by: treyjazz   09/04/2005 04:03 PM     
  or perhaps..  
"I hope MS never takes over Google"

Google takes over MS ;)
  by: EdgeMMG   09/04/2005 04:33 PM     
the first paragraph doesn't make sense.

"saying he is quitting to go to Google Microsoft"

that doesn't make any sense
  by: dongding   09/04/2005 06:27 PM     
  wonder what would have happened if....  
he had done that with Bill in the room?

Is there not an HR department at microsoft ? I take it CEO's are exempt ?

Regardless, I think MS has made some great changes in the last 5 years and I hope they continue down this path, but this sort of behavior in a work place is unacceptable and he should be fired.

Only coach Bobby Knight could get away with that sort of behavior and still keep his job :)
  by: drduranduran   09/04/2005 07:07 PM     
Put a period between Google and microsoft, and delete the comma after microsoft.

"..after saying he is quitting to go to Google. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hurled his.."
  by: StarShadow     09/04/2005 07:21 PM     
I edited it.
  by: lurker     09/04/2005 07:27 PM     
  Google is fast  
becoming what Microsoft is now. Granted I don't have a problem with Microsoft other than the price of their software, but I think it's funny everyone praises Google when they are becoming exactly what you all think Microsoft is. A huge IT corporation that eats up all the best resources (engineers, programmers, etc.) and supposedly stifles competition.
  by: Gnaglor     09/04/2005 11:18 PM     
I used to work for an Indian reservation, (I’m white) and I was treated much much worse than that. I suffered from PTSD for over a year after I left that place. I do not consider myself a prejudiced person but I learned from that experience. A very sad thing to have happen, very sad. And being a sovereign nation they can get away with it.

As for Google I see a hostile takeover in the future. MS will make a play for them, just like they do everyone else. Bill wants to control the world, by controlling the movement of information.
  by: Valkyrie123     09/05/2005 12:19 AM     
what does your being afraid of indians have to do with anything?
  by: Ronsonol   09/05/2005 04:18 AM     
I trust google a little more than MS.

For example, google talk ( ) uses open standards (Jabber) but unfortunately it also uses a white-list rather than a black-list. (More manageable though...)
  by: jendres     09/05/2005 04:26 AM     
  merger? no way...  
google would never sell to ms
i doubt google would sell ever
its a monster already
theres even a chance google to buy apple
but merging or selling - no way
especially with ms... its such a bad publicity :)
  by: the at     09/05/2005 07:33 AM     
  am i the only person using yahoo?  
My god I'm so 90's I still use yahoo is there something I should know ?
  by: Hugo Chavez     09/05/2005 12:03 PM     
  Love is not enough  
Most of you only love google because it is making a dent on MS. When google gets to be a corporation comparable in size and power to MS, what will you all think of it?
... and yea, I still use yahoo. I started using it a while back, before google came up, and have found no reason to give it up. But then, I started using windows 1.0 with MS-DOS, and continue using wintel because It is much more convinient. Who wants to spend the time configuring a wi-fi on a linux laptop, when all I do on Windows is plug it, insert cd, and get to use it?
  by: macariov   09/05/2005 06:41 PM     
  @hugo and macariov  
i still have a yahoo for spam and stuff but i use gmail formy main mail.

the difference between m$oft and google is that google works, works well, and works free. m$oft stuff on the otherhand works, but not well, and is redigulously expensive. if microsoft software worked well and was secure and virus free, and was itsself free then i would have no problem with them having a monopoly because hell its free. as for your asseessment of Linux i would agree with you IF linuxand windows were the same price... but they arent so I have to disagree. Linux is faster, more reliable , and most importantly FREE
  by: Ronsonol   09/05/2005 08:23 PM     
  No the real issue here  
Yes, Linux is "free", but you have to spend time configuring it. I do not have that luxury. I work for a living. In the time it takes to configure new equipment, I am already up and running with MS. Yes, it is a bit buggy, but I can live with it, for the most part. When I cannot, I use commercial software, or even GNU. In other words, I use what makes sense to me and the company I work for.
When it comes to servers, though, I work mostly with SUN OS and RH Linux. They are what makes the most sense. I am not pro or agains anyone. My job does not afford me that. I get paid for results, and I use whatever gives me results.
I have no qualms about throwing away an MS product when the competing product makes it easier and safer to get the job done.
  by: macariov   09/05/2005 09:24 PM     
I don't love Google because they are 'bringing down' MS or because it is 'cool' to use it. I use Google because it is what works best. Try using the same search string in Webcrawler, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, excite, etc and you will see how much better Google's results are. Also Google seperates ads from the search results where some (Webcrawler esp) mix them into the search results.
  by: treyjazz   09/06/2005 12:21 AM     
  Let's hear it for Yahoo!  
That's who I've always used too. Actually, I started out on Altavista, but yeah... Still use Yahoo! for all my searching, Google is good, but Yahoo always seems to return the results I want with Google in a close second. MSN search, yeah right! I switched to Gmail, but only because I my Yahoo! account is now flooded from all the years of usage.
  by: Gnaglor     09/06/2005 03:50 PM     
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